Guilty Pleasures, Or Simptoms of a Workaholic

By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work. Genesis 2:2

Most of us understand that these economic times are challenging for most of America.  Far too many of us are looking for work and not able to find it.  As of now I am blessed not to have that problem.  I am employed by three different companies in addition to being an independent contractor myself.   As of now, having work to do is not a problem for me.  (knock on wood)

As a matter of fact to the contrary, I have been working in abundance and even more than what normal people do.  The two days I was off in February were the two days that I purposed to be off for my birthday.  Otherwise its been non stop.  Part of my business is seasonal so I have to grab many of the opportunities afforded me while they last.  Yet despite the lack of rest and constant running, the payoff is an attempt to try to get ahead, have savings and at least some sort of options for fun.  Then there are the occasional unexpected and expensive  items such as having to get a car repair.  I have all sorts of good reasons to justify getting my hustle on. 

And yet equally true is that I find on a day like today, an evening when I am actually off and purposed to rest and chill out for the evening to catch up on the rest that I have neglected, I find that very difficult to do.  On my way in from the office I stopped at the bank to make a deposit, and then to the store to pick up dinner.  I wanted to maybe get on the computer, or hop on the couch to watch some TV, (something simple and mindless as a matter of fact) enjoy dinner and chill out.  I wasn’t supposed to clean the kitchen or take out the trash.  Not supposed to wipe things down or police the area.  I’m tired for godsakes!  My mind is weary and my body is holding on for deal life.  But for some reason I find it hard to settle down and take advantage of the rest while I can.

It’s called being a workaholic.  And workaholics tend to feel guilty for having time off.  We feel unproductive when we aren’t accomplishing anything.  I got it bad.  When I was off for my birthday weekend, I was so tired for most of it I didn’t get to enjoy it quite as much as I should have.  I fell asleep early and was tired often.  At least then because I looked forward to it I purposed my heart to rest and relax.  I did for the most part.  Though I still ended up doing a bunch or errands.   After all, when your off work there lies the opportunity to do the things you never get to do when work is constantly calling such as pick up the items I dropped off at the cleaners a month ago or washing clothes before I run out of clean underwear.

Sigh.  I know that rest and relaxation are a part of having a balanced life.  I should embrace the restful times and take full advantage of the breaks I get.  I’ll work on it.  Been through this before.  Whenever my schedule gets this busy, there is an adjustment period where it takes me a while to get used to actually sitting still when I get a break.

In the meantime, I can’t allow guilt and the difficult times of America to NOT allow me to enjoy the blessings in life.  I’ve had hard times before and know in my heart I am thankful.  If I don’t enjoy my rest, I will be no less guilty of a lack of faith in God and His provisions.

One thought on “Guilty Pleasures, Or Simptoms of a Workaholic

  1. C Haze says:

    Perhaps you need to look at this from a slightly different perspective.

    Yes, obviously work is extremely important, and as you stated, in this economy, it is a real blessing that you have so many opportunities currently.

    Just as important, however, is your work/life balance. You will not be as productive for those 3 companies who employ you if you aren’t properly rested. The same holds true for the organizations who utilize you as a contractor- in fact, it’s most important that you stay on your A-game where they’re concerned, as they are not bound by the Fair Labor Standards Act. If they don’t like you, they don’t have to call you or utilize you- there are no hoops (pardon the pun) to jump through in order to terminate you.

    Rather than feel guilty for getting some time to unwind and relax, is it possible to look at it from a business standpoint?

    Relaxation and rest is an important part of your business model, it is just as imperative that you be rested, alert and READY to work as it is for you to be anything else. You can’t run the risk of being so tired you run your body into the ground- your physical well-being is necessary to do your job.

    Just as true, your mind needs to be able to pick up on things you may otherwise miss- calling a foul or something else that affects the outcome of a very important moment for a lot of different people.

    So rather than feeling guilty about the fact that you need to rest occassionally, embrace it. Recognize that it is a very important part of being a business man, and that it will not be possible to continue being the best in your field if you are burnt out. If you aren’t the best, the competition gets the jobs that previously were yours.

    Once that starts happening, you’ll be forced to rest whether you want to or not, as people will stop calling and looking for you to fill their business needs.

    Just sayin’.

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