Depends On Who Your Singing To

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I really enjoyed this.  I hope you do too.  This is from my sista Tracy who resides in Japan where her husband is stationed.   Have a good weekend!

A Call To Oneness – Listen up if your in “The Lou”!


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This looks to be an exciting and worthwhile project being put on by many committed men and hosted by “Shalom Church (City of Peace)” in Florissant.  You can click on the pics for a better look at the details.  There will be a panel discussion, workshops and a rally all coming up this weekend.  Activities and workshop locations vary throughout the area.  Call the number listed or visit the site for more information.


Hillary Out of Line?

Keith Olberman sure does think so and he made some strong points in saying why.  Senator Clinton’s supporters often tout her brilliant mind and fighting spirit while her detractors have called her polarizing.  Even still some observers believe she is desperate.  I happen to believe she posesses all of these characteristics.  Polarization and desperation may be overshadowing her other qualities.   If she used her words to plant the seeds that many like Olberman believe, this would only prove my personal belief that she would do anythig – and i do mean ANYTHING to be president – which is percisely why she should not be president.

BBG C-Notes Week Ending May 23-26

A special happy birthday to the first love of my life.  My momma!  Mom you are 63 and you still look fly to me! 
Love Ya Always, son


Don’t Just Pass The “Q”

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As we take the time to enjoy this first national holiday of the year, please remember the purpose of the day.  Enjoy your barbque by all means, but remember the heroes who sacrificed their lives for this nation.  Appreciate those who serve now.  God bless you all!

**Speaking of heroes!


What about Chinese police woman Jiang Xiaojuan who breast fed several starving infants in the midst of the devastating effects of the earthquake that struck China on May 12.  In the midst of tragedy there are always stories of people coming together and doing incredibly unselfish things.  Its the best of human nature.  This officer who is also the mother of her own 6 month old stated, “I am breast-feeding, so I can feed babies. I didn’t think of it much. It is a mother’s reaction and a basic duty as a police officer to help.”  Saving any children where its estimated at least 70,000 have perished in a nation, where by law a family can only have one child is especially important to the survivors.  My Chinese brothers and sisters, you are in my prayers.

 ** We can’t forget about the people of Myanmar people who suffered tens of thousands deaths as well from the cyclone.  Thank God the junta has finally agreed to allow all of the aid workers to enter the nation and assist the people there.  So far the leadership has been horrible to their people.  Hopefully the pressure from the world will break through.

** Prayers for Senator Ted Kennedy and family.

** I’m trying to leave this alone – but whats up with McCain and John Hagee?  I mean more info comes out about Hagee’s idiotic statements – most recently about how God used Hitler and the Holacaust to return the Jews to Isreal.  Wow!  Well after seeking this guys endorsement McCain is now backing away from Hagee.  And get this: McCain claims this situation does not compare to the Obama controversy surrounding Rev. Wright because Hagee was not his pastor or spiritual advisor.  Huh?  This may be fact.  However,  the truth is that Hagee made these statements years ago and apparently as a friend of mine noted, McCain at worst is such an “endorsement whore” that either he didn’t bother doing his homework before seeking Hagee’s endorsement, or it just didn’t matter till these sermons came to light.  McCain is a mess! He reminds me of ’04 when all the Dems could come up with against Bush was Kerry.  He may be worse.  He sounds more like a bumbling idiot every time he opens his mouth.  Its not a good time to be a Republican, especially when the current president is doing so bad, that the party has to pick the lesser of it’s hopefuls to represent the party and not “waste” a “good” canidate.

** Safe journeys to “The One And Only” and partner in crime and activism “Don Pablo” traveling to Iowa.  God bless your family.

** Go Lakers! 

The Lakers 60th Anniversary logo worn on the Lakers' uniform

** So my daughter had her an ingrown toe nail removed this morning.  And in great anticipation she moaned and complained about having to have a numbing shot in the toe.  “Oh my god, is this gonna hurt?  Ohh ohh ohh,” as she grabbed my arm and acted as if she was giving birth.  Her teacher calls her “The Queen of Exaggeration” and in keeping with that title, a few minutes after receiving the shots she says, “I don’t think the numbing is working.  I can’t feel my toe!”  Upon laughing and telling her I am going to put her in my blog for that statment, her expression changes immediately and she tosses her head to the sky and follows up with this classic, “Good, after people read about me I will be on broadway!.”

Have a safe weekend!  🙂

 Cya Tuesday




The Great Prophylactic Embarrassment


When I was in the 11th grade I was still pretty much a virgin.  I mean I had experimented with sex but it never really worked out.  Nevertheless I had a long relationship with a girl the year before.  She was a senior and I was a sophomore.  Her name was Tina.  Anyway we never really got through doing the “grown up” but nevertheless I bought a single condom at a local confectionary “just in case.”  I kept it in my wallet.

We did the prom and everything – no sex.  Even after she graduated we agreed NOT to have sex as a way of saving and respecting ourselves.  However, this guy she met who lived next to her dad’s house convinced her otherwise.  They were hitting the sheets on the regular behind my back – and soon she was pregnant.  I was in pieces – but we remained friends.  She married the guy and he went to the Army to support his new family.

The next year I was a junior.  I had no girlfriend but I was cool enjoying my time at school.  During that time my niece Crystal was born.  I was so proud of her.  One day I was walking the halls and I ran into one of the hall monitors at the time – an English teacher named Miss Bonner.  We got along great!  I figured she was looking to bust me for not having a hall pass during class.  So I was ready to proudly display it.  She didn’t go there.  She asked how I was doing and I said, “GREAT!”  I told her about my new niece and asked if she wanted to see the picture.  “Sure!” she blurted out sharing my excitement. 

I pulled the wallet out of my back pocket and began to flip through the pictures – the thing turned upside down and I showed  her the picture.  To my surprise however her eyes darted to something else.  Unknown to me while I was flipping the wallet looking for the pics, BAM!  The condom hits the floor.  Mind you there is no one in the hallway but me and the teacher.  MY TEACHER whom I had to see everyday!  She said, “Uhhh, you dropped something.”  I looked down and saw the poor unused thing that was of no use to me.  The jenk was so old and crusty it was starting to come out the packet.  I had forgotten all about it.  It was hidden in a secret department mind you.  Needless to say, as a friend of mine likes to say, “You could have bought me for a penny!” 

The look of embarrassment on my face was evident.  To get busted by my teacher by telling her I was having sex was bad enough.  She simply smiled and said, “Thats ok, at least your using safe sex.”  I sure as hell wasn’t going to bother trying to explain to her that, “No this old thing was something was gonna use had I had the chance to have sex with the girlfriend I had last year.”  I didn’t even know how to put the thing on I was so inexperienced.  It was a no win situation.  No explanation needed. 

As I began to sweat and feel the weight of the world upon my shoulders, I said something about having to go to class and tucked my tail between my legs and got ghost!  And what is the moral of this story?  I don’t know if there is one.  But I did learn that sometimes you just have to walk away and be misunderstood. 

UFO’s – Myth or Reality

Growing up I was always facintated with astronomy.  I loved reading and learning anything having to do with outer space.  I even watched Star Trek faithfully and the less imaginative Battlestar Galactica.  Of course Star Wars was stirred my imagination as well. 

I found it quite interesting that the Catholic Church by way of The Vatican recently announced that it was acceptable to believe in “extraterrestrial brothers. ”  I feel so relieved now.  If it wasn’t for that announcement I would have had to remain an non-believer!

Seriously though; personally I believe it would be shortsighted and quite arrogant to believe that as much as know about the vastness of the universe – that we are the only forms of life or intelligence.  But truth be told, just like issues of race we are not ready to seriously tackle the possibilities of life outside of Earth’s atmosphere.  Imagine questions about ET sightings being asked at a presidential debate.  Or how about this.. if your Catholic or Christian and believe in the existance of life beyone the Earth’s atmosphere and that they too are God’s creatures – well did Jesus die for their sins too?  With that said unless we have a serious encounter that is too much to avoid, we are prone to avoid these questions as a nation for fear of among other things, the facts possibly throwing a monkey wrench in our theological dogma.


First Memories

Well, since I have been reminicing about childhood things lately.  I figured I would start from the beginning.  I think about my life sometimes and how I think about the early things that have shaped my references and points of origins.  The images that come to mind are the first that I remember that are still with me today – but in no particular order.

1) First address – 1462 Gaty, East St. Louis

2) First Church – Mt. Siani Baptist Church – Rev. White (A dark black man with a bald head that sweated when he preached.

3) Wrestling at the Chase – with Dick the Bruiser, Nature Boy Rick Flair, Andre’ The Giant

4) Fisher Price Toys – Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down

5) First Easter Suit – a white suit with a red shirt and white tie – and a brim my dad called, “His Godfather hat.”

6) Cardinal games – with my father sitting in the bleachers with the old men who talked much smack!

7) First Heartbreak – Some girl I liked in the first grade named Lisa.  But she liked Jerome Malone.  One day I saw them walking home from school with his arm around her.  Sigh!  Jerome was a pretty cool guy.  Still is the last time I saw him in the mid 90s.

8) Wanting to run away from home – cause I didn’t want to eat brussel sprouts.  My mom told me that I had to eat them before I could leave the table.  I sat there horrified, and told my dad that I would run away if I had to eat them.  He said, “Well just let me know when you are ready to run away.” When I said I was ready, he tore my ass up!

9) First favorite song – Soul Man, by Sam & Dave.  My mom and grandfather say I would go nuts when that song came on and would sing, “I’m a soul man!” everytime the chorus came on.

10) First favorite teacher – Mrs. Jefferson 2nd Grade at Lilly Freeman Elementary School in East. St. Louis

11) My first memory period was sitting in my mothers lap with a bottle in my mouth as she watched the soap opera, “Search for Tomorrow”  Believe it or not I was wearing diapers and I was probably 2.  We were in my mom’s room.  I will never forget that.

And finally my first lesson in subliminal race awareness – one Christmas Eve my dad asked me if I would mind if I had a “Black Santa Clause.”  I said, “Heck no!  I wanted the “real one” because he had all the “good stuff!”  My dad kinda laughed but I can tell he was taken aback.  I was only 5, so where did I learn to hate myself so early on?  Hmmmm.