Droppin’ It Like Its Hot… Today

Its funny – I had never been a huge Eric Benet fan.  Thats almost by default though.  You see I have a lot of his music, and I really do enjoy his old school R&B flavor.  But for some reason I just never really took his music too seriously.  Perhaps it was his pretty boy image I shunned.  Kind of like watching Shamar Moore in movies.  I would say to myself, “If that n*gga wasn’t all pretty nobody would cast him.”  Perhaps it was the fairy tale failed marriage to Halle Berry.  “How can you mess that up brotha?  Damn! You IDIOT!!”  I don’t know. 

I gave Benet another chance over a year ago when I listened to his CD titled, “Hurricane.”  And though I didn’t care for the hit single, “I Wanna Be Loved, ” (perhaps cause radio tends to repeat songs so much they make me outright HATE them) I did enjoy most of the rest.  Then I got into his older stuff and enjoyed that too.

Now I am a big fan of his music and I really dig the new single, “Your The Only One.”  Talk about HOT.  That is the JAM!  His new CD is drops today and I will be picking it up with the quickness – at least this week when my personal music source hooks me up!  Benet’s music may be growing on me, but I also think he’s growing period.  The songs are mature – definitely not catering to the kids.  This is grown folks music – and I look forward to flowing with the vibes from a cat that puts me in the mind of classic R&B romantic songs.


One thought on “Droppin’ It Like Its Hot… Today

  1. Rich says:

    Interestingly, I planned to pick this album up to. It will be my first by him. I hear it’s a home run.

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