I Surf (Poems By Resonate’)

Funny how the wave come and go

Everything pertaining to life and death in it’s motion

Riding the waves I see the current under my feet

Blue is above my head

Bright is the day


Balance is the way I stay afloat

Careful not to rock the boat that I’m not even riding on

Oh this is sweet

I feel good,





Promising possibilities abound


I want to cut grooves into the waves that will ripple a lasting legacy

Make a difference in the flow of the deep

Ha!  I think I can do it too

I think I can


I have no illusions

Can’t ride this wave forever

The currents are too tricky

Unpredictable, dangerous

One false move and splash


Off my board and into the deep

Disoriented scrambling for something

Beneath me to stand on

Helpless as my being is being tossed

This way and that

I can’t swim but if I could

This one’s bigger than me

Where am I, I don’t know

I can only tell you what it looks like under here




Objects without colors

Creatures without life

Like a zombie I’m carried away

Then down, down, down, and down again

Will I be saved

Do I even wanna

Could be better to submit and succumb

Let the water wash away the sorrow


Unless there is a lifeguard there is no hope

Down with the count like the ali rope-a-dope

But if the current won’t take me in

To the place where I once began

But spit me up on the burning sands

If I make it this time, perhaps I’ll surf again

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