Catholic Priest: To Marry or Not!

The Rev. Alberto Cutie was removed from his duties after pictures showed him bare-chested with a woman.

I am not Catholic but sometimes I do find these subject matters interesting.  In the wake of this latest controversy with Rev. Alberto Cutie I listened to a program on the radio and they had a discussion with a religion reporter, a religion professor, and the editor of the Catholic World Report.

One of the topics they discussed was whether the argument for priest to marry or not is more of a political one than a religious one.  What do you think?

Should some priest be allowed to marry?  I say some because the program noted that it’s not uncommon for a minister who was married before converting to Catholicism and became Catholic priest.  They get to keep their wives and families as well as serve in their flock.  Is this hypocritical? 

Some believe that celibacy is a gift that is particular to a person.  So if he/she has that desire and gift it should be a choice but not a mandate.

I have also spoken to some Catholics who take the hard line that if one wants to be a priest, celibacy is what the proper order is and if you can’t hang then don’t be a priest. 

Anyone who wants to give an intelligent take is welcome to comment.  I would love to hear especially from practicing Catholics on both sides of the issue.