Hillary’s Debate Mission, Get Trump to Order The Code Red

We all know that The Donald is what Bill Maher calls, A Whiny Little Bitch! (#WLB) He doesn’t have a presidential bone in his body.  His appeal is only to bluster and bully his way through the most basic of issues we face as a nation.  There is no substance, only self aggrandizing shit from the mouth spatters.

As Hillary Clinton pointed out, he can be baited with a tweet.  While one must be ambitious to be president he has no self awareness or self control.  He has no discipline.  He’s 70 years old.  This is who he’s always been and it’s worked for him.  This is what Clinton should focus on each and every time she takes the debate stage with this clown.

col-nrj1 (1)

The first of four scheduled debates between the candidates is scheduled on Monday, September 26, at Hofstra University.  Honestly I have a hard time believing the #WLB will show to each of them.  With Hillary’s experience of public service as First Lady, a senator and as Secretary of State, substance wise he will be easy prey to humiliate on national and worldwide television.  She can make substantive arguments on topics ranging from jobs, the economy, and especially national security.  Meanwhile, #WLB will enter the debate(s) with some prepped talking points.  But if Clinton plays it smart she will have him off script within 30 minutes or less.  Once she dazzles with facts and he fizzles with empty phrases, he will resort to what he knows best.  Before you know it, something stupid, sexist of violent will come flying out his pie-hole!  The more he becomes unhinged, the more she should go in for his throat with a statement, a look, or a smile.  He is sure to address her personally, so she should address him as well.  Target his insecurities and lack of knowledge. Before long, he’ll lose it and make an open show of himself.

In the movie, “A Few Good Men,” Lt. Daniel Kaffee (played by Tom Cruise) used Col. Nathan R. Jessup’s supreme arrogance against him during the court-marshal trial of two marines. .  The Col. tried to play it cool initially.  At one point while being questioned on the stand, Kaffee purposely appeared muffed and confused.  This only fueled the Col.’s confidence.  Jessup was about to walk off the stand before being excused.  Then Kaffee flipped the script on him.

KAFFEE – Excuse me, I didn’t dismiss you.

JESSUP – I beg your pardon.

KAFFEE – I’m not through with my examination. Sit down.

When Kaffee caught Jessup in a contradiction of statements, he pounced!

JESSUP – Sometimes men take matters into their own hands.

KAFFEE – No sir. You made it clear just a moment ago that your men never take matters into their own hands. Your men follow orders or people die.

So Santiago shouldn’t have been in any danger at all, should he have, Colonel?

JESSUP – You little bastard!



JESSUP – You want answers?

KAFFEE – I think I’m entitled to them.

JESSUP – You want answers?!

KAFFEE – I want the truth.

JESSUP – You can’t handle the truth! Son, we live in a world that has walls. And those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Who’s gonna do it? You? You, Lt. Weinberg? I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom. You weep Santiago and you curse the marines. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know: That Santiago’s death, while tragic, probably saved lives. And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives. You don’t want the truth. Because deep down, in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want me on that wall. You need me there. We use words like honor, code, loyalty… we use these words as the backbone to a life spent defending something. You use ’em as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom I provide, then questions the manner in which I provide it. I’d prefer you just said thank you and went on yourway. Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon and stand a post. Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think you’re entitled to.

KAFFEE – Did you order the code red?

JESSUP – I did the job you sent me to do.

KAFFEE – Did you order the code red?

JESSUP – You’re goddamn right I did.


When #WLB loses his mind, he will show less restraint than Jessup did.  Its possible he will even try to physically strike Hillary. He said he wanted to hit some of the speakers at the DNC convention just a few days ago.

Let’s face it.  When it comes to the angry racist, those who hate the thought of hearing the words Black Lives Matter, #WLB represents the last stand of the angry white man.  To them nothing will convince them not to vote for #WLB.  Not sexism, not the three wives, not the violence in his ravenous crowds, not teasing the disabled, not his refusal to show his tax returns, not NOT having any plan for national security, not calling for our national security to be compromised by Russia, and not viciously attacking gold star parents whose son gave his life for an America that #WLB enjoys – after being a draft dodger.

BUT for those who may be on the fence, seeing him unravel and lose control would be enough to open blinded eyes closer to November.  With that said, there are a total of four debates scheduled before election day.  There is no way in hell that #WLB is going to do all four of them.  He can’t win them against Clinton.  I’m sure he will try to all but write the questions and dictate the rules.  He will try to out talk Clinton, filibuster and change the subject.  But for Hillary Clinton, her entire life and career has led her to these moments.  She has no excuse not to break #WLB within this one on one format.



The Blessing in The Bulls#@!

This is a Facebook thread in which I was engaged in yesterday.  It’s long… but the ending is where the gem is!

It starts with the photo below posted from a previous friend of mine.  This was my attempt to work through it.



Christopher McCaleb #disappointed 😦

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Cari Atkinson Sorry…I will not leave myself in any situation that I could get injured.

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Christopher McCaleb But you would drive the truck or advocate to injure or murder those who are using their constitutional right to assemble and protest?

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Cari Atkinson Christopher McCaleb Not advocating anything, but not ok with the protests that are blocking any persons right-of-way. Protests could be made without making people late to work, blocking medical needs, etc. Again, I will not leave myself in a possible situation to where I could be in danger.

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Christopher McCaleb One may or may not agree with the WAY a protest is done. The thing about them…is that by nature they tend to be uncomfortable. That’s kind of the point. That being said, regardless the image of the truck is saying… = those who protest run the over! It’s very explicit and prolific. The person posting, liking the photo are saying, “run them over!” That is the solution… to a specific group of people. This could be me, my sons, daughters, friends, (white and black) I’ve supported your fight to live at all cost. This is what supporters of protest are doing as well…fighting for the right to live and be protected. Making statement or posting images that they should be run over, that they don’t have jobs, is horrifically insensitive at best, hateful at worst. I’m speaking to you not as a critic, but a friend. I hope you will reconsider this position and take into consideration what I am saying… if you consider me a friend as well. Which I believe you do!

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Cari Atkinson I did not state any of the protesters didn’t have jobs! I stated I will not be late for my employment, late for a medical procedure or emergency because of the right-of-way being blocked. Protests can be done without shutting down highways! I again will not leave myself or my family in danger. I do consider you my friend, we just have different views on closing down highways or businesses!

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Cari Atkinson My fight against cancer and my life has not stopped anyone from anything!

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Christopher McCaleb I agree… but everyone I know is pretty united on standing with our friends who are fighting cancer. And if cancer treatment and research were to be halted, not fully endorsed by society and people died, you may find it worth interrupting the normalcy of life. Well, you would let’s just affirm that. I definitely don’t recall large numbers of anyone missing medical service because of a protest.

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Christopher McCaleb Jobless post you posted today…




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Cari Atkinson Let it go Christopher McCaleb…we have total different mind sets and will never agree. I would never block a highway or close down a business because of cancer!

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Christopher McCaleb Even if you wouldn’t Cari Atkinson, saying that protesters don’t have jobs, (which is a harsh, unfair and UNTRUE statement, and you DID post it though you denied it initially) and posting a truck photo that says it’s going to run protesters over… (does not mention emergency vehicles…it mentions being late for work) is therefore very offensive, is not misleading. These two photos paint a very insensitive and hateful narrative. Would you disagree in this light?

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Cari Atkinson I am ending this conversation…I posted what I posted because I will not be blocked from work or medical needs, etc and in potential danger due to protests. Everyone needs to get back to work and trust that things will work out the way it should. These protests are not peaceful and are causing more damage then good as far as I am concerned. I am one of the nicest people you will ever met and have never done harm to anyone! If you cannot accept this then please feel free to delete me…sorry!

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Christopher McCaleb End it if you must. What you cannot do is veil your so called niceness while dismissing the hatefulness withing the dismissal of a people who cannot wait and trust that things will work out the way it should. No change in the history of the world every happened that way. FOR ANYONE including women. Your words and photos speak for your character in this case. Meanwhile, if that bothers you, then you are free to do the deleting.

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Christopher McCaleb In a nutshell this is what those post say to me: All you black folk screaming Black Lives Matter need to go somewhere and get a job. Stop protesting. People like Philando Castille and Alton Sterling and every other one deserved what they got. If I had this truck and you were in my way while I’m going somewhere, I would love to use it to batter my way through you all inconveniencing my life!

Nicole Richardson Protesting is fine when it is not keeping others from getting to where they’re going. It is not OK to block roads, why do protesters feel that what they are doing comes before others and where others are going? Smh…this is not peaceful protesting goi…See More

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Tompall Gibson If law biding citizens were protesting, there would not be a need for such a truck. With that being said, over the last couple of years we have all witnessed these protests being more about criminal actions rather than a well-educated debate on fairness & equality.

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Cari Atkinson Well stated…thank you!

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Christopher McCaleb Let’s examine this a bit before I go about my merry way. #1) There is NO data that says that the protest do more harm than good. That seems to be theme with you guys but its unsupported. The same goes for the protest not being peaceful. Again looking at DATA, not hyperbole and bullshit – of the hundreds of thousands of protestors nationwide, the number of incidents and individuals who protested in anyway but peaceful is miniscule. That’s just a fact!
#2) What you are really saying… by not acknowledging these law abiding citizens as relative and relevant is that you look at them and their mere presence as an affront to your own comfort zone.
3) Imagine if someone had said, “If police didn’t kill unarmed innocent black boys and men, there would be no need for a sniper to kill 5 police officers? YET you are totally comfortable with speaking of the need for the truck. This is because you don’t value the lives of black people who are fighting for survival.
4) And this is the best point of all. Today in my class where I teach Critical Thinking Debate Skills, I taught my young students, (only ONE who happens to be black) the concept of sacred cows. After explaining the origins and definitions, I used examples of people worshipping their sacred cows using examples of police and BLM. Then I showed them the photos of the truck, and the frog, and read each of our written statements to the class. I didn’t make any judgements but I did ask them to make sure to let me know if I was in anyway sassy, threatening or unreasonable. I did NOT ask them to comment on anything any of you said.

As it turned out, each student found the truck photo horrifyingly hateful. They were disgusted. I never commented one way or the other. Upon reading your reasoning and responses, to a person they commented that your comments were condescending at best, racist at worst. They were surprised that I reacted with reason in stayed the course in an attempt to gain at least a small bit of consensus…something we could all agree on.

Afterwards, and after they shared their own thoughts without my comments, I told them the story of how I met Cari, how we helped raised over $100,000 for Backstoppers. I told them how we remained friends and how I supported her along with many others during her fight against cancer. Then I explained that when it comes to MOST of the white friends I met during this event and others, they were good with me as long as I was with them and supported their causes. But when it came to my life or the lives of those who look like me, they were not willing to stand with me at all. Not only that, but when I tried to have intelligent and heartfelt conversations with them, they would prove like Cari, dismissive, combative and put off. My students recognized that the cops for you guys are sacred cows. That you disdain anything that comes between your concepts of challenging your comfort level of white superiority. THESE WERE WHITE KIDS! I explained that whenever I am having racial conversations with these particular set of white friends, they never give an inch about anything. For instance, though I have protested before, I wouldn’t block a street or a highway. But I can empathize with those who would. I’m willing to concede that this may not be the best way to get a point across. But Cari nor any of you are willing to back off this image and message of a truck running over American citizens as if this were Tiananmen Square. Not even one…  ”Well Chris, I can see what you mean by the image being threatening and offensive.  NOPE… can’t give an inch. NOT ONE BIT.  So next time people say WE should come together, remember it takes two people. Its easy to see from the thread, that my friend Cari does not value my life nor is she concerned about police violence as it relates to people like me. She’s refuses to VALIDATE me or my experiences or engage in a serious discussion. My students should do better. Kill their sacred cows and argue from a position geared towards respect and solutions.

One white student in particular came to me and said, Mr. McCaleb this was really great. My parents are like those people in the post. They are really sacred towards the police. Won’t give an inch in any discussion. I used to be that way too. I’m white, middle class, private school. This issue really bothers me.  And this entire environment scares me!   But I was so afraid to talk about it. This class was a safe place to do so. I feel so much better.

For that I say, THANK YOU to you all for giving me content to teach our youth. I have hope for them. And while you may dismiss me, I am out here making a difference and changing lives for the better…for all people INCLUDING my own.

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…..AND WITH THAT SHE DELETED ME!  And she took down the post… not because she thought better of it, but because her racism was exposed and undeniable!


The Hate That Hate Produced (Part Duex)

Dog Whistle Politics:  It means putting out a message that, like a high-pitched dog whistle, is only fully audible to those at whom it is directly aimed.  The intention is to make potential supporters sit up and take notice while avoiding offending those to whom the message will not appeal.” – The Economist 

History sure has a way of repeating itself… over and over again.  Especially in an area where honest dialogue never existed.  When it comes to race, America remains for the most part in a state of cowardly denial, is willingly senile, operating within a glass bubble, exposed, but unaware.  As the Trump train powers through American politics and discourse, I am most amused by the rock throwing/hand hiding of not only the other GOP candidates, but many of their supporters who ‘act as if ‘they are put off with The Donald and his rhetoric.  I’ve spent the last eight years attempting to dialogue with them as the Obama presidency continued to reveal the obvious underbelly of white racial rage.  But all I heard was that I was making something out of nothing.  That I was race baiting.  I understand that in many cases privilege is a helluva blinder.  Anytime privilege of any kind is threatened, it feels like discrimination to the preferred beneficiary.  This is true with not only race, but gender, sexuality, class and so forth.  The Obama presidential campaign in 2007 brought to bear the threatened privilege of White America’s fear of Black progress in a post slavery post Jim Crow nation.  As the rhetoric spewed in the months leading up to November the scene played out in both a Twainian and Shakespearean fashion.

You start out in 1954 by saying, “Nigger, nigger, nigger.” By 1968, you can’t say “nigger” — that hurts you. Backfires. So you say stuff like forced bussing, states’ rights and all that stuff. You’re getting so abstract now you’re talking about cutting taxes, and all these things you’re talking about are totally economic things and a byproduct of them is blacks get hurt worse than whites. And subconsciously maybe that is part of it. I’m not saying that. But I’m saying that if it is getting that abstract, and that coded, that we are doing away with the racial problem one way or the other. You follow me — because obviously sitting around saying, “We want to cut this,” is much more abstract than even the busing thing, and a hell of a lot more abstract than “Nigger, nigger.” — Lee Atwater, Republican Party Strategist  1981


This was how it was during the Reagan era.  From the day he announced his campaign on Sunday August 3, 1980  in Philadelphia, MS of all places, he looked to perfect the art of Dog Whistle Code Speech.  In case you didn’t know, Philadelphia, MS in Neshoba County, was the same town where three young civil rights workers; a 21-year-old black Mississippian, James Chaney, and two white New Yorkers, Andrew Goodman, 20, and Michael Schwerner, 24 were murdered on June 21, 1964. The three young men were chased in their car, abducted, shot at close range, then buried in an earthen dam by the local Ku Klux Klan.  The very location indicated a message that Reagan was sending to his white conservative audience.  He chose a significant place where the empirical history of White Supremacy reigned.  In his speech he wasted no time in mentioning ‘welfare reform.  He continued to wax eager the virtues of ‘states rights.’  

I believe in state’s rights; I believe in people doing as much as they can for themselves at the community level and at the private level. And I believe that we’ve distorted the balance of our government today by giving powers that were never intended in the constitution to that federal establishment. And if I do get the job I’m looking for, I’m going to devote myself to trying to reorder those priorities and to restore to the states and local communities those functions which properly belong there. – Ronald Reagan 1980

States Rights/Decoded = A reference dating back to the conflict of the Civil War between the Union and the Confederate.  The Confederate believed it was the rights of states to decide whether they wanted to own slaves and endorse slavery as an institution.  Southerners who preferred slavery, and subsequently Jim Crow and segregation laws believe the federal government overstepped it’s bounds in undermining what they feel were their ‘states rights.’

Welfare Reform/DecodedA term directed towards poor or middle class whites intended to focus them on poor minorities.  Its purpose is to describe said minorities as ‘takers,’ who are lazy, unmotivated and unproductive while draining the economy, thus making it harder on white people, who are in turn hard workers.  It says nothing of the statistics regarding the percentages of actual welfare recipients.  It only assumes minorities, specifically black folk are the takers.  It’s also limited to individuals, not taking into account any corporations or corporate executives who may benefit from government ‘subsidies.’ The difference in the words ‘subsidies’ vs ‘welfare’ directly determines the response of the hearer. 

Over the last 35 years or so, the dog-whistle style worked pretty well.  Nixon, Reagan, Bushes 1 & 2, and even Clinton benefited from using coded language to project a narrative.  But something happened when Barack Obama became a serious candidate for president.  Coded language slowly began to give way to a more bold and ballistic approach as White anger and fear that the person who would become the face and symbol of leadership in these United States of America could be a black male.


One of the first series of racially motivated attacks was the so called ‘birther movement’s’ questioning of Obama’s status as a United States citizen.  Many Whites including now GOP front runner Donald Trump riled that Obama was born in Kenya, East Africa as opposed to Hawaii.  Trump went on to say that he had investigators in Hawaii that would prove conclusively that Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii.  Hillary Clinton’s supporters jumped in as well questioning the origin of Obama’s citizenship.  In spite of there never being such evidence presented by Trump, so many White Americans latched on to the conspiracy theory, that it became a thing; so much of a thing that eventually the White House released a copy of the ‘long form’ certificate.  This would not satisfy those who were set on believing that since the day of his birth Barack Obama was raised from birth to infiltrate the White House, take White people’s guns and make America a Muslim state, overturn the constitution and replace it with Sharia Law.  That brings us to our next conspiracy theory; which is that Obama is not a Christian.

In spite of 2016 being the last year of the second term of the Obama presidency, 43% of Whites still believe that Obama is a Muslim. This despite all of the evidence that supports the opposite.  The Obama’s were members of Trinity United Church of Christ for years.  They were married there, and both of their children were baptized at Trinity as well.  Despite that fact that there is no way in hell in 2016 that Obama could possibly hide a Muslim connection, (past or present) this suspension of reality for these White naysayers are simply ways to ostracize Obama to a group that they despise and are afraid of.  They cannot embrace Obama’s Christian faith without embracing him as their spiritual brother.  To continue the lie that he is something other than a Christian, gives them a self deceiving legitimacy in not taking him seriously, rather dismissing every word from his mouth, his authority and even his presence.  No other president or presidential candidate has ever had his/her faith questioned.  Is Christianity even a question now among any of the candidates?

During the McCain/Palin campaign the racial overtones became more and more emboldened.  Palin spoke divisively accusing Obama not being an American, like the White crowds in her audience. She linked Obama with terrorists.  The crowd in turn shouted epitaphs such as, ‘terrorist, off with his head, and kill him!”   It got so ugly and threatening that even McCain himself tried to temper the racial rhetoric by defending Obama as a ‘decent person, a decent family man and a citizen,’ the crowd booed him.  McCain tried to reason with the crowd and get the focus on Obama’s views as opposed to his race.  “We want to fight, and I will fight,” McCain said. “But I will be respectful. I admire Sen. Obama and his accomplishments, and I will respect him. I don’t mean that has to reduce your ferocity, I just mean to say you have to be respectful.”  McCain was booed again.  What, respect a black man who has the audacity to think he can be OUR president?

Once it became apparent that Obama did indeed win the election and was going to be sworn in.  The rage was real and lay bare expressed through cable news channels.  Critics like Rudy Giuliani became one of the go to guys for disparaging anything Obama.  No matter what the issue was or what The President said or did.  Echoing the voices of White rage the GOP took note to follow the script of de-legitimizing Obama.  The racial rhetoric was starting to become less coded.  The utter disdain utterly vicereal.  Here is a round robin list of just a few examples.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell“The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”  2008

South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson“YOU LIE!”  * Shouted during the middle of Obama’s first State of the Union Address.  2009

Newt Gingrich“President Barack Obama deserves to be called, ‘the most successful food stamp president in American history,’ because “47 million Americans are on food stamps.”  2012 *The food stamp reference feeds into the notion that Reagan fed into during his election that black folk were the major recipients of government assistance were poor black people.  This made white people resentful of their own perceived lack of success.  The poor people are takers.  The takers are black.  This despite that fact that when Gingrich made this statement in 2010, only 8 percent received cash welfare, while 30 percent had earnings.  Nearly half of food-stamp beneficiaries are children under 18, and about 8 percent are elderly. About 34 percent of beneficiaries are white, 22 percent are black, 17 percent Hispanic, 7 percent Asian or Native American, and 20 percent “race unknown.”  Gingrich knew that his audience would interpret the myth of who welfare recipients are.  The face of welfare is a black face.


After initially saying she would not meet President Obama at the airport, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer met The President with a never seen before confrontational finger to the face!

47 Republican senators committed treason against the United States by sending a letter to Iran intending to hinder Obama’s negotiations with Iran regarding a nuclear arms agreement.   2015

None of these extraordinary examples were credited to Obama’s color according to his White detractors.  Even the mantra of, ‘take our country back’ was said to be benignly focused on politics. Instead, any mention of race at all was turned on Obama’s head as being the racist.  Ben Stein called Obama, “The most racist president in American history.”  This despite the fact that previous presidents owned slaves, supported Jim Crow laws and had ties to the KKK.  Anytime Obama mentioned racial injustices such as the killing of unarmed Trayvon Martin, and the subsequent acquittal of George Zimmerman, he was accused of stirring up racial animus.  If he showed empathy to anything black, he was accused of favoring Blacks.  The irony is, that when Obama acknowledged the dog-whistle style of criticism himself, saying, they (Republicans) are trying to scare you because I don’t look like the other presidents on the dollar bill,” he was accused of playing the race card.  In other words, it was perfectly acceptable for whites to infer to Obama as the Food Stamp president.  They could say, “let’s take America back,” as if he stole it and hid the nation in a crack house somewhere.  They could freely claim all day long that race had absolutely nothing to do with their choice of words.  And yet for him to mention race at all in a fashion that didn’t denigrate black people made him a racist himself, and therefore a threat to White people.

Now we have come full circle.  The conundrum that the GOP face today is that those racial undertones and sub-tweets of rhetoric have come home to roost.  What Donald Trump says openly is what the GOP has established itself on in code that Atwater so eloquently spoke of.  Though Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and others have tried to separate themselves from the niggerization of Trump’s politics.  But they can’t escape the liable they are responsible for.  Rafael Cruz, Ted Cruz’s father is responsible for some of the most racially charged diatribes on record.  As Cruz ran for the Senate in 2012, he said, “We need to send Barack Obama back to Chicago. Back to Kenya.”  Ask Ted Cruz, or any other republican if his father’s statements have anything to do with race. Trump would not only acknowledge the obvious, he’s encouraging the white rage by asking his crowds to beat up black people at his rallys.  Law enforcement authorities are arresting the assaulted instead of the ones committing these assaults on national television.  Its to the point now, that as D.L. Hughley said, “If Trump says the N-Word, he going to be president tomorrow.”  Michael Eric Dyson noted that if LBJ’s motto was, ‘The Buck Stops Here,’ For the mainstream GOP the mantra has been for Obama, ‘The Buck Must Be Stopped.’

The GOP would like to make you believe this poisonous racial environment and Trump’s political success isn’t on them.  But it absolutely is.

Memo to those:

When you called Obama weak, while he is out here killing Bin Laden, as well as other key figures in Al Qaeda and ISIS.  You are ungratefully biting the hand that has kept you safe.

When you say that other nations don’t respect us.  What you are really saying is that YOU don’t respect the president.

When you say he is a con man, you are saying he doesn’t act like your stereotypical image of what a nigger is.  (And that he is smarter than you! For his accomplishments have surpassed yours by leaps and bounds)   Those who haven’t had ONE good word to say about this president, in 7 years is fooling no one but themselves.

The birth of Trump is merely the product from 7 years of racially ejaculatory motivated hate.  Quoting Michael Jackson is not appropriate.  The the kid is definitely your son!


Trump v Jesus – An Interview with The Bunion

Recently Donald Trump made headlines with comments he made about Pope Francis.  Francis made references to Trump’s stance on immigration as relating to Christianity, and Trump went in as he usually does;  full of bravado and insults.

With that we were excited as we already had an interview set up with ‘The Donald.” Intrigued at his ferocious attack on The Pope, we scrapped our previous agenda on discussing foreign policy and the economy.  Instead we wanted to ask his opinions on another revered religious figure, Jesus Christ Himself.  As usual, he was enthusiastic to voice his opinion.  Enjoy the transcripts.

The Bunion: Thank you for coming Mr. Trump.  Let’s get to the point.  The Pope challenged your views on immigration which sparked a debate.  What do you think Jesus would have to say about the tiff between the two of you?

Trump: Listen, I know Jesus.  He’s been an awesome messiah.   This is in spite of the salacious circumstances surrounding his birth.  I mean, who does he think we are buying this fantasy about a virgin birth?  I mean is he kidding or what?  

The Bunion: Wait a minute…

Trump:  I have people in Jerusalem right now who have proof that Mary was not impregnated by a spook, (though I love black people) or a ghost for that matter.  Joseph was under pressure and he owed some debts so he had to get in line and support the conspiracy.  I’ll be revealing the results of my very comprehensive investigation soon.  It’s going to be amazing when you see what I’ve uncovered.  But Jesus is a wonderful guy!  I’m just saying we should all seek to know the truth!   It should be noted that he himself had many advantages that I didn’t have.  As you know I started with only a million dollars.  Jesus had three wise men.  I don’t know about you but where I come from, the Italians associate ‘wise men’ with the Mafia!  Well anyway it appears they gave him more than some fragrances if you know what I mean!?  No wonder he’s held power for so long right?  The Pope is afraid to side with The Donald. Because he knows he could have a leg or an arm broken, or worse end up swimming with the fishes in the Dead Sea.  However, if Francis or whatever his name is apologizes, I will forgive him and offer him my protection.  I’m talking about better protection than Farrakhan is providing for Beyonce!



The Bunion: Wow.  Ok.  Well, Jesus did perform miracles.  You do know that right Don?  Have you preformed any miracles?

Trump: You mean that turning water into wine thing?  That was a bootlegging operation.  I told you that Jew was connected.  But I’m not judging.  I love the Jews.  The Jews have been very good to me! 

The Bunion: But Mr. Trump, the disciples never mentioned a word about Mafia connections.  The books in the bible, specifically the gospels in the New Testament all maintain that miracles happened. Not just the ‘water into wine’, I’m talking about healing the sicks and casting out demons.  Are you disputing all of that?

Trump: I’m glad you asked that question!  Let’s talk about the ‘disciples.’  They were thugs and criminals.  You do recall when that Peter guy chopped off the ear of one of Jesus’ detractors.  Sounds like criminal behavior to me!  These guys were a rag tag group who terrorized everywhere they went.  If you read ‘One Two, or Three Hezekiah, you would know that.  But that’s OK.  I’m here to teach you.  The government was able to turn a states witness against him… Judas.  But he was also mysteriously murdered before he could testify!  Still, I think they all turned on Jesus because last I saw, they weren’t around when he was crucified.  Now listen, how can you be a winner if you are hanging from a tree with nails in your hands and feet?  People get excited about Jesus being crucified for their sins.   I don’t know about the rest of America, but I admire messiahs who don’t crucified!  Elect me for president.  I’m telling you right now I will not be crucified.  Crucifixion is for losers!  I am a winner!  

The Bunion:  Are you sure you want this on the record Mr. Trump?  There are many Christians out there who may take offense to what you are saying here.

Trump:  I’m only telling you what I know to be true.  Not to speak ill of the dead.  But if Jesus is alive, then surely Fox News, CNN or your magazine can get an interview or a recent photo.  I don’t mean a painting.  I mean Jesus standing next to a Toyota on Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles.  He probably would drive a Toyota right?  Whatever. He’s dead that’s my point.  I’m alive and I’ll never die.  Dying is for losers.  I am a winner.  My disciples are loyal!  Vote for me, Donald J Trump and America is going to be winning so much, The Pope will gladly beg to offer his robe and his sceptor just to have a meeting with me in the Oval Office.  

Editors Notes:

****Since this interview, a new poll shows that support among Christians for Trump has risen 18%.



Next Week: We are interviewing Ben Carson and Clarence Thomas.  Carson will discuss his blackness and Thomas will discuss…

Don’t Cry for Him Judge Scalia? Conversations and Conflicts of a Judicial Tyrant

Sitting at my computer I got a notification on my phone.  I opened it and said, “Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Found Dead in His Home.”  The moment was surreal.  Kind of like the moment I learned Natalie Cole had died.  For me it just came out of nowhere.  Mouth wide opened I took my phone to where my wife was sitting and just showed her the screen.  She hesitated as well with a look of, “like for real?”  

The next thing I told her that as the members of the GOP find out what we just learned, they will be scrambling as hard as they ever have in order to come up with a talking point about the open position on the court that President Obama has 11 months to fill.  “Make no mistake.  There are emergency meetings and conference calls being set up we sit here to orchestrate a plan.  For them the timing couldn’t be worse.  They are going to block whomever he nominates.

Within minutes my wife and I went to dinner.  By the time we started to eat I saw that Mitch McConnell had demanded that the POTUS not nominate anyone in Scalia’s seat and that if he did, they would block the nomination.  By the time the GOP debate in South Carolina began, the message had been repeated a thousand times.  I started posting my own views on social media.

You know how after every mass shooting republicans never want to talk about gun control?  They say things like, “We haven’t even had the funerals yet and here you are trying to politicize this tragic experience.”  It’s not like they ever want to talk about it regardless of how much time goes by.  But I digress.  I expressed that the man’s body isn’t even cold yet and here they are politicizing his death.  I expressed that right wing conservatives don’t care anything about Scalia.  They only care about what he stood for and what he represented.  They cared that he reinforced their beliefs and helped solidify laws that crushed black people, poor people, gay people, and women.  Their court appointed ace in the hole, their god who brought vengeance on anything that wasn’t rich, Christian and Caucasian was suddenly and without warning taken.  And now just a few hours from him being put in a morgue, the right wing establishment is devouring their god like he’s high priced steak and lobster.

In the midst of this I became fascinated with my own response to finding out Scalia was dead.  Unlike Natalie Cole death, I wasn’t at all sad.  I felt some kind of joy about it.  I’ve had a secret list of 3 people who I’ve said to myself, ” I won’t wish death upon them.  But if they die, I won’t be mad.”  Scalia happened to be on that list.  And no I won’t write the others.  98% of me rejoiced that this tyrant of a man won’t be able to ruin anymore lives, or do any more damage than he’s done beyond previous judgments that the rest of us will have to live with.  2% of me felt kinda bad for the 98%.  Because I am a person who is full of love and compassion, it seemed a tad bit unsettling that I rejoiced.  I could never see Scalia, a man who loved himself perhaps more than any other Supreme Court judge in history actually retiring.  Death was the only way out.


As I posted short commentaries on Scalia’s court decisions and the GOP’s hateful responses to Obama’s presidency once again, I waited for reactions from people who may agree or disagree with my observations and opinions.  I wondered especially if any of my African-American friends were experiencing the same inward duality that I was.  Black folk in general are raised not to celebrate ones death.  No matter how evil that person is or was.  My guess is that’s related our faith and history in Christianity. It hasn’t been often in my lifetime that a significant oppressive figure had passed on.  I know well the history of assassinations against progressives.  I know of state sponsored murders of people who fought for freedom for me and those who look like me. But when was the last time a figure whose name is so polarizing for black people been so suddenly and permanently removed… even naturally?

I sent text messages to a few friends of mine.  “Dude, Scalia is dead!”  One wrote back, “I see.  Sad.” I responded,  “Sad for who? Not us!”  He responded that loss of live is loss of life.  He did not agree with Scalia judicially or politically.  We exchanged a few more sentences and phrases.  But one of the things I mentioned is that if I did not grieve for Osama Bin Laden when he met his end, how could I grieve a man who has spent his life’s work attempting to destroy every piece of equality and progress we’ve fought to achieve?  It was only a couple months ago when Scalia said in open court that black people needed to go to lesser and slower schools because we were too stupid to function in the ‘big ones.’

As custom, it’s natural to speak good of any figure who holds such a prestigious position.  People have described him as brilliant, colorful, a legal giant.  I wouldn’t use those words.  But I’m not the only one.

Tim Wise put it this way: While I revel in the death of no one, I cannot abide the hagiographic nonsense that is presently being offered by persons across the spectrum about how Scalia was “passionate” and brilliant, ad infinitum. There is nothing brilliant about putrescence, nothing insightful and worthwhile about venality posing as insight. To say that there is nothing unconstitutional about executing innocent people (as he did in fact say), or that it’s OK to imprison persons for “gay sex,” among other things, is never the work of a genius no matter the big words and poetic flair with which they might say it. Those opinions are evil, vile and worthy of utter derision. They are not the work of a genius, but a fetid little man whose moral calibration slouched towards those of Torquemada and the Inquisitors. I feel for his family and mourn their personal loss. And that is the extent of my mourning, as it is the only type of which one such as this is deserving.

More on Scalia’s legacy in this link:

Perhaps some may think my Bin Laden comparison was a stretch.  Though I could argue judicial terrorism on blacks, women, gays and poor people, I can bring it closer to home.  If I lived during The Civil War, would I mourn the death of Robert E. Lee?  How about Jefferson Davis?  These people fought to keep my people in bondage.  If Scalia had the wherewith while he was here, whose to say he wouldn’t bring back slavery?  I can easily see him saying, “If the Founding Fathers wanted slavery to end, they would have indicated this in the text.  Since they didn’t, I don’t see anything unconstitutional about it remaining in tact.”


I discussed some of this on social media with a very well respected minister Traci Blackmon.  She is as progressive and courageous as Christians go.  She expressed via her Facebook page; “Tonight I offer prayers for the family of Justice Scalia. He was not a friend to me or my people. But he is still God’s child.”   As I write this it has 430 likes.  Some talked about his children and the devastation they must be feeling.  Others were less than sympathetic.  One person’s response in particular touched on my earlier thoughts:  “Yes I know. I felt guilty and unChristian like to have no sadness in his passing, almost a glimmer of happiness. I checked myself and voiced it. But there it is.”  Another responded, “What an example of God’s grace. Thank you for helping me check my own internal feelings. I did not wish him ill, but I am delighted he’s no longer on the bench. I pray that our next justice will have more compassion and understanding.”

Ahhh see where I’m coming from? What is to say the original sentiments were wrong?  Is it possible that it’s natural to delight in the death of your oppressor and not at all unrighteous?  If it is righteous, would I care to pray for the family now that he’s dead?  Does it matter what his family thought of his work?  Did the Jews say prayers for Adolph Hitler’s family members after he died? Did my Christian parents and grandparents believe it properly pious to pray for the family of Alabama Governor George Wallace after he died?  I understand that THEY were not the ones siccing vicious attack dogs on us and spraying us with water hoses while authorizing police to savagely beat us in the public streets.

Where exactly is the line of demarcation?  As I told Traci, I just don’t know.  Proverbs 11:10 says, When the righteous prosper, the city rejoices; when the wicked perish, there are shouts of joy.

Regardless, I know what the right wing establishment feel.  Not only will they hold Scalia up as a hero of epic proportions, they want to do everything in their power to replace him with one just like him if not worse.  Someone who hates me, my wife, my mother, my kids, my grand kids. Hoping and praying that this doesn’t happen is not something I am conflicted about at all.

SCOTUS Blog on Recess Appointments to the Supreme Court



Please Obama, Say NO to “The Diva” William!


It was only recently during the campaign that William “The Diva” Jefferson Clinton was going Joe Traderman Lieberman and dogging the soon to be President Elect every chance he got.  Not just during the primary when his wife was running for her own piece of history.  (That was understandable.)  But once the primaries past,  The Diva was bitter and all but campaigned for John McCain.  He was going around calling McCain a “great man” but wouldn’t even say Barack’s name. 

Now he’s all on Obama’s nuts-sack trying to get put on like Bonita Applebaum for some “Super Ambassador” role.  What the hell is a Super Ambassador?  Is that like Superman Lover or a Super Delegate?  Just some shit he made up to gloss himself once again and get under Obama’s “spotlight.”  (Somebody get this fool a copy of Jennifer’s CD)

The Ultimate Collection

Anyway – The President Elect already made Hillary Sec of State.  I think he’s given the Clinton’s enough bones to play with and if The Diva is left to do his speaking engagements and collect cheddar from the world’s leading crooks for his “charities,” then go right ahead.  Don’t be trying to get all up in the Kool-Aid now!  Ya HATER!


Charlie Bubba Speaks: On Obama, Bailouts and Admin Picks

“You know I keeps a private jet!”  – Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.

My East St. Louis Flyers football team is going to State!  They beat Glynn Ellyn (Chicago) 27-20 to advance to the title game to be played on Saturday, November 29th in Champaign, Illinois.  

The buzz about town is all about the team and when I went to the local pub last night I ran into my man Charlie Bubba.  I hadn’t seen “The Ghetto Philosopher/Anderson Cooper” of the hood since before the election.  It was time to get caught up on what he thought about the election and what was ahead for the nation.  Per tradition I had the bartender hit Bubba with his drink of choice.  From there, once again it was on.

We did it nigga!  What can I say?  Fouth of July will never be the same at the White House huh?  (laughing) I had to admit a nigga teared up a bit on election night.  Man the shit was unbelievable.  White folks was quiet as a motherfucker!  Went to work and they asses wasn’t sayin shit – like it was an ordinary day!  I was like ‘fuck it.’  They know.  I fucked with them though.  I was at work doing my thang, emptying the trash buckets and shit and walked in on a group of white folks in a meeting and said, “What cha’ll doing here?”‘ ‘ Ya’ll didn’t hear the announcement? ‘  Them white boys in the ties was like, ‘What announcement?’  I said, ‘Obama said all white people report to the cotton fields for orientation!’  (Cracking himself up)

“I heard that joke.” I told Bubba. 

On the real though – Charlie Bubba thinks Barack’s ass got a shit-load of mess to deal with.  Can’t get no worse.  First thang they got to do is get this corporate welfare under control!  You know that shit they call the bailout?  I mean damn!  Every company in the nation is crying for dollars!  But these Detroit motherfuckers pull up in a goddamn private jet to the fucking District to ask for some cheddar!  Is that shit gangsta or what?  I mean that takes some BALLS!  I guess first class wasn’t going to get it for these mafia ass niggas.  And the killa part is C, if they give these niggas the loot, hell you see how they rolling now.  Is that money going to help the company or their asses?  Shiiiiiit.  They saw this shit coming a long time ago and didn’t do shit about it.  I say fuck’em!  Cause as we know, they won’t put the money where it really needs to go!  And while ya at it, them union motherfuckers need to stand down too.  Them 70 dollar an hour screwing a bolt on the assembly line gangster ass mother fuckers need to back the fuck up too.  I mean damn!  The fucking gravy train is over.  They can’t pay the retired motherfuckers for paying their asses.  They need to come together and work shit out.  But I just can’t see it happening.  Either way the little man is going to get dropped off.  Jobs are going to be lost regardless.  Watch!

Chrysler CEO Robert Nardelli, left, and Ford CEO Alan Mulally testify on Capitol Hill on Wednesday.

What about Obama’s cabinet picks? 

I mean so far so good.  Nigga’s got some diversity up in the spot!  I like Rahm, he can be the bad guy to Obama’s good guy.  Mona Sutphen for Deputy Chief.  Holden for AG.  I like it.  I see he’s trying to throw Hillary a bone… hell a big fat ass bone.  But dammit that fucking Bill just can’t stay in his shoes!  I guarantee you he’s gonna fuck with Obama one way or the other for the duration.   I mean if any man has ever been a diva it’s William!  And it’s like damn, Obama’s trying to get her ass in there for a sweet power position – but William is just a major hater!  His hustle is his foundation, and he’s got too many connections around the globe with unscrupulous motherfuckers.  AND he still thinks he’s the fuckin president.  He hates Obama I’m telling you.  And he’s always gone try to outshine a nigga one way or the other.  So Obama is caught in the middle. 

In spite of all the critical things Bubba had to say about the current events.  He smiled at me.  It was a certain smile, a proud smile and I couldn’t figure out what it was for. 

“What man?”

I’m just saying C.  The cool ass thing about an Obama presidency is that he won’t let shit be all on him.  He’s gonna go old school Kennedy.  You know.. ask not what the country can do for you shit.  He’s gonna ask us citizens to do shit too to contribute to the national welfare.  And I can dig that shit.   I’m ready to contribute.  Hell I may even stop drinking…. some.  I mean damn you can only ask a nigga for so much! 

With that I slapped Bubba a five and started to walk out the door. 

Hey nigga… wait!  You goin to the game?  Pick a nigga up!  We going to State baby!

I gotcha Chuck! 

Charlie Bubba on Politics & The Economy

I was on the East Side recently watching Flyers football – And afterwards I decided to stop in one of the local watering holes for a draft.  Low and behold I walk into my main man Charlie Bubba.  Some of you may remember Charlie “The Ghetto Philosopher” from the last time he appeared on these post.  He has a way of keeping it real.  You won’t catch this cat on CNN, but he’s like the Anderson Cooper of the hood.

I sat next to Charlie at the bar, gave him some dap and after catching up on things in the hood, and the Flyers’ chances to win state this year, I asked him about his take on the economy and the presidential campaigns with less than a month to go before the election.  He shot me a look as if to remind me that old playa’s theme tag that the game is to be sold not told.  I was with it – so I told the bartender to pour Charlie’s favorite on me.  I then pulled out my recorder.  With that, he smiled and started to speak:

Come on C!  Shit is fuuuuucked up.  What you been under a rock?  Let me get to the funny shit first.  I mean the shit that cracks me the hell up.  First look at the welfare package they just passed… that 700 billion welfare package they passed for rich motherfuckers.  First they sell that shit to the public as if it was going to save the country.  And if they didn’t pass it, it would doom the country.  No sooner than they pass it – the Dow falls like ho panties!  I mean what the fuuuuuk?  Then them niggas is sayin’ “Oh shit ain’t gone be fixed off the top – we are still dealing with major challenges and shit with the economy – blah blah blah.”  Them White Niggas in Washington got to be the baddest pimps ever.  Then I find out that them Niggas at AIG who already got billions in welfare, got a piece of the new welfare too – double dippin and shit.  And no sooner than they got the first government check, instead of fixing shit so niggas can work and feed their families – they asses is up in a hotel spending 440 Large for some spa and shit.  Over 23 large for ‘spa treatments.’ Yea.. spa my ass.  They were in the spa alright – if spa means getting fuckin and getting their dicks sucked by some high priced hoes.  I’m telling you now… if Charlie Bubba spend 440 large somebody gone be sucking my dick till it fall off… ya dig.  This sounds like some Eliot Spitzer shit to me!  Now why them Niggas ain’t fired or in jail?  I call that shit welfare abuse.  Don’t let Tamika get aid and buy a beer and some cigarettes to calm her nerves at the end of the week… white folks would be losing their fucking minds.   I saw the debate the other night.. bailout, rescue – whatever the fuck they want to call it – The shit is WELFARE and now WELFARE ABUSE!  Them niggas ain’t slick – hell, game recognize game C. 

I shook my head cause I couldn’t disagree with Bubba – in spite of his language he seemed to have the heartbeat of the situation.  I followed up, “So do you think the election will change things?”

Shiiiit playa I don’t know.  I mean shit remains to be seen ya dig.  Some historical game being played and we ain’t never been here before.  I do know this.. McCain crusty ass is getting on my fuckin nerves. His ass look like he should run for president of Bedrock!  And that lipstick pit-bull bitch is too.   You see they invoking the south and shit in their speeches… got honkeys riled up talking about Obama’s middle name… honkeys yelling ‘kill him,’  ‘off with his head’, and all this crazy shit, and they ain’t saying nothing about it.  When all else fails just play to racial hate.  Even Cindy’s ass got in on the act.  One minute the campaign is saying kids are a private matter, next she’s trying to put Obama on blast for not “funding her son” in the war.  Shit!  That bitch got enough money to fund the whole fuckin military – who is SHE kidding?  Sell one of them 9 houses!  And on a side note… where is that nigga Bill Clinton at?  Bitch ass nigga can’t support a black man… can’t even say his name.   Him and his wife can kiss my ass cause their Little Rock asses is AOL.  I’m digressing though.

On paper McCainasaurus Rex shouldn’t even be in the race.  Only ignorance and racist Dixie whistling motherfuckers is keeping him in the game.  Maybe the young folks can outnumber them bigots… Niggas need to get their asses out to the polls… cause if you think the shit was scandalous in 2000 and 2004, wait till we see what them right wing fuckers pull out their asses this November son!  …. You registered nigga?

Come on CB you know this?  Since I was 18!

Alright then… get to the polls early.  Bring and ID and don’t be wearing no Obama T-Shirt either.   As a matter of fact, say your voting for the old fart and then do the opposite.

After that Charlie bought my next beer and I just sat there thinking about what he was saying.  I could see all the dimensions of his aged face.  Hope, fear, anticipation, all of the things an older guy like him has seen over the years.  Charlie Bubba marched with King.  He lived in Birmingham.  He knows what’s at stake here.  I just hope that most Americans do too – and that they will do what’s right come November 4. 

Divided He Falls – If Obama Picks Hillary!

I find it ironic that my main main and fellow blogger R. Fitzgerald aka The Rich House in his series of breaking down the 48 Laws of Power would choose to use the one regarding never putting too much trust in friends and learning to use enemies in his latest entry.  Robert Green’s bestseller detailing how to gain and maintain advantages in life is a great manuscript and it’s theories are a proven way of success.  However, every rule has its exceptions.  Wisdom is knowing how to balance a good theory and when to turn it on it’s head when appropriate.  Such is the case of Barack Obama as he ponders his choice of a running mate for the upcoming presidential election in November. 

With a relatively close campaign between he and Senator Hillary Clinton people have spoken for months of a so called “dream team’ should the two combine campaigns for a run at the White House.  Clinton certainly has her supporters and she won enough states to garner a level of respect.  Her constituency range from the Caucasian, African-American, and Latino community respectively.  The Clintons made a lot of friends of the Democratic persuasion over the decade of the 90s, and Hillary proved to be a leader who can gather consensus.  Perhaps on paper it could have worked.  An African-American male and a Caucasian woman creating history together to promote positive change for a nation that desperately needs it.  However, I must say that Hillary Clinton as Vice President would be a disaster for Senator Obama’s campaign and certainly his potential administration.  Since this isn’t the New York Times or some other “official” news source I can afford to keep it real.  And I will. 

Lets start with Clinton’s speech on Tuesday night.  After losing the battle for the Michigan and Florida delegates over the weekend and a not so dominating result in the Puerto Rico primary, Obama gained the necessary delegates to become the presumptive nominee with the Montana and South Dakota primary results.  I recall Senator Clinton saying on many occasions that if she were not the nominee, she would put her full support behind Senator Obama and unify the Democratic party.  On Tuesday night many Dems fully expected her to start that very process by steering her supporters to Senator Obama in a concession speech.  Instead she showed her ass once again as being a defiant and “deranged narcissist” as one commentator on CNN stated.  The race is over!  But instead of keeping her promise to unite the party, she gave Obama warmed over generic praise and tooted her own horn by continuing to try her case as to why she should have won.  Earlier in the day she was floating out her interest to be VP on Obama’s ticket.  And while on paper that ticket had its attractive features prior, Hillary’s words and actions only proves that she would be a cancer to an Obama campaign and especially his potential administration.  Despite her previous speeches of her desire to fight for Americans who have not had the platform they needed the past eight years, her speech on Tuesday night proves once and for all that Hillary Clinton is for Hillary Clinton.  Her desire to be VP is only a last minute ploy to get a piece of the action. 

Lets me make it plain.  Despite losing, the Clintons and their supporters are trying to gangster their way into the White House by forcing themselves down Obama’s throat.  Her lack of concession and posturing in asking her supporters give her advice via her website is a sad and desperate attempt to headlock Obama into taking her through the Denver convention.  Her position to Obama is basically, “I have a following and you need me to deliver them if you want to be president.”  Some commentators talked of her trying to cement a legacy for her and Bill by gaining themselves one more go at the nation’s biggest political stage.  That sounds accurate to me.  That being the case we need not hear anymore from Hillary about her fighting for the needs of the nation.  Instead she is fighting for a place for her and her husband seeing as though she felt the presidency was her birthright in the first place.  Something needs to happen soon to end this foolishness.  Its getting out of hand with guys like Bob Johnson formally of BET writing letters to the CBC and making TV appearances to press Obama to accept Hillary.  Obama cannot afford to fall for these extorted power move by the Clintons. 

The truth is that while Hillary could be of great help were she able to make like a good soldier and fall in line with the voter’s desires and the rules of her party, her divisiveness only shows that if she were to be the VP she would only be interested in having a separate administration that would be in constant conflict with that of Obama’s.  Its plain that she and Bill would undermine everything they feel would not benefit their own need to gain recognition and power.  It can be clearly forcasted that an Obama/Clinton administration would be two administrations – one with Obama’s crew and one with Bill and Hillary’s in constant conflict for power and position.  For the first African-American president – this would be an awful thing because as Commander In Chief the buck is going to stop with him, perhaps more than with any other president in history.  Everything that goes wrong is going to fall on his shoulders.  To have a successful administration there has to be leadership across the board, but there can only be ONE leader.  One Chief!  Bill and Hillary are not humble enough to be Indians.  And her words on Tuesday night placing her voters on the table as bargaining chips proved so emphatically.  

Supposedly Clinton is supposed to concede tomorrow and throw her hat in with Obama.  People will be watching her tone to see if she can pull off the Oscar in convincing her loyal followers that she is indeed sincere.  Honestly, I don’t see her doing it with the enthusiasm needed to fully unify the party for the run at John McCain and the Republican Party looking to exploit any and all weaknesses.   

Meanwhile,  Hillary can blame herself for her own blunders and mistakes during this campaign.  For one she is still “sleeping” on Obama by continuing to underestimate his appeal and message to the nation.   Two, she continues to overestimate her own level of importance.  The Clintons may have some juice but the Democratic party is tiring of her self-appointed grandstanding.  They may indeed have to show her that neither she nor her husband is bigger than the party itself.  If necessary the leadership under Howard Dean will throw them under the bus before losing this election in November.  Her extortion play on Tuesday night was the last straw I’m sure.  And what will the Clintons do if Obama doesn’t pick her anyway?  Join John McCain?  Continue to travel the nation as solo artist?  That would be political suicide even for them. 

Clearly the Clintons have no respect for Obama and that is part of their ongoing problem – part of the reason she lost in the first place.  Its the same reason that McCain is going to lose in November.  He too underestimates Obama by summing him up to being merely a great speaker with no experience.  As if McCain has a lot of experience himself – as if George W. Bush had a lot of experience going in. 

Senator Obama was extremely gracious and classy in his praise of Hillary Clinton.  He’s a better man than me.  His poise is rather presidential and if anything this proves that is indeed willing and capable of working with anyone in a bi-partisan fashion.  Just as Jackie Robinson had the courage to perform under pressure while simultaneously standing above foolishness and stupidity, Obama has the courage and conviction to hold his tongue and know when to let folly slide when necessary.

One thing is for sure.  So far the Obama team has proved remarkably sharp in handling all things necessary for winning the White House.  They ran a great primary campaign by having a consistent message.  They raised and managed money equally in ways not seen before.  And they have handled adversity with class and dignity.  Therefore I am confident that they will not fall for the “okeedoke” with regards to the pressure put on by the Clintons and their regegade inner circle. 

Hillary Out of Line?

Keith Olberman sure does think so and he made some strong points in saying why.  Senator Clinton’s supporters often tout her brilliant mind and fighting spirit while her detractors have called her polarizing.  Even still some observers believe she is desperate.  I happen to believe she posesses all of these characteristics.  Polarization and desperation may be overshadowing her other qualities.   If she used her words to plant the seeds that many like Olberman believe, this would only prove my personal belief that she would do anythig – and i do mean ANYTHING to be president – which is percisely why she should not be president.