Michael not the Republican flexing ‘Steele’, but Blame It On The Black Guy~

The last cat I would defend is Michael Steele.  He has definitely had said some dumb stuff both before and after he became Republican chairman.  Usually when he opens his mouth, I just roll my eyes cause I know damn well he don’t believe half the stuff he says.

By far the dumbest thing he did was back track on his statements about Rush Limbaugh… a talk show host.  Michael was on point as a rarity, but instead of sticking to his

Still he has done a great job of carrying their water.  So I don’t see how they can try to blame him and act as if he is responsible for some white men running up a tab of 2 Large at a strip club.  I mean did he personally sign off on the reimbursement of alcohol and lap dances?

Was he there ‘making it rain’ like Pacman while surrounded by a proliferation of skanks sliding down poles?

I don’t think so!

But hey… I’m just sayin!

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