Quick Political Thoughts

Obama's Rx: Innovation

* President Obama’s speech was awesome last night. 

* I think the crowd stood up so much it almost looked like an aerobic class!

* I love how he inspires Americans to be our very best and to continue to push ourselves to the next level. 

* It was great to hear about banker Leonard Abess Jr. giving a phat $60 million to his current AND former employees.  What style.  This man will always be blessed!

  Leonard Abess just gave away $60 million to his employees after selling the bank to a Spanish bank. The bonuses came to tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars.  This is Leonard Abess, CEO in the lobby of the bank.

* Bobby Jindal is an idiot.  It’s clear that the GOP putting him out there as their spokesperson for their response is a reaction to the Obama effect.  It is consistent with Michael Steele being the first to head the GOP as well.  Back to Jindal, his speech was just hokey insincere and at times even insulting.  The republicans are still spinning from the election and still do not get it.  I wonder if they ever will.