It Was The Heat of the Moment~

I don’t know how it is in your neck of the woods.  But here in the Midwest it’s hot as all get out.

I did a double-header baseball game on Sunday for instance.  The first game started at 10am.  I was the home plate umpire for the first game and it was blazing then.  By the time we did the second game, as I patrolled the bases at each half inning I either drank or poured water on my head and body.  I soaked my cap in cold water and within a half hour it was dry. 

Before the game was over my partner who was behind the plate passed out from the heat and had to be rushed to the hospital by an ambulance.  Before the medics arrived he had a puluse but was totally unconcious.  His doctor told him he was very close to having a heat stroke.  I saw him hydrate a lot too though not quite as radically as I was. 

Though I did not pass out myself, I did feel weak and nauseous a couple times.  There were also players who told me later that they too felt sickness at some points of the game.

I say that to encourage you all to be careful in this heat.  Wear the proper clothing and keep yourself hydrated.  Pay attention to signs of heat exaustion or worse.  If you know of any loved ones who don’t have air conditioning, check on them and better yet invite them over for some air time relief.

And my GOD please parents don’t leave your kids and pets in the car while you run in the store or wherever to take care of your business.  This same tragedy happens every year where kids die while abandoned in their parent’s or someone else’s vehicle and it just doesn’t make any sense for it to continue!

Be smart people and don’t sleep on the heat.  It can overtake you quickly.