Oh The Irony

Ya’ll remember when they got mad at NWA for singing “Fuck Tha Police?” They arrested these dudes in Detroit for singing a song. They group never harmed actual police. Remember when Ice-T had to concede to drop the distribution of the song “Cop Killers?” Body Count never did harm to any police. On January 6 these defenders of Whiteness actually KILLED and maimed COPS! But in the Whiteness Manifesto, these murders are merely casualties of war. They rap themselves like Vanilla Ice:

Fuck the police coming straight to The Capitol

My guy lost the election and it’s bull!

Stand by until the leader speaks

We have the authority to kill a Pelosi!

THIS is the game! They never actually cared about POLICE! They ONLY care about the power the police have to enforce Whiteness. As long as Black bodies are being battered and murdered it’s all good! Otherwise… seriously, fuck the police!

Freedom of Speech, Just Watch What You Say

I borrowed that phrase from a song on Ice-T’s 1989 LP.  It’s a short way of saying that while speech is free the consequences are not so much. We learn this at an early age. If your parents or a teacher says or does something you don’t like, even as a child no one can bridle your tongue but you. You can read your mom, dad, or Mrs. Jenkins their rights from Genesis to Revelations if you want to. I can tell you if I did that as a youngen’ I would have paid a rather painful price. Tell you something else too, the constitution wouldn’t have saved my black ass either.

And so it is in life we learn the balances and nuances of free speech. Daily we decide what we find worth saying and what is not. This doesn’t just apply for situations regarding authority. It applies to everyday life between friends, colleagues, and lovers. Wisdom teaches us that all things that can be said shouldn’t be said. Then there are times when conscious forces to say what is unpopular to the masses. Take Colin Kaepernick’s for instance. His free speech protected under the constitution does not protect him from being blackballed from the NFL.

This leads me to the controversy surrounding Missouri State Senator, Maria Chappelle Nadal.  Recently she decided to express her desire that President Trump be assassinated. Predictably she has come under fire and find herself in the cross hairs of the governor. He wants her senate seat.

I no longer reside in Missouri so I am not privy to the daily heartbeat of the area. From reading articles it seems that she is taking quite the political beating. I have gotten some feedback on social media. My African-Americans friends who have commented are unanimous in believing that she should resign. I totally understand where they are coming from. Further I resonate with WHY they believe it.

What Senator Chappelle-Nadal did was irresponsible, dangerous and childish. Someone in her position surely should know better than to post something like that on any form of social media. However, I am not sure whether I believe she should resign or be ousted. There used to be a time when common sense told us what was a fireable offence and what was perhaps cause for censure. I could go for the low hanging fruit of what was said and done to our 44th president. South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson who screamed at President Obama calling him a liar during a joint session with congress. Jan Brewer put a threatening finger in the face of President Obama. There was a T-Mobile manager who did the same to me a few weeks ago. I almost gave him a 2 piece. The police was called. Montana candidate Greg Gianforte actually assaulted a reporter shortly before he was elected to congress.

But even if we were do discount these examples, we need go no higher than the person of interest himself, president #45. He started his campaign of slander years ago questioning the citizenship and therefore legitimacy of president #44. During his official campaign he told a crowd, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.”

There are so many examples of malfeasance since his inauguration in January I don’t need to list them all. They have been well documented. His latest exploits have been to defend and encourage white supremacist’s to continue their barbaric behavior. American citizens have been assaulted, beaten, injured and killed. #45 has been the ringleader. Even David Duke acknowledged that he takes his ques from #45. It can be strongly argued that the blood that has been shed falls on #45’s hands.

And let’s not forget his is currently being investigated for illegal dealings with the Russian government. By all accounts there appears to be overwhelming evidence that he is an enemy of the state; a traitor to the country he is supposed to lead.

That leaves me in a quandary. Two things #45 have in common with Wilson, Brewer and Gianforte.

  1. They are Republican, while Chappelle-Nadal is a Democrat
  2. They have not been asked to leave their respective offices.

The second part is what’s most relevant here. Best believe members of the GOP are NOT giving up they’re seats of government. They are determined to keep each and every advantage through local, state, and federal politics.  Yet I am supposed to believe that Chappelle-Nadal should resign from her seat because of what she ‘hopes?’ I’m supposed to accept that it’s a righteous act to remove her from the committees she serves on? I’m not saying I know the answer quite honestly. What I am saying is that there needs to be a clearer moral compass to judge these things on. That’s unrealistic. Therefore, perhaps Democrats should stick together and be just as determined not to lose any of their seats as their GOP counterparts are. Sometimes in order to succeed, those who play the game must understand how that the game is being played, then play accordingly.


Behold! The Power of the Pussy

There are many disadvantages to being a woman in this culture.  Historically they have had to fight for their rights to be respected and cherished by the men who rule the world around them.  Still today they make less on the dollar than males.  They face discrimination and often lack the full respect they deserve in this society.  Tradition, religion, and just plain ole ignorance have slowed the progress of the woman’s ability to fully shine and blossom in all the ways she can.  When she’s ultra feminine she can be mistaken for soft thus downplaying her true inner strength.  When she speaks her mind she’s considered a bitch or a barracuda.  If she’s really about her business some call her a dike.  But God gave the woman the ultimate weapon to assure that she will be listened to and heard at some point in this game of life.  And when mastered properly, it’s a tool fitting to be called God’s Great Equalizer.  And what is this great equalizer? Behold the Power of the Pussy!

Now before your proverbial panties (pun intended for both male and females) get into a bunch – check out the facts and listen up!  When we observe the pervasive cultures worldwide, men do rule the world.  They have founded cities, started nations, ruled kingdoms and conquered civilizations.  They have created inventions that have changed the world many times.  They have created organizations and established even the name of the street you live on.

And now what is there to all of man’s great innovations and accomplishments? It’s vanity and all for nothing unless he has with him the experience that rivals no other.  For man wants to – needs to – have the right woman to share his dreams – to help him manifest his visions – and to find that place of comfort that nothing else can give on the planet.  No amount of money, no amount of power, can give the man a feeling that he has in the comfort of the pussy that embraces him like he is the king of the world.

Ice-T put it this way….

Power – its starts with P like Pussy
She knows she’s got it
She doesn’t worry does she?
Spending your cash – leaving you in the trash
While your little head’s thinking – they’re gone in a dash
They got it – know it – that’s why they show it
The power sex – if man could overthrow it he’d be king in a day
No way – we get rich, hard, give it away.   -Power 1988

Now – when I say pussy, I am not talking about merely sex.  I am talking about the femininity of a woman – The softness of her voice and the touch of her hands – Because of the pussy she has the ability to approve or disapprove whatever the man is working on.  And let me tell you – when your pussy is happy – the whole house is happy.  When it’s not – let’s just say there is no good night’s sleep.  A man can accomplish great things.  And his boys and comrades can applaud with great approval.  But if his woman, the one that has the pussy does not approve… it may as well be dead.

The right woman has the ability to make a man believe in himself.  Her influence can make him a king or a pauper.  That is the power of the pussy.  You see it’s not just a physical thing.  It’s totally spiritual as well.  When a man enters a woman – and he respects the place that she allows him to dwell – he’s lost in the realm of fantasy that is his greatest reality.  Remember he was born from a pussy.  And like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz he just wants to go home. The roles are just reversed.  Instead of coming out of one he wants to enter one.  And instead of the pains of birth he gives her (his new momma) the pleasure of the rod.  And he does so at great pleasure until he releases himself totally into the places that are so private and intimate that it bonds him to her soul.  After that there is nothing left to give.  And when she comforts him, lets him know that he is approved and that everything is alright – you could kill him and he would die with a smile on his face.

Check the math and the history – even biblically.  David had a man killed to get the one that satisfied him the most.  Sampson gave up the source of his strength to a woman he knew was trying to get him killed.  And yet what was it about Delilah that caused him to tell her how he could be defeated anyway. It wasn’t merely the physical pussy – it was the mental and spiritual pussy.  She understood him – studied him – mastered him.  See if you relegate the pussy to mere physical characteristics you’ll miss the boat.  The pussy is the all encompassing aura of a woman, her total womanhood and her ability to communicate to her man as only she can.  Once she has him – she’s got him. Because only the comfort of her welcoming spirit and body can satisfy his soul.

The worst thing that can happen to a man – is to get caught up in the wrong pussy!  That’s a whole nother story!

And so it goes – If he buys a nice car he doesn’t really do it for himself.  It’s for a woman.  A nice house is to put the woman in.  Someone asked Eleanor Roosevelt what her life would be like had she not married Teddy.  She said she would still be first lady – because whomever she married would have been the president.  In other words – she’s saying that her pussy is king making material.  And with her influence any man she commits to will reach his maximum potential.  It’s automatic.

According to Genesis, God created man in His own image and in His likeness. But ever since, no man can be born except through the womb of a woman.  She is the passageway to the earth.  And there you have it – God’s great equalizer! Man may rule the world.  But a woman who understands the power of her pussy – will never lack any good thing.

Straight Talk about Black Coaches, College Football and the Institutional Fortitude of Pimps and Ho’s

Flying under the radar in the world of sports is yet another downturn in the realm of college football concerning black coaches. (or a lack thereof) This has been an ongoing things for decades, and it seemed as if its getting worse not better.  There are four African-American coaches out of 119 programs in college football. 

The University of Auburn hired a loser to coach their football team after the unceremonious firing of Tommy Tuberville.  (A proven winner who is white) They interviewed Buffalo coach Turner Gill, an African-American who is one of the most accomplished and respected young head coaches in the country.  He took a program that had never had a winning record in Division I and led them to their first MAC championship.  They also smashed previously undefeated and top 25 team Ball State.  This year they will participate in their first bowl appearance in the school’s history. 

And yet after interviewing Gill, Auburn hired former team assistant Gene Chizik, who ran an abysmal program at Iowa State over the last two seasons. His teams have won only 5 games in two years.  Iowa State lost 10 of it’s 12 games this year.  Obviously there won’t be any bowls games for the Cyclones – not even a knife, spoon or a fork game.  But he got the job as the team refused to hire a black coach, similar to SEC rival Alabama who refused to hire their former player and previous assistant Sylvester Croom.  Instead they hired David Shula who didn’t last very long at all.

Hell I still hate Notre Dame for firing Ty Willingham before his contract was up in South Bend! (the only coach in any sport in school history to be fired before the end of his contract)  Since then they hired Charlie Weiss and after having a record similar to Willingham’s gave him a ridiculous extension.  Now they are stuck with a guy who loses to Navy, and fell to an 8 loss team (Syracuse) for the first time in school history.  The program is at an all time low.     

 Turner Gill*Buffalo Coach Turner Gill

With the Auburn debacle,  NBA Hall of Fame member turned TNT analyst and Auburn alum Charles Barkley lashed out at his school for hiring Chezik over Gill.  He called out the institution for being racist.  Barkley was previously on a search committee for the basketball program at Auburn.  Of all the coaches they interviewed, some black, they hired Jeff Lebo, a white coach who was the only one out of the group not to take a team to the NCAA tournament.  Gill and Barkley talked about the Auburn job.  And according to Barkley, Gill was concerned about being a token interview and that perhaps the school or its supporters would not like the fact that he has a white wife.  Barkley advised Gill to go full speed ahead and pursue this position in spite of his concerns.  We know what happened. 

Now here is my response to this madnes… first I say screw these jobs.  If they don’t want to have a diverse plan and hire qualified black coaches then let them hire unqualified white ones and waddle in mediocrity.  This is not to say white coaches are incompetent – my point is that a white one can be incompetent and still get the job – and yet none of the anti-affirmative action honks say a word about it.  Black coaches can turn whack programs around and still be overlooked.  Let face it, most of the time black coaches have to turn programs around, because as Charles said, normally they get the shitty jobs nobody else wants in the first place. 

Second I ask the question – if an institution does not believe an African-American is good enough to coach their team and lead their program, why are parents sending black athletes to these  schools?   We need to educate these young men about why the civil rights issue is still relevant.  Just as Bear Bryant learned the valuable lessons of Sam “Bam” Cunningham turning his Crimson Tide defense truly crimson, and Adolph Rupp learned when he lost to an all black Texas Western team, in this time when the nation is at it’s peak in terms of qualified diversified candidates, racism will under-mind the advancement of your institution.   We should reject black assistant coaches who come from traditionally white institutions who don’t hire blacks in prominent positions.  Tell them it’s not acceptable to come to our homes and eat our greens and cornbread telling us why our sons, the prized recruit should don their campuses.  F that! There are other programs that can help “Willie” get an education and a possible chance at the NFL.  Jerry Rice, arguably a top 5 pro football player in the history of the sport attended Mississippi Valley State.  Walter Payton attended Jackson St.  I can name many players that didn’t come out of major conferences.  If you are good the pros will find you regardless of what ESPN says.

* Charles Barkley

Third – this suject caused me to think of an exert in the book, “The Ice Opinion,” Who Gives A Fuck! by Ice-T.  He talked about how he’s learned in this life that people are either “Pimp or Ho’s!” –  And that you are either the pimp or the ho in any given situation.  Think about it.  It’s so true!  This is why I don’t trip when I hear that Reggie Bush’s momma lived in a upscale home in San Diego via an agent, when Bush attended USC.  I remember back in the day when all the guys on the University of Illinois basketball team had Chevy Blazers.  The Governor of Illinois wasn’t the one who invented pay for play.  That’s been going on for decades and will continue.  Most kids are going to be ho’s when it comes to the college system.  Sure they can get the college experience, a degree that may or not help them when they get in the job market.  (Research the stats on how blacks with degrees are passed over for white with a high school diploma, and sometimes even a criminal record.)  Barkley said it best when it came to the qualifications of the coaching candidates in the Auburn job, “You can say it’s not about race, but you can’t compare the two résumés and say [Chizik] deserved the job. Out of all the coaches they interviewed, Chizik probably had the worst résumé.”  Still the colleges are gonna make money from the television networks.  The networks are getting over from the advertisers.  They both come out ahead by billions over the expense for their investment in the student athletes.

Every kid needs to know where he fits in.  If you are good enough to play college ball but not the pros, then study, play, have fun, get that degree and move on.  If you are good enough to get a little something on the side, do that too.  Just understand most institutions and coaches are going to throw you under the bus if you get caught.   So your game needs to be tight.   The coach can promise you the world, then leave at the next opportunity to further his own career ambitions.  Just ask the kids at Iowa State who feel betrayed by Chizik’s bolting.  If a kid signs at a school because he has grown fond of the coach, (and most kids do) the coach can leave and the kid can’t unless he gives up a year of eligibility.  There is a double standard and it has to be understood.  Generally speaking, very few of us are not ho’s at times in our lives.  If you want to feed your family, sometimes you have to “give up the booty.”  But damn, at least learn the ways of the pimp so you can flip the script and operate as a pimp, thereby using your ho experiences as a way to advance your cause… not just be a ho for ho sake!

Learn how to navigate your situation.  Network, advance, move forward.  Lend your talents and receive your just rewards.  Start with learning to give value to those who value your contributions like these universities.  If you are unqualified to coach the team, tell them you are unqualified to run the ball.  (Or get one helluva pay out in return)  That’s all I am saying.  Stop waiting and begging these southern racist institutions to be righteous, and take your talents where you are valued.  If enough of us do it, believe me it will make a difference.  Ho’s just talk about the game and complain about it.  The PIMPS learns the game and then masters it by leveraging his influence to his benefit.

Music Week:The Irony of Hip Hop, Gangster Rap, and Hollywood Success




Growing up during the origins of rap music and what we now call hip hop, I witnessed an art which themes started with, dancing and bragging about personal likes and lighthearted fun.  Later, it expanded as some artist got into heavier subjects dealing with poverty, crime and life in the streets.  “The Message,” by Grandmaster Flash comes to mind.  Then along came the soap opera kind of rap like UTFO’s “Roxanne Roxanne” and Roxanne’s own response.  By the late 80’s, groups like Public Enemy were schooling us about politics and NWA brought a whole new change to the game by bringing gang life rhetoric and storytelling from Compton, California to the world.  I would say to some degree this was hip hop at its heights.  Perhaps I’m a bit aged though.  We still have an element of ghetto life and gangster rap out there, but it lacks the charisma and style of people like Mr. Scarface and The Ghetto Boys. 





Hip hop has taken its share of hits from the public and some of it very valid.  From Tipper Gore to many parents, church goers, and culture critics, the lyrics and messages within the music has been widely critiqued and criticized.  Many blame hip hop for the ills of the black community and often in the world.  Sometimes it can be so ridiculous, as Ice Cube said on one of the songs from his new CD, “Raw Footage”, “If I shoot up the college, ain’t nothing to it – gangster rap made me do it.” Cube is one of my favorite rappers because he speaks truth to power.  And even when he’s hard, narcissistic, or brutish he is still creative and entertaining.



The ironic thing about the rap game now, is its being disdained by a large part of mainstream society when it comes to the content of the music – while on the other hand many artist are being embraced by that same society when it comes to rappers being portrayed in television and cinema. 


You got 50 Cent making a movie about his life and getting shot.  Ice-T did a song called, “Cop Killers,” that had almost the whole fraternity of law enforcement officers up in arms.  Now he has played an undercover narcotic officer, transferred to the Special Victims Unit on Law and Order SVU since 2000.  His character is even a Republican.  Maybe John McCain will use Ice’s character to appeal to the black audience.  SIKE!  I don’t know that McCain knows black people exist in this country.  But I digress.




The MOST ironic figure in all of this is the above mentioned Ice Cube.  One of the founding members of the group NWA and one of  it’s primary writers, Cube doled out other American and law enforcement favorites, “F*ck The Police.” After the NWA days, Cube did his own solo projects and none of them have softened up in the least.  The lyrics are still sharp and the language is just as gritty.  Regardless not only has he done the “Friday” and “Barbershop” series, he done the films, “Are We There Yet?’ and “Are We Done Yet?” These are family favorites.  Cube has directed, written or produced 16 films, and after next years, “Welcome Back, Kotter,” where he will play Gabe Kaplan’s teaching character from the 70s sitcom and B.A. Baracus on the film The A-Team, he will have acted in 27.  His current film is another feel good family project, “The Longshots.” 



This proves that America hates and love’s its hip hop stars.  They are intrigued at their talent but only appreciate it most when it fits their level of comfort.