Remembering MLK

I am not one to drool over “The Dream” and the way the speech is pandered about during the King holiday.  It’s warmed over far too much in today’s way of remembrance.  King’s message was often hard and not so easily digestible as the way it’s made to seem.  As Michael Eric Dyson often says, one segment of America (mostly African-Americans) wants to deify King as if he were a god who had no flaws, while the other half (often white conservatives) seek to soften his message up into a little dream speech.  In reality King was a great and flawed leader, no more human than the rest of us… and yet he lived and died accomplishing more than most. 

I heard it said that Martin Luther King was the greatest American she has ever produced.  I agree wholeheartedly.  And with the inauguration of Barack Obama on tomorrow, I have to think he’s smiling a bit right about now.