Michael not the Republican flexing ‘Steele’, but Blame It On The Black Guy~

The last cat I would defend is Michael Steele.  He has definitely had said some dumb stuff both before and after he became Republican chairman.  Usually when he opens his mouth, I just roll my eyes cause I know damn well he don’t believe half the stuff he says.

By far the dumbest thing he did was back track on his statements about Rush Limbaugh… a talk show host.  Michael was on point as a rarity, but instead of sticking to his

Still he has done a great job of carrying their water.  So I don’t see how they can try to blame him and act as if he is responsible for some white men running up a tab of 2 Large at a strip club.  I mean did he personally sign off on the reimbursement of alcohol and lap dances?

Was he there ‘making it rain’ like Pacman while surrounded by a proliferation of skanks sliding down poles?

I don’t think so!

But hey… I’m just sayin!

Hey Rush… Healthcare’s Been Passed – Get To Steppin BEEEACH!

 Rush Limbaugh Costa Rica

 Of course his punk ass ain’t goin nowhere!  All talk!!!!!!!!

By Boyce Watkins, PhD on Mar 23rd 2010 9:44AM

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh gave America reason for hope recently, when he made a public pledge to move to Costa Rica if health care reform were to pass through Congress. In a move that pleased many of those who would like for Limbaugh to return to the rock from which he came, Limbaugh promised that if Obamacare were implemented, he would make the big move to the country whose health care system he respects:”If this passes, and it’s five years from now and all that stuff gets implemented — I am leaving the country. I’ll go to Costa Rica.”

What’s most ironic about Limbaugh’s pledge is not just the fact that millions of Americans would love to see Limbaugh leave the country, but that Costa Rica has a far more socialized health care system than we have here in the United States. Not only does the country provide universal health care coverage for its citizens, but the country has a strong public option. The system also works quite well, as Costa Rica has a life expectancy second to only Canada in the Western Hemisphere. The country’s health program was rated “excellent” by a study in the American Journal of Public Health.

So, Limbaugh inadvertently did his liberal enemies a huge favor by drawing attention to the country whose socialist health care system he admires. Limbaugh, one of the right wing talking heads who constantly rants about Obama’s alleged socialist plot to take over the world, has (surprise) put his foot in his mouth.

Of course, once health care reform passed through the House of Representatives, Limbaugh started back pedaling. If it seems as though he’s being a hypocrite for running away from his previous pledge, the answer is “yes.” Limbaugh, the man who once argued that drug addicts should go to prison, is himself a recovering drug addict. But Limbaugh fully understands that he is a clown-like public figure only meant for entertainment. It is our fault for actually taking him seriously.

This incident also points out one other important truth about Limbaugh that the world has yet to fully realize: The man is not very smart. He is uneducated (well, he did get his high school diploma), and a terrible person to be in a position of influence within American politics. His public smack down of black Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele reiterates the fundamental disrespect that he has for black people as well. I jokingly refer to Limbaugh as part of my “Axis of Ignorance,” including himself, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly. When these three men are off the air, that will be a huge step toward living in a truly post-racial America. Their very existence as prominent media figures is a manifestation of the fact that we’ve got a long way to go.

Obama, Sharpton, Tavis & The Black Agenda


So many of you have heard about the brew – ha ha between Tavis Smiley, Al Sharpton and Charles Ogletree.  Basically Tavis put Rev. Al, Tree and others on blast by getting on the Tom Joyner Morning Show and saying that they said the president doesn’t have to have a ‘black agenda’.   This was after Rev. Al and others met with the president at the White Black House regarding the ‘Jobs’ bill.

Sharpton felt that he was being misrepresented in Tavis’ commentary.  He called the show himself to speak his peace later in the morning.  And later on Sharpton’s own daily talk show, Tavis called and Sharpton put Mr. Smiley back on blast.

I was doing fine Tavis till you started messin with me.  What’s wrong with you.”  Then it was on.

Anyway, to give a little more background.   A few weeks ago Tavis decided to do away with SOBU (State of The Black Union) and then a lil later he decided to put it back on again at the last moment.  This meeting will be in Chicago on tomorrow.   Sharpton won’t be there as he said his schedule won’t permit.  (He showed up at every other event Tavis requested.)  Tree is in China and will be for the rest of the month.

I have heard all the back and forth and let me just weigh in a little bit.

In context, Tavis has been my man.  I have appreciated his work greatly including SOBU.  I attended in Atlanta when he was at Eddie Long’s church a few years back.  The best part was getting to see Min. Farrakahn, Cornel West and meeting Muhammad Ali later on that night at a fundraiser.  The session itself was off the hook.   I am a regular watcher on CSPAN.  I have a few of his books and everything.  I ain’t the one to want to wanna throw the brother under the bus.

But I got to keep it real.   Tavis is trippin! (You can YouTube all of the dialogue with a simple search)

He put Sharpton on blast and he was wrong.   Wrong in that he said that Sharpton and Tree said something that they didn’t.  Wrong in that I have heard him subsequently on interviews such as the one he did on NPR’s Tell Me More where he laid out his resume’ and the amount of bookss he’s sold to bolster his credibility within this argument.   It’s all bull-split.  I mean, I have a pretty good talent for pickin people’s spirit.  And Tavis’ spirit stinks at the current moment.  I can’t speak on his motivation.  I can only say that what eminates from him is arrogancy, competetion, and pride.  His behavior is childish at best, hateful at most.  I don’t care how much he talks about how much he ‘loves’ Rev. Al.  At the end of the day Rev. Al didn’t say what Tavis said he did.  And we just can’t get around that.  So my question to Tavis would be, “Why in the hell do you hold on to those lies?”

I will at least start off watching the program on Saturday and see whats up.   But the situation is ugly.  And the answer is obvious.  Of course the President needs to do some things for black folk that other president’s havent.  I don’t know many intelligent black folk who don’t agree with that.  What is there to ‘discuss?’   Are they going to spend the entire morning detailing the reasons why black folk are suffering?  All I know is that from the beginning Tavis has been tart on Obama.  And it don’t take having a PHD or a talk show to recognize that.

If Tavis got beef with the president because he don’t tout black issues then fine.  Just roll with that.  But Tavis is a damn fool if he thinks that Barack can come out the box talkin’ about how he’s gonna set policy specifically based on the needs of African-Americans.  Tavis claims he understands this.  But it’s obvious he doesn’t.

I’ve heard the cat pontificate for the last few weeks.   It’s all bull-split.  He needs to step back and take a breath.  Instead he’s going on like an ego out of control.  And it just ain’t cute.  Pride has to be the most blinding of follies, right up there with immoral sex.

Let The Games Begin

Murray State Racers celebrate after forward Danero Thomas (center) made the game-winning shot. (Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE)

To tell you the truth I don’t know as much about the who and the who in the NCAA tournament this year.  I spent so much time officiating basketball the last few months that I’ve hardly had time to get much more than highlights.  I hear Kansas is really good.  And you can’t watch any college basketball highlights without seeing and hearing a lot of John Wall. 

Historically though and year after year the teams just keep getting better.  Most of the so called lower seed teams have more quality players than ever.  One can look at a cat like Stephen Curry who is one of the top NBA rookies and think of all the coverage Davidson got over the last couple years. 

I look foward to seeing how this year’s tournament turns out.

*Pictured: Murray State celebrates after beating Vanderbilt on Thursday

Black People – GET OUT!

A worker gathers shopping carts near a Wal-Mart store Wednesday, March 17, 2010, in Washington Township, N.J. (AP/Mel Evans)

I read this story and thought to myself if I heard this on the PA system I probably would have started laughing.

I mean, of all the racial issues we have in this country and there are many, no way I would have taken this seriously. 

I’m not saying I’m right.  Just saying when I read this my first thought was that this was an ignorant customer using the PA system or one dumb employee.  Either way, no reason to sound the alarms.  We got bigger fish to fry!

Lyrics In My Ear ~ Head To The Sky

Words and Music by Maurice White

Master told me one day
I’d find peace in every way
But in search for the clue
Wrong things I was bound to do

Keep my head to the sky
For the clouds to tell me why
As I grew, and with strength
Master kept me as I repent
And he said

Keep your head to the sky
Keep your head to the sky

He gave me the will to be free
Purpose to live His reality
Hey, and I found myself never alone
Chances came to make me strong

To step right up and be a man
‘Cause you need faith to understand
So we’re saying for you to hear
Keep your head in faith’s atmosphere

Keep your head to the sky
So the clouds
Keep your head to the sky
So they can tell you why, Lord
Keep your head to the sky
Surely, the clouds are gonna tell you why

Gave me the will to be free
Purpose to live His reality
Ooo, And I found myself never alone
‘Cause chances came, they came to make me strong

Hey, to step right up and be a man
Ooo, you need faith to understand
So we’re just saying for you to hear
Keep your head in faith’s atmosphere

Keep your head to the sky
Keep your head to the sky
Don’t walk around with your head hung down
Keep your head to the sky
Keep your head to the sky
Surely, surely the coulds are gonna tell you why

Keep your head to the sky
Keep your head to the sky
Keep your head to the sky