The Pioneering of another Jefferson

Before there was Idol, Hoarders, Snookie, and the Real House Porn Stars of Insert City; when people actually sat down and wrote content for entertainment, there was a ground breaking show called, “All In The Family.” In addition to the comedy, that show dealt with many of the issues America was dealing with at the time such as class, race, liberalism vs. conservatism, abortion, and so on. That content and quality of the show holds up today, though one would never see such a production today nor it’s fierce unapologetic critique of our ignorance unless Seth MacFarland sets it in animation.

Sherman Hemsley’s George Jefferson character on All In The Family and his verbal analytical challenges to Archie Bunker’s view of White Americanism was so impressive to the producers that they added a spin off show around George called, "The Jeffersons."


George represented something that was never seen on TV at the time. Unlike the pervasive and all too common ghettoized back drop of Good Times, George was a business owner (Jefferson Cleaners) and lived in a high rise apartment in Manhattan. Not only was George not anybody’s servant, hell he even had a maid. And the genius of having Marla Gibb’s Florence Johnston’s maid character was that she actually had the boldness and freedom to say the things that so many maids wish they could say to their white bosses.

And boy did we laugh because although George was rich, with that also came a type of detachment he had to certain realities that most regular American people were dealing with. George was just as prejudice against his neighbors interracial marriage as Archie Bunker would have been, giving them something in common.

That show lasted for 11 seasons. And best believe without George Jefferson there is no Dr. Huckstable.

Thanks for your contributions Mr. Hemsley. R.I.P

Baseball, BackStopping and the Power of Unity

As I reflect on my experience during the 60 Hour World Record Baseball Game benefitting BackStoppers, there is so much that come to mind.

Many have asked how I became involved with this group of people.  It started when I donated time as a basketball referee for the World Record Basketball Game benefiting Joplin tornado victims.  I was so impressed with the dedication of the players, I knew I wanted to be a part of the next challenge they embraced.  When Chuck Williams sent me the email asking if I wanted to umpire for the 60 Hour Baseball Game, my answer was an unequivocal ‘no.’  I wanted to extend my commitment past a few hours and complete the entire task with the group.  That decision proved far more rewarding than even I anticipated.

With that said I wanted to offer a few shout outs to some very impressive people.  Please keep in mind that for me name recognition is limited and I am in no way trying to discount anyone’s contributions of whom I am not aware.  I am basically the new kid on the block.










Team Traube

1) Steve Pona and Chuck Williams are some visionary and giving individuals.  I am  grateful to know them and to have worked with them.  In addition to their regular full time jobs, these charity events require a totally separate full time obligation in order for them to succeed.  These guys make it look very easy.  I saw much of just what they went through during the event let along before it to help make things run smoothly.  It only takes one or a small group to spark a fire for a great cause.  Steve and Chuck are a force to be reckoned with.

2) Michelle Bommarito Pona, and Cari Atkinson are warriors above and beyond the call of duty.  I can’t even count the amount of things they had their hands into from breakfast, lunch & dinner; to ice, managing logistical snafus, and last but not least dirty stinking laundry in the wee hours of the night after working all damn day!  Cari scared us a bit when she suffered some effects from the heat.  But she wasn’t going home until the deal was done.  I witnessed her arguing with EMS and Jeff Lange as she lay on the floor with ice bags all over her.  Even the Sargent (Jeff) couldn’t ‘detain’ her to house arrest.   I don’t think I recognized Lynn Coats by face, but she was so instrumental with helping me finalize my silent auction item.  Of course there were many more whose name I never learned.  But their faces were familiar throughout the process and we all leaned on one another.

3) My teammates (Liebe) were just awesome.  Great guys to hang out with who kept it light, fun and competitive.  Most of us proved extremely unselfish in being on time for shifts and picking one another up.  Some of us needed extra time for rest or to nurse an injury. The support was plentiful as it should have been.  The point was to finish strong together and we did just that.  Kevin Wheeler was a hitting machine who was really fun to watch.  Matt Savoi caught about 100 innings.  And lord knows how many innings Todd Hinderliter threw.  Through the heat, the midnight/sunrise hours, and the sore muscles, boy was it fun!  I had some of the best laughs ever, most of it laughing at ourselves.

4) Speaking of sore muscles, none of us would have made it without the help of our friends from SSM Health Care!  They became familiar with me rather quickly.  Many of us sought them for Biofreeze as if they were street dealers. “Give me just one more package!  I promise not to ask again!”  Seriously they took great care of us and were just awesome!


Baseball during 4th of July Fireworks

5) What I will remember about the opposition (Traube) most is that boy did they want to win.  After shooting out to a 30-4 lead, the few times we almost caught up they made their minds up to put it out of reach.  Sure we had a lot of light and care free innings.  But when I got picked off at first at 5 something in the morning I knew what time it was.  (LOL) Charity be dammed they wanted to win!  That was cool though as they are a great bunch of guys.  I don’t recall the catcher’s name but he actually helped me get out of my slump by giving me some suggestions about my approach.

6) Sponsorship was vital.  Liebe Lettering and Traube Tents provided great jerseys for both teams.  Great tents!  We truly thank all of the sponsors who donated time, food, balls, (Markwort) bats, (Area 51) clothing, and so on for lending their name and products.  Being pregnant with a vision doesn’t cost a thing birthing it out cost big $$$$$$$!

SSM Healthcare

7) I am so proud of my umpire brethren.   Before the basketball game for Joplin, I sent request to every basketball official I knew.  Unfortunately, though we had some support, there were plenty of times the guys had to call their own fouls and independently run their games.  The umpires commitment was so significant that I don’t recall seeing anything less than a 4 man crew for the entire 60 hours.  Even one of my crew chiefs who shall remain unnamed (Greg Willem) paid one of the other umps $5 to ring me up on a bogus strike three call. (100% true story) If that ain’t love I don’t know what is.

8) The BackStoppers family which was the motivation behind this entire event is something special.  Chief Ron Battelle is such a gracious and honorable man.  He’s one of my favorite kind of guys.  He walks softly and carries the proverbial big stick.  Not because he flaunts it, but just the opposite.  His leadership is founded upon and revealed within his heart to serve.  This is why people follow him.  Needless to say meeting Officer Matt Crosby, and Julie Weinhold and family brought the issue right at home.  It is for them and the 60 other current families being served by BackStoppers that made this all worth doing.  For these families whose loved one have given the ultimate sacrifice WE are grateful!

To all I say thank you for everything. I look forward to the next cause…the next act of love!

And lastly, don’t get it twisted.  The game is over but we are still taking donations!

The Group