10 Presidential Traits Every Man Should Have – From Schoolboi’s Playground

I am working on a post expressing what I hope black youth will gain from the presidency of Barack Obama.   In the meantime I wanted to share this one I got from Schoolboi’s Playground’s Blog.   I thought this was excellent and well worth remembering for all of us. 

10 Presidential Traits Every Man Should Have

1. Respect – Even the biggest asshole deserves some type of respect. You have to give some to get some.

2. Patience – We’ve all heard that patience is a virtue but not many of us have mastered it. Learn to not to panic and see how the cloud of confusion can drift away.

3. Open-mindedness – Want good advice? Go to someone you usually disagree with. He may just surprise you.

4. Enthusiasm – The best ideas draw the most criticism. Maintain your passion and your smile, and others will want to join your cause.

5. Accountability – The bigger the blunder, the greater the apology.

6. Humility – Knowing your weaknesses is just as important as touting your strengths.

7. Empathy
– Judge others in the context of their worlds, not yours.

8. Responsibility
– It doesn’t matter if you’re commander-in-chief or branch manager: If you don’t know what your troops are doing, you’re probably too far removed from the battlefield.

9. Initiative – Always talk more about what you want to do than what you’ve already done. The only person who cares about your résumé is the guy copying it at Staples.

10. Diplomacy
– A conflict-free resolution is the only sure way to avoid lasting collateral damage.