I’m So Thankful

My friend Gregg “The Happy Guitar” Haynes has a nice jam called, “I’m So Thankful.”  Its one of my top gospel jams.  My favorite version is from a live CD recording I witnessed at Friendly Temple MB Church in St. Louis. Thinking of it while sitting in church recently reminded me once again that in spite of all the challenges we face in this life, I am still and will remain thankful for all that is good and right in the world.  So for this post I thought I would take time to list just a few things I am thankful for.

* The opportunity to live in the world and enjoy the natural beauty around me.

* A sound mind which allows me to think straight; or at least want to.

* The friends and family that I know without a doubt love me, and will challenge heaven and earth on my behalf when I need them to.  Ride or Die!

* The special friends and family who allow me the opportunity to be there for them when they are in need.  Thank you for allowing ME to bless you.

* My beautiful children and grandchildren; You are all so special to me – priceless

* My haters; for keeping me grounded and reflective at all times.  Sometimes your criticisms are right on!

* My vocation/dreams.  Opportunities to earn money comes and goes – but my purpose is for life and the results are forever.

* My heros; dead and alive.  And all of the ancestors who watch over me – who speak wisdom.  May my ears continue to be open to hear.

* My thinking crew!  Those who always challenge my way of thinking and stretch me beyond my paradigm!  They know who they are!

* My Creator and the Universe of which I have the priviledge to participate.

5 thoughts on “I’m So Thankful

  1. Rich says:

    You need to check out CAPcity, she does a list each week of things she’s thankful for. Y’all are on the same vibe.

  2. bbgcmac says:

    I will!

  3. Gregg Haynes says:

    Bless you my brother, I really appreciate your warm comments. “I’m So Thankful” is an orignal composition by Gregg Haynes & Chris “Butch” Woodie. It is available on CD & DVD, The project is entitled “Can I Testify” Live at Friendly Temple, Featuring: (Gregg Haynes & The Next Generation Band).

    Order online: http://www.happyguitar.com

  4. bbgcmac says:

    Gregg My Man!

    Great to hear from you. Yea the smooth version is cool – sweet, mellow and all. But that jam session version ya’ll did at Friendly takes me to another place! I mean ya’ll KILLED IT! Heck man imma have to listen to it this evening.


  5. Scarlet Poston says:

    You are such a wonderful son. I love you dearly

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