Cry Me a River! The Man Who Just Won’t Go Away!

There are a few things that are sure in life like death and taxes.  Add to those the yearly waffling of prima donna quarterback Brett Favre.  This guy is a mess.  He goes from team to team trying to get over on the Pakers. 

I am so tired of his act and even more tired of the guys on ESPN excusing this mess by saying that Favre “still has the fire” to play.  WTH?  Fire or no fire he was horrible last year.  He rebelled against coach Eric Mangini when he was asked to be more slective and not just chuck the ball like he was on the playground.  And he doesn’t embrace teammates outside of the cameras and fake news conferences. 

The fact of the matter is that Brett Favre loves the limelight and cameras.  He can play that Mississippi card all he wants.  He is as much Madison Avenue craving as Dennis Rodman was back in the day.