A Call To Oneness – A Success!

The interfaith movement targeted at stopping the violence and reclaiming the streets of the St. Louis metropolitan area named, “A Call To Oneness” started off in fine fashion.  Friday nights panel discussion for the men had a healthy mix of professionals from all walks of life.  The panelist included Eric Rhone,(Entertainment/Business manager) Hon. Judge Jimmy Edwards, (Chief Juvenile Court City of St. Louis) Eugene  Willingham, (CEO, A Soldier of God Clothing) Kenneth Boyd (Author, Know Thyself Psychologically) William Polite, (Educator/ Author, “Hood Infectious Virus) Troy Buchanan, (Health Education/Youth Activity Instructor) and James Muhammad. (Dynasty Hip-Hop Inc. Mentoring Program)  The program held at Shalom Church City of Peace was moderated by former St. Louis Mayor Freeman Bosley Jr and facilitated by Jacque Land of 100 Black Men of St. Louis.   All of the speakers were informative and real.  They shared openly about their experiences and what the responsibilities are for the older and younger men.   During the question and answer period the younger teens were given first priority to ask questions.  Legendary civil rights leader Norman Seay and St. Louis Urban League head James Buford were given awards for their long time community service.

Saturday there were a host of workshops for the “Day of Information and Implementation” given.  On Sunday the “Day of Worship, Witness & Reconciliation” march took place.  The turnout was impressive as 20-25 thousand men packed the streets of St. Louis starting at Page and Kingshighway.  The march ended at Tandy Park in the city’s mostly African-American north side of town.   Women and children lined the streets cheering on the men as they marched and called for “One” meaning one community.  At the park park there were speeches given by some of the more prominent and influential politicians in the area and the game plan was laid out for the next steps of the long term “Oneness” agenda. 

First there will be units of block organizers and facilitators who will go door to door in order to pull local communities togehter.  Second an organizing of men 35 and under who will serve as mentors for as many younger boys and men as possible.  Overall this is just the beginning, but there was a definite commitment from both the Christian and Muslim leadership involved to make this mission a permanent one.  Big ups to the visionary of this collaborative mission Rev. Dr. F. James Clark, pastor of Shalom Church, and his committee including Minister Donald Muhammad for bringing this together. 

The day was awesome and the unity was beautiful.  I had never seen that many people gathered for anything in the City of St. Louis.  We even got coverage from CNN!  I pray this will help bring our community together and promote the unity we desperately need. 

Photo Gallery ~ L-R from the top

1. Panel Discusson 2. Judge Jimmy Edwards 3. Dr. Clark, Norman Seay, Min. Muhammad, Jacque Land, 4. Motor Cycle Convoy lining up for the march, 5. The Kappas 6. The Q’s 7. The Leaders starting the march 8. The Black Panter Party 9. The Community of Marchers 10. Women of Islam 11. State Rep. Jamilah Nasheed 12. The Leaders make the Call To Oneness 13. Myself with St. Louis Police Chief Joe Mokwa 14. Myself and Normal Seay 15. Alderman Mike McMillan 16. Minister Donald Muhammad 17. Movin The Crowd 18. Minister James Muhammad

3 thoughts on “A Call To Oneness – A Success!

  1. Marc R. says:

    Now the work begins. The next meeting will be held at the Pleasant Grove Church located at 2411 Belle Glade Ave. on Thursday June 5, 2008. See you there brothers…”1″

  2. Venicia says:

    My name is Venicia, I recently watched a show on tv about this. And would like to be invovled.

  3. bbgcmac says:


    You can get more information and volunteer by going to http://www.c2oneness.com/

    Thank You

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