Losing One of The Good One’s – I’ll Miss You Wayman

I remember Wayman Tisdale from his playing days at Oklahoma with Stacy King and Mookie Blaylock.  He was one of my favorite ballers in the day.

What I appreciated about the “Power Forward” was his smile and enthusiasm on the court.  He was a great combination of smooth and strength.  Wayman was my guy!

When he put down the ball for good and picked up the bass, I got his first CD and thought to myself, “I like his style.  Reminds me of Stanley Clarke but with a few more R&B rhythms.

I went on to buy all of his CDs as each one came out.   Got to see him perform with Dav Coz, Rick Braun and Jonathan Butler.  “Wow that guy is big!” I said as he stood like a giant on stage.  The bass looked like a banjo in his hands. 

As he played that smile still remained!

Wayman battled cancer and lost his leg recently.  He nevertheless still uplifted everyone around him.  He never changed and he touched many lives.

I want to thank Wayman Tisdale for touching my life and leaving the legacy of his memory and his music as a gift.

Rest in peace!