Mad Respect for Tiger Woods


I know that there are a lot of people who want Tiger to face the public in the way they would choose.  They want him to face a gauntlet of reporters and be given the business about the details of his affairs. 

I disagree that he has to do it.  It’s his choice and the way he has handled this from the beginning really says something about the way more celebrities and public figures should handle personal issues.

Tiger on the golf course is public news.  We may even be interested in his personal life.  But its his choice to let us in on what he does and does not allow us access to.

Tiger handled his business on his own terms in private in spite of the heavy media and public pressure.  And when he finally came out with his statement, he came correct.

The public cannot ask for more than that.  He owned it and laid it all out there.  Everything that was necessary for a public figure.

Way to go Tiger.  I think he already has learned some valuable lessons and the way he has handled even this public circus says alot about what he has going for him in the future.

Best of success to you Tiger!

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