Black, White, Grey, Red White & Blue

This undated self-portrait provided by Army Spc. Alexis Hutchinson shows Spc.

Let me say this.  I totally understand that when one signs up for military service it’s understood that being deployed oversees is a reality.  Certainly at the age of 21 this war has been going on for most of this soldier’s life. 

I was in the military so I understand that when they call they call.  When you got to go you got to go.  Equally true however is that there is also a time where common sense and brevity is in order.  For the superior officer to tell this mother to put her kid in a foster home so that she can deploy to Afghanistan is just not the way to go. 

I can tell you that I wouldn’t want to stand in battle next to a person who has no idea where her kid is while bullets are flying.  A parent of any gender is going to be concerned at best or overwhelmed at worse with thoughts of horror of what state this child is in.  I believe in this case the Army should help this soldier settle her child in a safe environment before deploying her oversees in battle.  It creates a sense of loyalty for one.  It protects moral as well.  Soldiers in the best possible state of mind going into battle are subject to Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome during and after deployment.  It’s tough for them to get back in society as it is.  Certainly they are changed forever and we hope he/she can cope and that we as fellow citizens can be there for them so that they can maintain.  That is the best case scenario.  The worst is that we say to our soldiers, “We don’t care about you and yours,” and then curse them when they flip out and shoot the battalion.   I’m just saying that even the Army at such a time as this has to have an element of being a bit more holistic in its approach. 

Right now they have a stressed economy to credit for meeting recruiting numbers.  That may not be always.  I honestly feel for the Army to put a soldier on the battle field while turning their back on the welfare of her child is not in the best interest of those she would stand with being asked to hold a line;  Thereby putting her life and the lives of her fellow soldiers at risk.

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