Sports, Betrayal & Desserters

Brian Kelly, who had always dreamed of coaching at Notre Dame, knew his time was now.

I understand that coaches want to get their dream jobs and that Brian Kelly or any other coach may want to leave their positions for a more upscale program.  But what I don’t understand is:

#1, How Brian Kelly can abandon his undefeated team before their biggest bowl game of the school’s history.

#2 Why isn’t the media in general isn’t talking about the ethics of coaches who leave one school to go to another in this fashion without talking about it.  Especially in this case with Cincinnati? 

It’s as if because it’s Notre Dame it’s ok.

This is why the kids need to be able to move too.  If a kid at Cincinnati performs better than a school like Florida or Texas though he would before he was recruited, he also should be able to leave and go to his ‘dream schoool’.  Of course we will never see that happen.

2 thoughts on “Sports, Betrayal & Desserters

  1. Rich says:

    Another case of WMP– White Male Privilege

    You know the “field negroes” of the college system will never be able to play by rules that benefit them. It’s all about bringing money into the “program” (it’s programatically designed to work according to plan), not letting it out.

  2. don says:

    i bet the media would have had all sorts of things to say if Tiger Woods had been the Univ. of Cincy coach who defected his program in order to assume the position of Notre Dame ‘sitting duck.’

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