I Am

I am brilliant

I am kind

I am considerate

I am loyal

I am a giver

I am talented

I am patient

I am compassionate

I am empathetic

I am loyal

I am fierce

I am confident

I am bold

I am a survivor

I am inquisitive


I am bashful

I am unsettled

I am fearful

I am angry

I am possessive

 I am lacking in knowledge

I am stubborn

I am sensitive

I am foolish

I am conflicted

I am introspective

I am vengeful

I am in pain

I am blind

I am human

I Surf (Poems By Resonate’)

Funny how the wave come and go

Everything pertaining to life and death in it’s motion

Riding the waves I see the current under my feet

Blue is above my head

Bright is the day


Balance is the way I stay afloat

Careful not to rock the boat that I’m not even riding on

Oh this is sweet

I feel good,





Promising possibilities abound


I want to cut grooves into the waves that will ripple a lasting legacy

Make a difference in the flow of the deep

Ha!  I think I can do it too

I think I can


I have no illusions

Can’t ride this wave forever

The currents are too tricky

Unpredictable, dangerous

One false move and splash


Off my board and into the deep

Disoriented scrambling for something

Beneath me to stand on

Helpless as my being is being tossed

This way and that

I can’t swim but if I could

This one’s bigger than me

Where am I, I don’t know

I can only tell you what it looks like under here




Objects without colors

Creatures without life

Like a zombie I’m carried away

Then down, down, down, and down again

Will I be saved

Do I even wanna

Could be better to submit and succumb

Let the water wash away the sorrow


Unless there is a lifeguard there is no hope

Down with the count like the ali rope-a-dope

But if the current won’t take me in

To the place where I once began

But spit me up on the burning sands

If I make it this time, perhaps I’ll surf again

Poems by Resonate’ “The Blues”

The Blues

backwater, downhome

black, soulful

honesty, storytelling

deep feeling

juke joints,  jive and unjive

free – exhaling

passionate, body moving

gushing over

dark – sad –  finding joy

getting by – release release release… but no relief

stories about life and love in the simplest forms

comforting for the moment

the blues

 Resonate’ © 2009

Love Passage, By Gabbi


Making her blogging debut… this is my youngest daughter, my baby, Gabbi!   She wrote a piece on her interpretation on 1 Corinthians 13. 

Love Passage

Love will stand in line and wait it’s turn.  It doesn’t always want what others have and it doesn’t brag about what it does have. 

Love is polite even when the other person is rude.  It doesn’t always have to be first.

Love doesn’t get angry over the small things, and it doesn’t remember one thing after another to be hurt.

Love isn’t happy when someone else fails but is happy with the truth. 

If I am very smart, almost a genius, if I can figure out the hardest math problems, but don’t love others I am nothing.

Love never gives up. 

Preaching will stop someday.  So will speeches.  Knowledge will come to an end. 

Today we only know part of what there is to know.  We can preach and speak only with a small part of understanding.

But when perfection comes then what is imperfect will go away.

Poems by Resonate’: Loneliness

People need other people.  And I believe a great deal of us experience feeling alone at times.  Some more than others whether we admit it or not.  This is my attempt to speak to it’s often complex way of battling our psyche.




Torturing my soul – incapacitating me

Torch songs and sad melodies

I hate you

A friend your not but you hang around like you love me

Taking my will and drowning me in sorrows

Assassinating my hope and faith in tomorrow


Alone in my heart – emptiness and grief

Piercing look in my eyes gritting my teeth

In anger I rebel and say fuck you to the world

I don’t need you or the love you pretend to give

Hell Is For Children blast through my ears

This sickness has plagued my soul for years


Imagination – get me away from here

Take me to a dream world where I won’t have to fear

Give me temporary relief so that I can go on

Fooling myself so I can go on

Wake up in the morning so I can go on

Breathe again so I can go on


This mean wicked of a being

Shows me the way and keeps me from seeing

Love right before my eyes

Is it the truth or a repeated surprise

Deja vu damn I have been here before

Walking upright esteem touches the floor

Leave me alone I don’t want you no more


Loneliness sits down and begins to speak

Tell me all about my situation so bleak.

I cry for help but there is none to be found

I listen for clues but no not a sound

If I could sleep I would

Should I give up, maybe I should

Save me save me I cry once again

Touch my inner child, heal me again

But loneliness embraces me tight and won’t let go

Her voice I hear, her touch I know

In an intoxicating way she kisses me goodnight

While I smile and wave pretending everything’s alright. 



© Resonate’

Poems By Resonate: Love Me

** We all need and crave love in our lives.  This is a poem expressing the difficult time one has in searching for companionship security. 


Love Me


Thirsty I’m thirsty

Anxiety fills my temple

Complicated but oh so simple

Restless wondering confused on edge

Life is a cliff I’m standin on edge

Winds are whirling circling around

I’m afraid of heights won’t look to the ground

Detached obsessed depressed aloof.

Look! Inside my heart there is the proof

Isolated devastated torn in two

Yearning for something but what or who

Eyes to see ears that hear

Neither of these cast out fear

Grown ass man lil boy desires

Childlike fantasies warmth of the fire

Can’t stretch my arms?  Within my reach?

Daddy’s been dead so Popa can’t preach

Outside I breathe inside I choke

Exhale in me break up the smoke

At a premium in this world today

Folks just take – give none away

Maybe God’s got some – Maybe I’ll pray

Tried my best but I’m not the one

It darkens fast in the Midnight Sun

Destiny’s quest what will be will be

But I’d be grateful –  4 someone to love me


© 2008 Resonate’

Poems By Resonate’: Flexible

Sup Familia, 

From time to time I like to dabble with a little poetry.  Actually I have quite a bit the last couple months.  At some point I plan to tour some of the local spoken word venues and share.  However, I will post some here first and share with you the readers. 

My poems range from different areas of my experience.  And regardless of how I feel, I am learning to express feelings and emotions making art of passion and pain – fear and love – joy and suffering. 

My poet’s name is Resonate’  Let’s just say he is my artistic alter ego.  Hope you enjoy~




Left or right up and down

Standing still my heart pounds

Holding my peace and fighting the wind

Start then stop – begin again

Love with all my heart

Tender smooth and smart

Hard not compromising beliefs

Jackin’ rough no signs of relief

Whats your problem you got some beef?

Back up off me, damn keep the peace


© 2008 Resonate’