Dear Momma, A Dedication to a Great Woman!


On this Thanksgiving afternoon I had a 45 minute conversation with my mother. She lives on the West Coast and I in the Midwest.

My mother and I have a very special relationship. It has evolved through many years of adversity, instability, and life altering events.

My mom was always my hero to a great degree. When I was a child, I thought she knew everything!  I felt she was all-wise and virtually perfect.  When I’d get into trouble for something like bad grades in school, it wasn’t the mega spanking she gave me that hurt me the most.  It was the disappointment on her face that I wasn’t giving my best.  It was the tears in her eyes that broke me down as she tried to impart some knowledge in showing me how to have a standard.

These days my mom is close to retirement and the thing that impresses me most about her over the years since I’ve become an adult is understanding how very imperfect she was back in the day.  To hear about her insecurities and her faults from her own lips; the times when she was clueless about what to do or how to handle my sister and I, let alone her own life. To hear her tell me of the lessons she ‘s learned and how today as a widow she is happy and content with being alone though she never thoughts she would feel this way.  Her humility, thankfulness and reflective wisdom is awesome.

We have such an open relationship. We talk literally about everything, almost as peers.   Yet as much as ever she is a doting mom who loves me as much as she did when I was a child, perhaps more. She will cross heaven and earth to get to me if I need her. She knows I would do the same. I enjoy the fact that she trust me enough to share her experiences and her coming of age stories even as they are still happening. I believe she feels its her duty to equip me with what she knows and what she is yet learning. I appreciate it more than I could ever say.

I just want to say to my mother today… this Thanksgiving that I am thankful for you. I admire you, respect you and honor you as a GREAT woman, mother, confidant and friend. You are a true blessing from God and I am so much better for having your love, wisdom, and friendship in my life.

Always and Forever Mom… This is for you!

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