Teachers Appreciation Month

Yo… so THIS HERE really blessed me! I remember every teacher who treated me with love, discipline and care starting with my kindergarten and first grade teacher Miss Jefferson at Lilly Freeman elementary, in East St. Louis, (ESL) Miss Powers who became Mrs. Horvath when she married Mr. Horvath my 7th and 8th grade science teacher and baseball coach at Harrison in South Bend, Indiana , to Miss Luster my English teacher at Hughes Quinn (back in ESL) who never seemed to smile until I raised my hand to congregate the verb ‘Go,’ and I belted out with authority, “GO-WENT-LEFT,” (She busted out laughing with the rest of the class, (It’s go-going-gone kids) to Miss Massenburg at Lincoln (ESL) who’s demeanor reminded me so much of my mother’s (cool, laid back and never raised her voice but could look a laser beam through you if you didn’t act right… (I NEVER got on her bad side. I only wanted to impress her!) I took English AND Creative Writing as a Sr. so I was in her class twice a day when many tried to avoid her for one! Her classes weren’t easy but I wanted that challenge.

Though officiating sports is not on the same level as teaching a class day in and day out, I cannot tell you the amount of times I’ll drudge my way out the door to go do a baseball game or a Lacrosse match and as soon as I see the kids line up to do stick checks, their bright smiling faces perk me up and remind me WHY I’M THERE! Youth officials ARE an extension of the classroom. They look up to us, rely on us to do right by them. To care about them. I get so much energy and JOY from these adults in training. With all the crap in this world that our children have to deal with I’m honored to be a part of the solution! And I praise each and every one of my officiating partners who care like I do! You damn sho know who you are!