Being Alone: From fellow blogger Witchy Wisdoms 4/19/17

This sister has some deep and very meaningful messages. Wanted to share this one.  Enjoy or reflect.  Thanks Witchy!

WednesdayWisdoms: Being Alone

I think a lot of the reason why we dive into unhealthy behaviors is because we’re afraid of being alone. It can be terrifying to be by ourselves and faced with our truths, so we run in a myriad of ways.

When I started this blog and publicly dove into the depths of my mind, I was all alone swimming in a scary pool of self doubt. But I needed to explore the depths before going back to the surface. It cleansed me.

So for this weeks practice, I want you to be alone. Read a book, write in a journal, do a yoga session, make jewelry, read your own tarot cards, do arts and crafts, take a bath, literally ANY hobby. But do it without distraction. Not with a glass of wine. Not while the TV is on. Not with a huge bag of chips or candy.

Go on a date with yourself and see what you find. What is intriguing in your mind? Do you find that inner critic coming up? Can you follow the advice from last Wednesday to quiet it?

Spend at least an hour doing this solitary activity, and then, when you are done, write down how you feel. Write down what you learned. Make concrete observations and force yourself into self awareness.

The more you practice this, the more you will learn to appreciate yourself. You will open up a Pandora’s Box of creativity, but maybe not until you flush out some monsters. This exercise, over time, will increase your confidence because YOU will know YOU inside and out.

It might be scary at first, and if it is, write it down. Write down why. Show yourself some compassion for being scared. It takes courage to face your truth.

So get out of your comfort space, get alone, and stay witchy ( *)

Good For The Soul, Great For The World ~ Fathers Stand Up!

This is a sensitive subject matter for me.  I am a father.  Heck, I am a grandfather.  I am also a mentor to young boys and girls.  Some of my interactions are of the casual hit and miss based on time and opportunity.  And some are more intimately detailed.  Regardless, I see all children as our most precious resource.  I know that today kids are smarter, quicker and more savvy than ever before.  They have more access to technology and the fast pace of the world seems to fit right in with their ability to absorb information and the flavor of their environment.

Sometimes when you talk to little children, they amaze us as they seem to have the spirits of adults.  This is no doubt of God’s potential placed in them as they seem to be ready for most any challenge.  Still I know children carry way too much responsibility and stress these days as they are often left to fend for themselves as single mothers struggle to hold things together. Or oftentimes young parents may be too much into themselves seeking to live their glorious days and nights at the expense of their young.   

I’d be the first to tell you.  There is no manual to this thing.  Parenting is a huge challenge.  Still I believe that we have to stop and take notice of the young people around us.  In their eyes there is a hope, an anticipation, a longing to first find the love from their base.  (the parents)  There is a need for physical and emotional security from the base especially as they branch out to intermingle with other children.  There is a demand for direction and structure, so that they understand respect and boundaries.  There is a need for vision, for someone to recognize their gifts, talents and abilities and to teach and encourage them to pursue those and not just follow the crowd. 

As precious as our mothers and sisters are, I believe there is a need for strong men to provide a lot of the structure needed to help our young people succeed.  Images are important.  And the state of a man in a child’s life tends to determine many a fate of our children.  If  a strong and committed man is present and active, kids tend to stabilize.  If he is absent or out of place, it complicates and destabilizes.  This is not some sexist statement minimizing the abilities or contributions of women and mothers.  To the contrary, I am saying that they can’t do it by themselves and they have done far too much as it is trying to hold down both sides of the bar. 

Men and specifically fathers need to step up and dedicate their lives towards investing into their children.  Period!  That means financially as well as with their presence.  By presence I mean time, but I also mean making the best of that time.   There has been occasion for instance where I spent time with my youngest daughter.  And because of the schedule I hold working three jobs including writing, that I would pick her up and take her someplace, but my mind would be in rest mode or all over the place scattered as I answered calls and took care of business or arranged appointments while we rode to some place we’d go to.  But my spirit made me recognize that I was cheating my daughter out of my full attention.  I need to hear how her day or her week was.  I needed to listen as she talked about her relationships at school and the new accessory for her DS game.  I got with the program quick!  She gets my full attention at all times now.  We talk, we laugh, and we hug many times over.  She knows she has a daddy that will lead, love, and respect her as she makes her way through adolescence and beyond. 

I’m old school.  I believe in respect when it comes to kids and adults.  I still say, “Yes ma’am,” and “No sir,” even if the person is younger than me.  So I don’t tolerate any disrespect at all from young people.  However, I also know that I need to make a connection with them.  I need to look into their eyes, and likewise respect their gifts, talents, and the seriousness with which their issues mean to them.  It’s a two way street.

When men start to step into our places and take responsibility for our children, and then also to a smaller degree the other children we come into contact with, we will be setting the course for a better tomorrow for our families, our communities and our nation. 

Men, fathers, take your places!  It’s good for the soul, and great for the world!

Most Notorious Thief! ~ Step Your Game Up!

Reading this recently reminds me to keep my game tight and not allow procrastination the great thief of my time to come between me and my destiny.  Working towards goals with patience is different than just putting things off.  I have to be wise enough to know the difference.


From Allister Begg –
Truth For Life Ministries


Proverbs 24:33-34

The worst of sluggards only ask for a little slumber; they would be indignant if they were accused of complete laziness.  A little folding of the hands to rest is all they desire, and they have a host of reasons to show that this indulgence is entirely legitimate.  Yet by these “littles” the day runs out, and the time for work is all gone, and the field is overgrown with thorns.

It is by little procrastinations that men ruin their souls.  They do not intend to delay for years-a few months, they say, will bring the more convenient season-tomorrow they will attend to serious things; but the present hour is so occupied and so unsuitable that they beg to be excused.

Like sands from an hourglass, time passes; life is wasted by driblets, and seasons of grace lost by little slumbers. Oh, to be wise, to catch the fleeting hour, to use the passing moments!  May the Lord teach us this sacred wisdom, because otherwise a poverty of the worst kind awaits us-eternal poverty that will want even a drop of water and beg for it in vain.

Like a robber steadily pursuing his victim, poverty overtakes the lazy, and ruin overthrows the undecided: Each hour brings the dreaded pursuer nearer; he doesn’t pause on the way, for he is on his master’s business and must not delay. As an armed man enters with authority and power, in similar fashion want will come to the idle, and death to the impenitent, and there will be no escape.

O that men would become wise and would diligently seek the Lord Jesus, before the solemn day will dawn when it will be too late to plow and to sow, too late to repent and believe.  In harvest, it is useless to lament that the seedtime was neglected. As of now, there is still time for faith and holy decision.  May we obtain them tonight.

The Man Bible 4: Always Hold To Your Deepest Realization

Make your life an ongoing process of being who you are, at your deepest most easeful levels of being.  Everything other than this process is secondary.  Your job, your children, your wife, your money, your artistic creations, your pleasures – they are all superficial and empty, if they are now floating in the deep sea of your conscious loving.  – David Deida

This was rather deep for me.  Not because I didn’t recognize the principle.  But because I have – deep in the portals of my soul I have.  I had never heard it said in audible language.  So I didn’t have anything to reference it to.  But I have heard this message more than once. 

As I find myself living, part of my challenge has been to prioritize my life.  Specifically I mean my schedule in terms of how I arrange my time for work, (as in corporate) vocation, (as in life’s purpose,personal dreams and goals), task (as in the mundane assignments such as going to the bank, paying bills, going to the grocery store etc. ) time for family, friends.  And the all important down time I so desperately need just to keep my spirit calm.  My deepest desire is to first go after that which pertains to my life’s purpose.  When I write I feel so fulfilled.  Flowing in this gift and expressing my heart in this form give me a great sense of purpose.  And even if no one reads what I write, still inside I am satisfied and feel as if my life is productive and valid.  There is so much inside of me and its liberating when I can exhale thoughts to words which can be read and understood.  It brings an even brighter clarity to what is within. 

However, what often happens is that I delay the use of my gifts in favor of the other areas mentioned.  (anything outside of my core purpose) I also feel good when I am on top of my business.   So making a list on my calendar and following it to completion also gives me some degree of personal satisfaction.  Certainly this is significant because I can’t just roll with my head to the sky all the time.   A man has to be able to take care of business.  But I find that even if I complete everything on my list, if I do not tap into my core purpose at some point I become restless and edgy. 

Then there are other distractions that I allow to take a front seat to my purpose.  There is entertainment such as television and sports.  There is my social life wanting to get out and play.  Sometimes its just busy-work.  I often said that I have more stuff goin on than the president.  Most all things are OK within their respective places.  There is nothing wrong with watching TV, enjoying entertainment, socializing, playing video games or whatever.  The problem becomes when these things take priority over pursuit of the reason God created me – therefore neglecting to sharpen, enhance and share them with a world who depends on them to contribute a harmony that would otherwise not be achieved.  The same could be said for anyone. 

All of the things mentioned in Deida’s paragraph above are important.  They are a part of both the pleasures and responsibilities that go with living a productive and balanced life.  However, they are all to fall under subjection to the will of The Creator.  Many people are out of balance.  It’s common to hear of someone so consumed with work or ministry that they neglect their family for instance.  I tend to believe that if we operate under the tutelage of our hearts surrendered to The Master, while sometimes the work we do may cause our loved ones to make a sacrifice in terms of our time, neglect would never occur.  The Universe is always in balance – as we should be.