A Friend Indeed – Dungy Goes to Bat for Vick

I give a lot of credit to former coach Tony Dungy for putting himself out there with Michael Vick.  In recent months Dungy, a man of outstanding reputation visited Vick in prison and agreed to be his mentor for not only dealing with possible NFL reinstatement, but for life.

Dungy is an outspoken Christian who in my view really lives what he preaches which is love, forgiveness, and hope.  It would be safe for him to speak with Vick on the down low and keep a public distance in case Vick messes up.  But he is standing with him publically when many feel Vick shouldn’t play in the NFL again nor even make a living.  I can appreciate the older and wiser Dungy putting himself on the line for a convicted felon.  Lord knows there are plenty more who are unknown who need someone of influence to help them make their transitions back into mainstream life better as well.