Thanksgiving Sports Edition

Most of us can find something to be thankful for this time of year.  I enjoy watching sports and when I woke up this morning I started to think what if some of the more talked about sports figures in the nation needed some help in realizing what they should be thankful for.  So just in case they wonder, here it goes: 

NBA Edition: 

Chris Bosh should be thankful that his contract in Toronto expired at just the right time.  And that NBA GMs bought the hype that he was an important free agent pick up along the lines of James and Stoudemire.  Before his exposure as a soft pancake like small forward posing as a shooting guard, before Pat Riley found out that Bosh wanted to ‘chill’, he was able to ink the contract of a lifetime and live in the tax free state of Florida.   That is definitely an improvement from merely being Shaq’s Rupaul.

Joe Johnson should be thankful too that the Atlanta Hawks went old school Yankees and bid against themselves in giving him a max contract.  At least he knows how to act with it. 

Carlos Boozer is thankful that the Bulls are not pushing too hard to figure out how he really got hurt. 

The Washington Wizards: For John Wall.  How many rookies can do the Dougie for 20 minutes during player introduction AND put up a triple-double on the same night?

Donald Sterling for leasing  Blake Griffin for a few years:  Blake’s Shawn Kemp like athletically styled freaky destroy the rim dunks will definitely sell a few more season tickets for the Clippers.  Sterling can buy more real estate in Beverly Hills where he can discriminate against African-American would be tenants before Blake leaves the team that serves as the unofficial bitches of the Lakers.  Maybe he will even become a Laker! 

The City of Cleveland: Lebron is fool’s gold.  Now that he has taken his talents to South Beach, I guess the South and the Beach have affected his stamina as he’s already gone on record as wanting less minutes.  Cleveland stood in the spotlight and had the hope and aspirations of Chicago Cub fans in June for several years.  And you had James to thank for that.  He got his taste of free agency.  James is a physical beast with almost unlimited talent.  But his head ain’t right.  It may or may not ever get right.  What you see now is a player more interested in being famous for famous sake, not a winner who will do whatever it takes like a Jim Brown, or Kobe Bryant.  It may take a while, but if Dan Gilbert has the same commitment to the team as he did when James were there, Byron Scott will make sure they play smart and hard every night. 

Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin dunks during the first half of an NBA basketball game against the Detroit Pistons, Friday, Nov. 12, 2010, in Los Angeles.

NFL Edition: 

Vince Young: Thankful that Bud Adams loves him like Arthur Blank used to love Michael Vick.  And that he is willing to put up with his childlike and unprofessional behavior.  I guess if he doesn’t kill any animals or commit any other felonies he may keep that love and even get Jeff Fisher fired.  Adams drinks the Young Kool-Aid like ESPN talking heads drink Favre’s. He’s probably going to get Fisher run like Favre did Chili.  From what I hear, Young is as committed to putting in work during the week like Favre is in the pre-season too.  What similarities. 

Speaking of Favre and Kool-Aid; Favre should be thankful that Roger Goodell is a hypocrite and will not punish him for sexually harassing a former Jets employee including sending her text photos of his junk.  Roger is great at putting the Pac Man Jones’ of the world in check in laying down the law.  But the Old Gunslinger puts tape on his mouth.  Shhhhh!  Listen to that?  What’s that sound?  That’s the sound of silence from the NFL offices in New York.  The NFL cares about the NFL brand, not the players, not integrity.  As long as Favre is starting, you won’t hear anything else regarding Sterger-gate.  David Stern’s frozen envelope from 1985 is screaming conspiracy here! 

Sterger didn’t help her own cred by trying to get paid from it.  Getting paid is nothing I’m against.  But she stalled the NFL offices while trying to broker a hush deal.  That’s not on Goodell however.  He has the information and the self proclaimed sheriff of the shield is showing himself to be nothing more than politician.  

Richard Seymour: That his name is not James Harrison.  He’s going to get that $25 grand out of his chump change purse like Sweet Daddy from Good Times and still get to play on Sunday.  

And finally the City of Philadelphia:  That Jeffery Laurie and Andy Reed didn’t listen to YOU when you didn’t want to allow Michael Vick a second chance.  The listened to McNabb instead and now they have an MVP candidate, a player who can potentially take them to another Super Bowl.  

**Side Notes

The New York Yankees/Derek Jeter situation is getting ugly.  I think a couple things needs to happen.  First, management, especially Hank Steinbrenner need to stop putting their Captain on blast by giving him the, “If you don’t like my offer go get a better one somewhere else,” statement in the press.  That’s just disrespectful and unnecessary.  Jeter for his part needs to either, a) tell his agent to stop comparing him to Babe Ruth at 36, and b) perhaps take a more active role in his own final contract.  He believes he should get paid for ‘services rendered’ and the club believes he should get paid for ‘services currently performed.’  Conventional wisdom says it’s somewhere in between.  Jeter should retire in pinstripes.  And in this negotiation both parties should come away satisfied though not completely happy.  Jeter should get his respect, and the Yanks should not overpay by leaps and bounds if they choose not to this time.  I suppose Jeter wonders why they want to get fiscally conservative all of a sudden.  But The Boss is dead.  Hank is not Vito Corleone or even Michael.  He’s more or less Sonny.

The Weekend in Sports / Quick Hits

Questions to ponder while the Yankees try to put the Phillies away and prove Jimmy Rollins’ 4-1 Philadelphia victory prediction to shame.

Speaking of Jimmy Rollins, has anyone ever seen he and actor Anthony Mackie in the same room at the same time?   I’m just sayin!

Jimmy Rollins by sparklemotion315.

Philadelphia Phillies  Jimmy Rollins

Actor Anthony Mackie


Folk can officially get off of A-Rod’s back.  Dude is balling… not only at the plate but he plays a very underrated third base. 

 Johnny Damon pulls into second base with steal only to find Phils third baseman Pedro Feliz covering the bag, and takes off for third.

Johnny Damon stealing third base after stealing second realizing that no one was covering third was the most heads up play in a big time situation I have ever seen in the game of baseball!  PERIOD!

With the NBA getting through it’s first week here are some comments!


Danny Ainge tried to play all Tony Soprano with  Rajon Rondo.  But he was smart in making sure this guy got his respect and his money!

Look forward to seeing the Saints tonight!

Brett Favre officially got over on the Packers twice.  I give him credit for this; he didn’t mess the games up with turnovers though there were a couple opportunities that Green Bay could not take advantage of.  Favre, like every other game he has played with the Vikings manages the game and is able for the most part to make a big play when he needs to.   Still I can’t give him the props people at ESPN continue to shower him with.  After all, there is still a very good offensive line, Adrian Peterson, my god that rookie from Florida Percy Harvin, (Devin Hester of old) and a pretty good defense to boot making him look very good.  I’ll even be bold enough to say that many of the Packer players and coaches really punked out against the Vikings.  Some of the play calling on defense was especially suspect, and most of the offense triggered by a late wake up call by the offensive lineman took too long to actually play football. 

So while I admit that the Vikings are serious with Favre at the helm because of his big play ability, no way he does what he does without that team.  Favre has always been able to manage a game and make plays.  His consistent downfall to me is when the team is behind a couple touchdowns and he becomes ‘The Old Gunslinger” chucking the ball all over the field looking for a miracle.  So far he has not been in that position. 

Let’s see what else is there to talk about?

Oh yea and those East St. Louis Flyers started their road to repeat as Illinois State Champions with a 50-43 crazy ass victory over Bradley Bourbannais. 


ES Louis-Bradley

Catching Up On Random Rants, Continued

It’s not that I haven’t had much to say these days.  I have just been busy as all get out.   So I will attempt to burn on a few things while I’m here.  I miss communicating with the readers and other bloggers.  I look forward to catching up on whats been on your mind.  Meanwhile, here’s what’s been on mine.

First and foremost;

Rest In Peace Senator Kennedy

Once he got over trying to be president he became one of the greatest public servants ever.  Much respect!   

Mourners stand on the steps of the U.S. Capitol

The Healthcare Bill,

Protesters at a town hall meeting with Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter

Been watching this one a while.  Overall I’ve been silent and a bit discouraged to talk about it for a few reasons.  Number one, all of the outburst at the town hall meetings where folks act a damn fool.  Two, the misinformation from people like the Governor turned quitter who said that there would be “death panels’.  I mean be for or against the bill but to lie about it is just ridiculous and really speaks to how most politicians really are not interested in serving, let alone democracy.  Three the clear racism within the debates.  It’s still the elephant that folks don’t want to talk about.  But Representative DAVID SCOTT (Democrat, Georgia) broke it down recently in an interview on NPR.    Here is some of what he had to say about opposition communication he has received:

“These are things I’ve been getting in the mail. First is a picture of Obama painted up to look like the clown from Batman, the Joker, from Batman. On his forehead is a sickle. Underneath it is said, death to all Marxists, foreign and domestic. You know, where that’s getting at, from the (unintelligible) reference. Then it says, to nigger David Scott. You were, you are, and you shall forever be nothing but a nigger.

The Ethiopian cannot make himself white – taken from Euripides. And then, here’s another letter: Congressman David Scott, regarding the government health care legislation. First, you are a member of the Congressional bank caucus. You’re a racist, because whites don’t have membership. Secondly, you should not be re-elected next year. You’re going down to defeat and any of your colored constituents ain’t going to stop it…..When you’ve people making claims, I want my America back, they weren’t saying that before.”

Exactly!  What they are saying is that they want a white face in the White House.  Period.  And then when you look at some of the stupid folks who talk; like the guy who said, “I don’t want the government in my medicaid.”  How stupid is that?  I am utterly convinced after watching this thing go on that for most of the detractors it’s simply an issue of race.  A black man can give them salvation but they be hard pressed to take it if it came from him. 

I also take issue with the Obama administration taking a step back from the public option.  That’s what this has all been about in terms of what was promised.  I’d rather see him go down like a soldier than to put a weak bill into play in order to garner enough support from republicans who will curse him regardless. 

What is most disturbing about the debate is how there are so many Americans without a lick of health insurance, who can’t afford to see a doctor and whose only option is the emergency room, standing up fighting against something in their own best interest for racial reasons.  But that’s the thing about race.  For many it trumps even the most basic and fundamentals of common sense.  Just think about it, as the economy went sour and all these folks were losing their jobs, the very politicians who were in charge of the coffers and NOT offering them anything, those who cut unemployment benefits etc. are now rallying them against having at least some options of health care regardless of the amount of money they do or do not make.

I tend to agree with someone else I heard on the radio recently who broke it down this way.   Newt Gingrich said so long ago that if the Democrats were to pass a successful health care bill that the Republicans would basically be toast.  For many republicans I believe this is how they feel and they may be right to a degree.  One thing I know the republican party, regardless of the reasons, they are perfectly willing to rile up racist to sing the rhymes.  And for America thats a sad thing.


Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino pauses during a news ...

 I know it’s old news but I have to catch up right?

Were you buying what Rick Pitino was selling?  I’m not judging the man’s character at all.  I mean I have made my share of personal blunders.  What gets me however is the way these cats often try to cover things in the media the way they do.  The man impregnates a woman that he’s not married to in a restaurant!  Hits it another time or two and then gives her money for an abortion.  But he can’t really just admit that.  Oh no his attorneys want us to believe he dropped 3 Large on her for health insurance.  Hey, it’s a distinction without a difference!

And what is up with this crazy ass woman?  In strict ghetto terms she had Pitino by the balls initially, (no pun intended) and could have gotten a thing or two out of it.  But to demand all the things like a house, two cars, college tuition for kids that the coach didn’t father, a monthly treasure and then to finally say, “Oh what the hell, just give me $10 million and call it a day..”  This is what you call STUPID!  He did the right thing by going to the FBI.  She thought she was going to be in his pocket terrorizing him for the rest of his natural days.  Now she’s going to jail.  DUMB!   Greed is a mother for ya! 

The Saga Continues

 Minnesota Vikings' quarterback Brett Favre (4) looks to pass ...

Ok, so I don’t give a damn about Brett Favre.  But I will watch and hope he gets his ass kicked.  It’s not that I don’t think dude should play.  He is just such a Prima-Donna.  He sits out camp and just shows up with this BS story about how Brad Childress called him the other day to give him one more chance to come back – and THEN he had the never to invoke his daughter in the decision.  Basically he said, “I don’t fear lineman chasing after me, but when my little girls walks up to me crying and saying, ‘Daddy, I want you to win one more Super Bowl, that moves me.”

What?  Man just do what you do.  Show up, chuck the ball all over the place, throw pics, divide the locker room, cash the check and take your ass back to Mississippi and do another Wrangler’s commercial.  See ya next year Brett!

And really, I don’t blame Brett as much as I do Brad Childress.  He is all but holding Brett sausage for him when he takes a leak.   It’s pitiful how he put his coaching career not to mention the whole team’s future into Brett Favre. 

Ok, my final burn – Lebron “Not The King” James

I used to be such a big Lebron fan.  I traveled by car for 6 1/6 hours to Columbus, OH to see dude play in high school.  His NBA career has been stellar and I am still amazed by his talents and physical presense.  But his head is just too damn big nowadays.  Before he was polished, corporate and a downright bull on the court.  Now he’s arrogant and I think he really thinks he is a king.

It took me a while to come to this conclusion on James.  The first episode was the time he played a preseason game in Rochester N.Y.  (look it up I don’t have all the time to site everything today- it’s there) Anyway, folks spent all this money to watch him play in a non NBA city.  Not only does Lebron NOT play, he gets up during the game and walks to the scorers table, and as the crowd stands and claps in anticipation, shrugs his shoulders and sits down laughing.  That was weak – not the way you treat fans!

The second was the whole handshake gate after Orlando bounced the Cavaliers out of the playoffs.  He still continues to act as if it was OK not to shake hands.  But he knows that’s BS and yet he refuses to even man up on that.

Third was “dunk gate” when the college kid dunked on him in camp, only to have Lebron have the Nike cronies seize the tape.  Of course TMZ (those media vampires – that’s another blog) got a hold of the tape.  It wasn’t even a big deal.  But Lebron is so interested in keeping a rep that he tries to not allow the kid his place in the sun.  As Jim Rome often says, the cover-up is mostly always worse than the crime.  Part of Lebron’s hype as a younger man was via the Internet.   If something another kid does helps him out, let it be.  But nooooo can’t do that!   And if he thinks Shaq is going to help him land a ring… in the words of Senator Clay Davis from The Wire…. ‘Sheeeeeeet’

While Kobe is in someones gym working on his game, Shaq is touring the nation doing reality TV.  As Chad Ochocinco would say, “Child please.”

Cry Me a River! The Man Who Just Won’t Go Away!

There are a few things that are sure in life like death and taxes.  Add to those the yearly waffling of prima donna quarterback Brett Favre.  This guy is a mess.  He goes from team to team trying to get over on the Pakers. 

I am so tired of his act and even more tired of the guys on ESPN excusing this mess by saying that Favre “still has the fire” to play.  WTH?  Fire or no fire he was horrible last year.  He rebelled against coach Eric Mangini when he was asked to be more slective and not just chuck the ball like he was on the playground.  And he doesn’t embrace teammates outside of the cameras and fake news conferences. 

The fact of the matter is that Brett Favre loves the limelight and cameras.  He can play that Mississippi card all he wants.  He is as much Madison Avenue craving as Dennis Rodman was back in the day.

BBG C-Notes Week Ending Aug 1 – Aug 3

Can you believe we are already at the beginning of August of 2008?  It seems the older I get the faster time flies.  Several things come to mind this week that I would rather not get into deeply, but they are good for a quick mention…

On Pride and Politics

I mean is it me or does Senator McCain just get on your nerves with his constant obsession with Barack Obama.  All this guys does on his “campaign” trail is rail against Barack.  In his latest tirade he is airing a commercial that compares Barack’s canidacy and appeal to that of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.  Can this old white dude get MORE tired than he already is?  I find this reminiscent of the kind of things one Hillary Clinton used to say about Obama before he spanked that ass in the Dem primary.  In that campaign she constantly belittled and underestimated Obama’s message to Americans.   Next thing you know she is askin Obama for some loot to get out of campaign debt.  I see the same with McCain.  He thinks that because Obama is not white, that he can pretty much say anything about him including the dumb statement that Obama would rather lose the war if he can win an election.  Keep it up John.  Your making this easy.

Speaking of Obama, I hear that his campaign is all in a tizzy over Ludacris’ political rap in which he has a thing or two to say about the likes of Hillary, McCain and Jackson.  An example:

Go to fullsize image

On special perks:‘Said I handled his biz and I’m one of his favorite rappers, well give Luda a special pardon if I’m ever in the slammer. Better yet put him in office, make me your vice president.’

On Hillary Clinton: ‘Hillary hated on you, so that (expletive) is irrelevant’

On Republicans: McCain don’t belong in any chair unless he’s paralyzed, Yeah I said it cause Bush is mentally handicapped

Obama’s campaign came out with statements against the song, and others are even calling on Obama to denounce Luda.  Memo to the Obama campaign, please do NOT go Tipper Gore on us!  Leave it alone.  The best thing you can say in this situation is nothing!  Let MTV be the judge as to whether the song sucks or not.

Tipper Gore, cofounder of the Parents Music Resource Center

Artest Gives Yao Culture Lessons

While getting ready for the Olympic games in his home country for the Chinese national team in Beijing,  Yao Ming got wind of the acquisition of his American team of Ron Artest from the Sacramento Kings.  Ron Ron was glad to go to a team with the likes of Yao and Tracy McGracy.  But Yao didn’t seem as enthused.  Asked what he thought of the oft troubled reputation of Artest, Yao said: “Hopefully, he’s not fighting anymore and going after a guy in the stands.”  This of course references the brawl that took place in Detroit a few years ago when Ron Ron was with the Pacers.   When Ron Ron heard this, he wasn’t upset but instead decided that Yao needed a little lesson on ghetto culture:

“I understand what Yao said, but I’m still ghetto.  That’s not going to change.  I’m never going to change my culture.  Yao has played with a lot of black players, but I don’t think he’s ever played with a black player that really represents his culture as much as I represent my culture. Once Yao Ming gets to know me, he’ll understand what I’m about.”

 I’m glad Ron Ron said his culture was “ghetto” and not black or African-American.  He may have meant the two interchangeably, but I’d just assume leave it be.  I’ll take the same advice I gave Obama on this one. 

On Sports/Non Olympic

Memo to Brett Favre – Please go away!  I have been one of the few who have voiced my displeasure with this spoiled brat’s “on again off again” rants over the last several years regarding whether or not he was going to retire.  Certainly if he were Steve McNair or Warren Moon, hell Donovan McNabb he wouldn’t garner all of this sympathy nor would this behavior be tolerated.  That being said the Packers made total fools out of themselves by offering #4 20 million to stay in Mississippi as opposed to playing for some other team.  This is stupid on a couple levels.  First of all why?  If you don’t want this dude simply trade him, or release him.  Second what makes them think #4 would have taken the cheddar anyway?  If he did he would look even MORE selfish than he does now; as if all of this was about money.  Even #4 isn’t that stupid!  I don’t think so anyway.


 Speaking of trades and what not.  How about my man Manny Ramirez formerly of the Boston Red Sox.  Much has been said over the past several weeks by this disgruntled employee.  Manny is definitely his own man and lives in Manny World.  Sort of like Darryl Dawkins did back when he lived on Love Tron.  But Manny, the ever clever one took advantage of the news of his and #4’s trade rumors gossip.  And in the spirit of Chad Johnson broke with this clever sign in the Red Sox dugout a couple nights ago. 








How good is that?  Well Manny was traded on Thursday but not to the Packers.  Instead he will wear Dodger Blue and play for old Yankee skipper Joe Torre.  I met Manny in St. Louis the day he won the World Series MVP against the Cardinals.  The guy was totally cool even as I interrupted his lunch with his wife for a picture.  Say what you want but Manny plays, and he MASHES the ball.  He will always be cool with me.  He should fit right in with other Tinseltown notables.

Quick Notes

Juno has to be one of the funniest, most clever movies I have ever seen!

Speaking of movies, finally I was able to copy The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh a DVD that a friend of mine loaned me in December.  Sorry it took so long man!  There were several failed attempts!

God By Any Other Name

In my Christian circles I often hear that Jesus is the only way to the Father.  I tend to debate that in its strict religious forms.  My theory has always been that God knows what His name is – and that it’s not what you call Him by name but what one means in his/her heart.  I believe God recognize a sincere heart that searches Him out.  Case in point – In reading the book, “Shake Hands With The Devil,” LT. Gen. Romeo Dallaire spoke about a divine experience one of his men had during the genocide in Rwanda:

Major Diagne… while transcribing minutes from meetings – “… as he sat at his desk transcribing, he felt the sudden need of prayer and slid off his chair to his knees on his prayer carpet, his head toward Mecca, as required by Islamic faith.  At that exact moment, a huge piece of shrapnel smashed through his window from a mortar explosion, flying through the space he had just vacated, bouncing off the walls and landing still red-hot near his feet.  He came within a hair’s breadth of certain death.  Always dignified and composed, Diagne reported the damage to his window and then returned to his desk to complete his tedious but essential transcribing.  (P. 313)

Say what you want, Jesus, Allah, whatever.  The man sensed his spiritual master calling and because he obeyed that voice to pray his life was spared. 

Speaking of prayers, big prayers for my man John Bass.  Pull on through!  “In Jesus name!”

Ya’ll make it a great weekend!