Basketball Jones and Hoops Junkies Week Day 3


Reports are coming in that workers are moving very slowly today.  What seemed like slight cases of flu like symptoms have really gone to a new level.  Sneezes and coughs can be heard from office to office.  Alka-Seltzer and Robitussin are stocked in many cubicles.

In another strange twist.  Workers are scrambling with long pieces of paper that look as if they have some sort of cryptic maze on them.  Money is being passed around quietly and according to sources, sport handicapping sites are being dinged at as high a rate as any other time of year. 

Las Vegas gambling guru Lenny Grimes says the last time they have had this many calls and hits on the web site, it was the Superbowl. 

Something strange is happening.  I wonder if workers will make it in on Thursday.

Tomorrow we will wrap up this series in Seattle. 

Basketball Jones and Hoops Junkies Week, Day 1



It’s that time of year again.  Beware!

There is a strange germ in the air.  It usually hits the nation on Selection Sunday when the NCAA selection committee fills the field of 64  65 to decide a national champion for college basketball.  By Thursday, this infection will hit it’s peak causing millions to miss work. 

Scientist (called Bracketologist) have named this  strange infection and it’s commonly known now as Bracket-Hoopollous.  BB&G currently have correspondents all over the nation tracking this phenomenon.  And we will report on this very predictable infection as it spreads across the nation.


Brooklyn NY,

Many are starting to feel slightly under the weather.  It’s nothing serious mind you.   The men and women with these symptoms mostly say it could be allergies with the weather changes and the greenery around starting to bloom.   A sneeze here, a cough there.  No real cause for concern.  Just something to keep an eye on. 

Not leaving anything to chance, they put their vitamin C on their desk cubicles so that the boss can see it. 

That’s it from Brooklyn.  Tomorrow we go to Nashville to see if this infection is the same in the Midwest.