Most Notorious Thief! ~ Step Your Game Up!

Reading this recently reminds me to keep my game tight and not allow procrastination the great thief of my time to come between me and my destiny.  Working towards goals with patience is different than just putting things off.  I have to be wise enough to know the difference.


From Allister Begg –
Truth For Life Ministries


Proverbs 24:33-34

The worst of sluggards only ask for a little slumber; they would be indignant if they were accused of complete laziness.  A little folding of the hands to rest is all they desire, and they have a host of reasons to show that this indulgence is entirely legitimate.  Yet by these “littles” the day runs out, and the time for work is all gone, and the field is overgrown with thorns.

It is by little procrastinations that men ruin their souls.  They do not intend to delay for years-a few months, they say, will bring the more convenient season-tomorrow they will attend to serious things; but the present hour is so occupied and so unsuitable that they beg to be excused.

Like sands from an hourglass, time passes; life is wasted by driblets, and seasons of grace lost by little slumbers. Oh, to be wise, to catch the fleeting hour, to use the passing moments!  May the Lord teach us this sacred wisdom, because otherwise a poverty of the worst kind awaits us-eternal poverty that will want even a drop of water and beg for it in vain.

Like a robber steadily pursuing his victim, poverty overtakes the lazy, and ruin overthrows the undecided: Each hour brings the dreaded pursuer nearer; he doesn’t pause on the way, for he is on his master’s business and must not delay. As an armed man enters with authority and power, in similar fashion want will come to the idle, and death to the impenitent, and there will be no escape.

O that men would become wise and would diligently seek the Lord Jesus, before the solemn day will dawn when it will be too late to plow and to sow, too late to repent and believe.  In harvest, it is useless to lament that the seedtime was neglected. As of now, there is still time for faith and holy decision.  May we obtain them tonight.

Black Cannibalism, Or The Tearing Down of Tavis Smiley



Lately, I have seen a lot of negative blog post regarding Tavis Smiley.  Needless to say he has taken some major beatings publicly.  I believe the culmination was in the way he handled himself during the presidential primary campaigns – specifically as it relates to Barack Obama.  During his weekly commentaries on the Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS), Smiley would take Obama to task, often harshly, and warned black people not to give Obama a free pass because he happens to be black.  Rather to make sure that he did not dismiss issues that are important to the black community.  The final straw seemed to come when leading up to his annual State of the Black Union (SOBU) meeting, he threatened to put Obama “on blast” if he didn’t commit to showing up. 


Meanwhile, Obama was in a heated primary race against Senator Hillary Clinton, and decided to campaign in battleground states like Ohio instead.  He offered to send Michelle Obama in his stead.  Smiley refused.  (In my opinion that was a huge mistake.)  With the backlash, Smiley backed up and softened his stance on the radio.  He was getting supreme grief from the black community who felt he was being shortsighted and unfair to try to force Obama to prove his mettle to the African-American agenda at a time when the race was so close between he and Clinton.  Black people who listened to him regularly felt Tavis was “smelling his own piss” and thought more highly of himself and his influence than what was warranted.  The contention was intense.  So much so that soon afterwards Tavis ended his stint as a bi-weekly commentator on Joyner’s show. 


Since then it’s been on and popping.  Obama beat both Hillary and McCain.  Tavis’ State of the Black Union is coming up again in February and among many bloggers he is being called everything from useless and irrelevant, to a book selling fool and whore to sponsors like Wal-Mart.  Reading these things I am forced to ask my black blogging friends to raise up off this cat for a minute and put some things in perspective. 


Let’s go back a bit.  Tavis got his start in the game by way of social activism at the University of Indiana.  He then became an aid to the first black mayor of Los Angeles, Tom Bradley.  Most of us became aware of him through the TJMS commentaries, as well as when he was host of BET Talk/Tonight.  He left BET in a very public dispute with billionaire BET founder Bob Johnson.  Johnson subsequently cut all news programs out of BET and filled those spots with booty shaking videos.


Smiley thrived in the midst of the breakup and became the first African-American to have a show on National Public Radio. (NPR)  Eventually he left that show from what he called a lack of vigor on the part of NPR to reach more black and diverse audiences.  He now does radio on Public Radio International. (PRI)  He also has a nightly show on PBS which he owns.  The SOBU started in 1999 and its purpose was to spur conversation among the black people about issues concerning black people.  Topics and themes have covered economics, the black church, AIDS, health-care, and diet just to name a few.  The panelist have featured some familiar faces as well as not some not so familiar.  In latter years especially there have been younger high school and college students who were able to speak from their own perspective.


Now here is where I challenge my fellow bloggers who seem to disdain Smiley.  Though I don’t speak for Smiley, I will give my take on some of your arguments of his relevancy or lack thereof as you put it. 


Some have written for example:


1) What is the purpose of these SOBU meetings?  What has ever come out of them.  It’s just a bunch of talk.”


2) What legislation has it ever gotten accomplished?


3) What is the significance of his “Covenant with Black America?”


The SOBU was a formed initially for conversation.  Before you can do anything significant there needs to be a conversation.  Once you have conversation its then incumbent upon the people who participate either by their presence or by television to act or spur more conversation in order to begin a movement.  After a few years, there were some mumblings about the forum merely being about talk.  Tavis responded to that concern and this is where the covenant with Black America came into play.  Its purpose was to gather black liberals and conservatives, educators and lawyers, activist and citizens, to find a set of prioritized common values that we can agree upon as being important to our community – and then present these priorities to the political candidates of the 2008 election.  The message would be in essence that, “These are the items that are important to our community.  And if you want our vote whether you be Democratic or Republican, you will need to prioritize these issues as well.”  The first book, The Covenant with Black America (Which Tavis did not make a dime off of) set the agenda after behind the scenes discussions and email submissions were gathered from the TJMS listeners.  I think it’s important to note that his approach was always inclusive of everyone within our community, not just the big names.


The Covenant with Black America


Tavis then took this “Covenant” and became the first African-American to hold presidential forums for both the Democratic and Republican parties in 2007.  Obama and Clinton did attend this forum by the way.  McCain didn’t attend for the Republicans, but names like Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney did.  In this form he asked specific questions that dealt with issues that concerned the black community from the covenant – questions that would NOT be asked by any of the other mainstream local and cable news network debates.  Never in the history of America had such an event happen.  And there was resistance too.  I got into a heated discussion with the program director of my local PBS affiliate who felt it was better to show an old black and white movie during the time of the forums – ignoring the significance of black voices.  Having enough influence to bring presidential candidates together during a campaign season shows that Smiley had the powers that be listening.  That alone can help to promote favorable legislation.


The Covenant in Action”, is a document of things each of us can do in our own communities to make a positive difference.   I happen to know this because I read it.  Instead of waiting around for the big movement – I use those suggestions in dealing with my own family, not to mention the young people I influence and mentor on a daily basis.  There is a wealth of information that anyone can do locally that makes an immediate impact. 

The Covenant In Action


For those of you who are wondering what benefits these specific books carry, again I suggest you read them before judging them.  I never thought the purpose of the books or the symposiums were to “change the world.” It was to give voice to different black voices from various backgrounds who we could listen to in order to catch the vibe from varying perspectives.  Have you ever watched “Meet The Press” – or any of the other Sunday morning shows?  God bless Tim Russert, and Tom Brokaw, but you’d be hard pressed to find any black faces on Sunday morning unless they preaching!  Ya hear me? 


As a side bar: When did it become illegal or immoral for a brother to try to get paid?  Do you feel he can make more of a difference if he were broke?  Does he not give back in the form philantrhropic ventures such as the 11 million he pledged to Texas Southern University for a communications school?  What about the jobs he’s created for people from his businesses and programs?  Is it bad for a progressive black man who has served the black community for years to have such a communication’s building named after him?  Is he robbing us or taking advantage of black folk? I mean WTF? 


Now let’s deal with the Obama issue.  Cause that is where I think Tavis lost a lot of us.  I totally agree that he took critique of Obama too far and it seemed personal.    By his own words, he came off as a “spokesman” for Black America and seemed to want Obama to prove his worth to African-Americans by answering to him.  Even if that was unintentional, it came off that way.  I understand and agree that Obama could not ignore us, but I understood like most the common sense that Obama could not go Stokely Carmichael on America or else he would never be elected.  I figured if he did his due diligence as a community organizer on the south side of Chicago and as a State Senator towards black folks, I can give him a certain amount of latitude.  Whether one agrees or disagrees with that thinking, still I think in some cases the form of heat Tavis got (some calling him a betrayer of his race) was also out of line as well.  If you study his work, truly you will find a man who passionately loves black people.  That should never have been questioned.  Still I took Tavis to task strongly for his behavior and felt he should reassess himself in this regard.  I think we were right to challenge him.  But clearly this has gotten out of hand.


You mean to tell me that we as black people can look at this brother’s body of work and just throw him under the bus for one disagreement?  Are we to discount his level of influence and what it has done to get our issues out there?  He accomplished to some degrees what he had in mind in just bringing our issues to the presidential forum.  That has taken years of service and hard work.   How many of us can gather the local leaders in our own cities to listen to us?  How about our neighborhoods? 


I am reminded of the words of a frequent guest of the SOBU, Dr. Cornel West.  He speaks often of criticizing one another in love.  There is no substance in being divisive and destructive in how we challenge one another.  If anyone has earned the right to be loved and appreciated by black people, it’s Tavis Smiley. 


Finally, I enjoy blogging and I really enjoy reading much of what I read from the scores of us who have this forum to express ourselves and share with one another.  We have to be careful to challenge ourselves as well not to become too self-grandiose in pontificating from on high.  In terms of Tavis, our response should have been, “Brother we appreciate your work and what you’re trying to do, but you’re going about this wrong!”  Instead we just went with the hate.  It was disgusting and sad to me.  Very sad.  We as black folk can be some fickle ass people. 


Cause while ya trippin – we are all glad that Obama will be our next president.  I saw Jesse crying too.  But it wasn’t that long ago that he was talking about castrating the brother.  A lot of them older Civil Rights brothers were hating on Obama because he didn’t come through their rank and file.  That’s another blog about the generation gaps between us.  But please my people, even if we disagree with one another, please let us continue to love and embrace those of us who continue to fight in the struggle.  Tavis is your brother.

The Blossoming Butterfly, Part 2


Part II 

It was June of this year.  School was out and my sons were to arrive from Atlanta and live with me for the summer.  Of course they wanted to see their sister and she wanted to see them as well.  I hadn’t seen my daughter in almost a year.  When they arrived they stayed at her house first because I was very busy working and preparing to give my other daughter away in marriage.  The original time I was given to expect the boys was changed by a week with one days notice.  The older sis was happy to have her brothers.  Once things settled for me I had to pick them up from her home.  Of course I had no idea where she lived.  I got the address and arrived to pick them up.

It was also the first time I saw my grandson just over 4 months old.  I only had a texted photo of him from his great-aunt.  When I saw my daughter we were both polite and courteous, though I could feel her apprehension as I surveyed her new home.  I truly felt like an outsider.  Still I made some small talk and added some jokes to loosen things up.  I let her know that she could see her brothers whenever she wanted to, and if she needed a babysitter, I was game.  This was only my 54th request for babysitting – but what the heck right?  

After several months passed, finally I got an opportunity to keep my grandchildren for an evening.  Even overnight!  I was blessed to keep them on my granddaughter’s 3rd birthday.   My daughter was so glad to get a break.  She called to check on them that night.  She expressed how tired she was, how her boyfriend wasn’t helping out as much, and how much she was about to go crazy.  She sounded loose, at ease.  She talked about things about her personal life… things she would normally never tell me.

What is this happening?  Is she opening up?  

I assured her that I understood.  And that there are times when a girl needs a break. I said that life is tough, and if she doesn’t learn how to balance things out and take care of her spirit, she will burn out with the responsibilities and cares of the world.  I said, “Girl look, when you need to get out, if you can’t do it on your own call your dad? Shoot you’re 21 now.  I don’t have to take you to Applebee’s.  I can take you to Café’ Eau at the Chase Park Plaza!”  (One of my favorite watering holes) She laughed and said, “I don’t know what that is.. but it sounds good to me!  I’m ready to go!”  We laughed. She said she was so appreciative that I took her kids for her, and that she really needed to hear that I was there for her.  (Something I had said for years but for the first time she heard me.  She then said, “You know daddy, we have had our times you know.”  (talking about the estrangement between us)  Then she got quiet.  And I then said, “But you know what?  That is all in the past.  It’s all about what we do from here.  I look forward to being an important part of your life, as well I need you in mine.  “Yea daddy that’s cool.  I am glad you said that.” 

Since then things have been very positive.  She went from unemployment to gaining two jobs quickly.  We talk about more things now.  Not just the common stuff.  Adult stuff that she thinks and goes through.  She even talks some about her “not so cool” relationship which before was totally off limits.  Its like for the first time since she was kid, she looks at me like the daddy she needs.  Except now its as an adult not as a little kid.

The other day she sent me a text message. “Daddy, can you pick me up from work today?”  We worked out the times and from there I squeezed her in between work and a meeting I had to attend that evening.  We picked up the kids from the babysitters.  My granddaughter, who knows me well now in her surprise to see me yelled, “Hi PAW PAW!”  The older lady who keeps the children said to me, “Your daughter is really sweet.” 

I got them home and went about my business.  On the way to her house she went on and on about how appreciative she was about me picking her up.  Back in the day, hell I was “supposed to do that.”  But she was so genuine.  It was like she was a new person.  She even texted me later that night cause she knew I was in a hurry.  “Did you make it to your meeting on time?”  

A few days before she sent me another text.  Talking about how she was going to be getting her stuff together and for me to just watch.  She was going to be blossoming before my eyes.  Ha!  To quote Sarah Palin, “You bet she is.”  I can tell she is a new woman. It brings tears to my eyes just writing this.  Oh that she would know that I love her so and that nothing compares to her in her daddy’s eyes.  I think I’m starting to get my daughter back.  And I am thankful for that!   


Charelle… I love you, Daddi (that’s how she spelled it when she wrote me notes as a kid)

*Above: Charelle after graduating high school with dad and her daughter Chariah

*Below: Charelle pictured with her son Cameron.  A grown ass woman!


The Blossoming Butterfly, Part 1


Parenting is a tough job.  To be a single parent is even tougher.  And if you are the parents of a child who had to experience a divorce between the first role models he/she ever had, it’s that much more challenging for the child growing up.   

Let me say up front, that there is probably nothing more devastating to a child directly or indirectly than to witness the breakup of their parents.  I regret that my children experienced that pain – and though I know for sure that my ex-wife and I were not meant to last forever, still I regret the affect it had on my children – especially my oldest daughter.  It has taken my first born most of her years to cope with and struggle in finding her identity and get a glimpse of her potential.  It also put a terrible strain on our relationship.

A major part of the reason for this (outside of the normal pains of divorce which would have been enough) is because she was given a lot of negative and at times false information about me from her mother.  She painted a picture of me that my daughter could not seem to shake regardless of what she saw with her own eyes.  Even as she witnessed me coming through to aid her mother and her brothers (my two sons) above and beyond child support, whether it was monetarily, morally etc. it wasn’t enough to take the villain tag off of my head.  Eventually she started keeping her distance in her mid teen years.  I understood that to be a growing up thing and I didn’t push her.  But after she got involved with her first love interest, soon after she pretty much decided she didn’t need me.  

As much as it hurt, I always made it clear to her that I was there for her no matter what.  And that I love her more than life itself.  Things got worse instead of better.  She got further and further away – resentful for some reason and I found I was always the one reaching out trying to prove myself with no positive feedback from her.  One day we had a big argument on the phone.  She went “adult” on me and said some horrible things.  It was the most disrespectful she had ever been.  I remember being so angry and hurt, that I called my mother screaming into the phone.  Mom actually ordered me to pull the car over till I calmed down, because she feared for my personal safety.  Speaking of safety, I remember thinking to myself that if she were not pregnant at the time, she would have gotten an old fashioned East St. Louis project beating for acting like she was grown and forgetting who the hell her daddy was!  I remember going ‘Godfather’ and telling my mother, “That’s it!  If we never talk again thats up to her!  I will never reach out again!  I am done…FINISHED!”  

Well my mom in all her wisdom explained that I couldn’t do that.  “You can’t disown your kids son.  You just can’t do it no matter what they say.”  She and those close around me said that my daughter will come back.  That she will come to herself after experiencing some hard times in life.  At that time I should be there ready.  Whew… I could never imagine that happening. 

Oh there were troubles alright. Sometimes there were fights with the boyfriend – me having to track him down for her car, house keys and cell phone.  Sometimes he was such a jerk I wanted to kill him.  Flat out!  But no matter what I did to help, I never got a thank you, kiss my ass or anything from her.  I would think, “Surely she saw what I just did right? I was Super Dad!  I just saved the day for all man-kind.”  NOPE!  She just got further and further away.  She had child one and two and neither of them would recognize me from T.I.  I pretty much gave up the fight and decided that I would love her unconditionally, and hope one day I could be a grandfather to my grandchildren.    

To be continued…

* Picture: My daughter age 9

Televangelism At It’s Worst ~ Is that Al B. Sure?

I have a question for you.  What is worse than day time television with it’s numerous judge shows, them cackling female gossipers known as, “The View” and the assorted, “You are NOT the father” nonsense garbage programs?  Perhaps you’d say late night television with its infomercials about getting rich from sending in all your loose gold – or how that guy with the wacky jacket and glasses can get the government to fund all of your ideas.  What about the latest Chuck Norris workout – or perfect ball that will make your abs look like Michael Phelps for two installments of $19.99?   


If you get too bored day or night you can always turn on one of the Law And Order/ SVU/ Missing Persons, CSI, DNA, CBS, NBC, ABC, ESPN and FOX detective shows.  I mean are they ever NOT on?  Don’t even get me started on Lifetime.  They won’t even use the script unless the righteous woman is trying to avoid some obsessive jerk who wants to steal her money and kill her family. If I can’t have you Barbara, nobody can!”

All of these pale in comparison however, to my favorite ridiculous TV program of all time; The Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) fundraising programs.  Now this is entertainment at its finest.  First let me give you a little history.  TBN, what I now call the “Takin Bank Network” was founded by Paul and Jan Crouch, as well as Jim and Tammy Bakker back in 73.   

According to Wikipedia: TBN generates nearly $200 million in revenue annually.[3] The network does not make its finances available and Crouch family members control the boards of all TBN entities, which makes Trinity “ineligible to join” the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, an evangelical self-regulating group.[4] It does not air commercials (excluding TBN Italy); rather, two-thirds of its revenue comes from viewer contributions and one-third from other televangelists’ payments for running their programming. Its $120 million donation revenue is larger than any other television ministry. It has posted average annual surpluses since 1997 of about $60 million. It holds two week-long fundraising telethons (known as ‘Praise-a-Thons’) per year, as well as numerous other solicitation drives. It maintains a direct mail database of 1.2 million names.


As of 2002, TBN boasted $583 million in assets, including $238 million in government-backed securities and $31 million in cash. Also among its assets are a $7.2 million Canadair Turbojet and thirty houses in California, Texas and Ohio with values ranging up to $8 million.[5] The elder Crouches and their son Paul Jr. earn an estimated combined annual income of $900,000.[6] In September 2004, the Los Angeles Times characterized their personal lifestyle as a “life of luxury.”[7] According to Charity Navigator, TBN earned $188,152,079 in 2007 and has a 2 out of 4 star rating (47%).[8]

In June 2007, TBN purchased the bible-themed adventure park Holy Land Experience for $37 million.[9] The Orlando, FL based theme-park was in a slump with falling ticket sales and a reported $8 million debt when TBN purchased it.  In October nearly 100 employees were cut from the payroll.[10]


With that as a backdrop – I was flipping the channels when I saw one of the Marketing Preacher Reps (MPRs) Bishop Clarence E. McClendon (aka. Al B. Sure) making his pitch for people to call their toll free number to pledge them dollars.  He talked about how the economy was going down but that God’s economy was still strong and that The Almighty would give the TV audience money if they gave these multi-millionaires their hard earned loot.  Bishop B. Sure was “night and day” quoting scripture after scripture, using his most traditional Southern Baptist theatric tone as he jerked and soared as if the spirit was taking over his body riling up the audience.  Then came the highlight of the rant!  He said, “You just don’t know what happens in hell when you call the number and pledge your financial support.  God magnifies the ring!”  Huh?  You mean to tell me that God is broadcasting the sounds of the phones ringing at the TBN offices in hell so as to gloat to Satan and his little demons?  Yep!  That’s what he said. 



Bishop B.Sure isn’t the only one – when he’s not on there shuffling and jiving, there are others like Juanita Bynum, Rod Parsley, Benny Hinn, Eddie Long, and other heavy hitter big name MPRs.  They go on the program and appear before the television audience to get all deep, mystical, and spiritual as they give you reason after reason why you need to invest your dollars into their coffers – even if you are broke!  It’s not as if they are not already a billion dollar industry.  Still in all, while hundreds of thousands of jobs are being lost every month, they want to make sure they get their grubby hands on what little you have left. 

I am a firm believer in supporting local ministries especially when they are available to giving back.  Try asking “Takin Bank Network” for help the next time your gas is about to get shut off or if there is no food on the plate.  The most you’ll get is a prayer and some more junk mail asking for donations. 

I couldn’t stomach Bishop B. Sure any longer.  I had to finish with some serious informative and educational programming. I watched the last few minutes of the Arizona Cardinals beating the San Francisco 49ers on Monday Night Football.  I hear the Devil was watching the football game too.  Though there was no word on whether he could hear the sound with all that ringing noise going on.

A Great Day In America

 Well Familia,

What is there to say?   It still hasn’t quite sunk in for me yet.  My mind knows well and good that our next president will be Barack Obama.  Logically I understand what went down last night.  At the same time it still seems surreal.  So much so that I didn’t have quite the emotional reaction I thought I would.  It was there at the tip of my spirit, but it couldn’t break through because it’s so amazing. 

I didn’t think I would have a lot to say today.  So much is being said already.  But I will document some thoughts just so I can remember how I felt today and what crossed my mind last night.  In no particular order:

What a convincing victory huh?  It started to get real when he won Pennsylvania.  PENNSYLVANIA!  And that came pretty quickly.  But then you add in Ohio, Michigan, Iowa,Wisconsin and Florida!  FLORIDA?  Missouri and Indiana are close and even if they go for McCain at the end of the day, considering the last few elections and the divide caused by ultra conservatives who touted the three G’s (God, Guns, & Gays) they were unsuccessful in high jacking this election.  Just on a side note; In spite of what the NRA said, President Obama is not going to take your guns from you.

Keys to Victory~

First and foremost to Barack Obama and his campaign staff who fought two vigorous campaigns with a first class dignity not seen before.  When Hillary Clinton was predicting assassination attempts and her supporters vowed to not support him, he remained steady, respectful and smooth.  They never wavered but held steady throughout the fire and brimstone.  There were times many of us including myself wanted to see him be more aggressive.  But that’s why he is president now and not me.  Obama surrounded himself with great people, and was able to keep those people unified and focused on the goal.  That says a lot about what his presidency should be like.  This allowed the fund-raising to be that much easier – and he was able to bankroll the message that he wanted to get to the American public with ease.

DNC Chairman Howard Dean for his belief that the Democrats should attempt to campaign significantly in every state instead of focusing on those where liberal interest were favorable. 

The forerunners – Shirley Chisholm, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.  Regardless of what you think about them – (I happen to have great respect) none of this would be possible without their blood sweat and tears.  If Barack were the first face of color America would have seen for the highest office – this doesn’t happen.  I am convinced of that.

Black radio – especially the likes of Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey and Michael Baisden.  Baisden was the most vocal day in and day out in bring the issues to bear and keeping young and old potential voters up to speed.  Joyner was responsible for singer Joe getting registered.  They continuously informed of the facts and we responded. 

YOU the voters who got politically involved and searched the issues as opposed to falling for the okee-doke of scare tactics and Joe The Plumber nonsense.  Many of my white brothers and sisters saw past their trepidations and fears of being led by a black man.  You saw his ideas as favorable to our nation while not ignoring his color.  I imagine for some of you a reverse of the Bradley affect took place.  While you felt you had to tell some friends or family you were voting for McCain, you got in the booth and did what you thought was right at the end of the day.   Much love to whites in the heartland who normally think color first (after all what else were you taught but to trust what looks like you?) and for Hillary’s supporters specifically who buried the hatchet to think “country first.”

Speaking of country first, let me give a shout out to Senator McCain who gave a very gracious speech recognizing the times and taming the boos that marred his campaign previously.  He really did go “country first” and though he didn’t campaign at all to people of color – from his speech last night it makes me think he is more afraid of us than he was merely ignoring us.  I am sure he got some very bad advice too.  He really took this thing for granted similar to Senator Clinton and felt that because he was white he was going to win regardless.  Unfortunate.  Still if he goes back to Maverick-ism, I think he can help work with our new president on some great ideas going forward.

This is not merely a victory for Black America.  It’s a victory for all of America.  This man will be a strong president.  He has a strong woman by his side who will lovingly support her husband while still offering a wisdom that dates back ages from the foundations of strong families.  Michelle Obama will do this nation well and represent us in a way that has never been done before.  Barack and Michelle Obama together are like having two great entities for the price of one to both represent and lead our nation.

Later as it gets closer to the inauguration I will share what I feel we should expect from President Obama.  In what ways we should hold him accountable and how he should hold us accountable.  Its a two way street.  More than ever we have to learn to pull together as a nation and be a part of the solution for all that makes us the nation we think we are.  Again that’s for later. 

For President Obama, there is a lot to do in terms of getting up to speed and transitioning to the White House.  But for today, heck for the rest of the week, and maybe the rest of the month – I just want to celebrate, reflect, and be thankful that I as well as my children are alive to see this day.  Thankful that many of the civil rights leaders of all races got to see this day.  Glad to share this moment with you… fellow Americans.