Poems By Resonate’ Tears






I cry for our nation full of more competition than compassion

For the backbiting over colors

And the backstabbing within them

I cry


I cry for the joblessness sweeping our nation

As politicians cater to the desires of the few 

While the needs of the many are ignored

I cry


I cry for the people I love whom I’ve let down

My good intention paves the road to disappointment

No matter how hard I try

I cry


I cry for the emptiness in my heart

The loneliness I feel putting out and out and out

The screams of my heart crying out only drowned out

By the noise of apathy 

I cry


I Cry

I cry for peace, internal satisfaction

Universal wisdom and holistic health

Love unconditional and internal wealth

Love for God love of self

A safe place to catch my breath

I cry


 Resonate’ © 2009


Poems By Resonate: Love Me

** We all need and crave love in our lives.  This is a poem expressing the difficult time one has in searching for companionship security. 


Love Me


Thirsty I’m thirsty

Anxiety fills my temple

Complicated but oh so simple

Restless wondering confused on edge

Life is a cliff I’m standin on edge

Winds are whirling circling around

I’m afraid of heights won’t look to the ground

Detached obsessed depressed aloof.

Look! Inside my heart there is the proof

Isolated devastated torn in two

Yearning for something but what or who

Eyes to see ears that hear

Neither of these cast out fear

Grown ass man lil boy desires

Childlike fantasies warmth of the fire

Can’t stretch my arms?  Within my reach?

Daddy’s been dead so Popa can’t preach

Outside I breathe inside I choke

Exhale in me break up the smoke

At a premium in this world today

Folks just take – give none away

Maybe God’s got some – Maybe I’ll pray

Tried my best but I’m not the one

It darkens fast in the Midnight Sun

Destiny’s quest what will be will be

But I’d be grateful –  4 someone to love me


© 2008 Resonate’

Poems By Resonate’: Flexible

Sup Familia, 

From time to time I like to dabble with a little poetry.  Actually I have quite a bit the last couple months.  At some point I plan to tour some of the local spoken word venues and share.  However, I will post some here first and share with you the readers. 

My poems range from different areas of my experience.  And regardless of how I feel, I am learning to express feelings and emotions making art of passion and pain – fear and love – joy and suffering. 

My poet’s name is Resonate’  Let’s just say he is my artistic alter ego.  Hope you enjoy~




Left or right up and down

Standing still my heart pounds

Holding my peace and fighting the wind

Start then stop – begin again

Love with all my heart

Tender smooth and smart

Hard not compromising beliefs

Jackin’ rough no signs of relief

Whats your problem you got some beef?

Back up off me, damn keep the peace


© 2008 Resonate’