Whats My Line?

I admit it, I am a movie buff.  I love good movies of all kinds.  I have a love and appreciation for all of the different kind of artist who can take me into their worlds and allow me to see what they see, as well as get my own interpretation.  I’ll never forget the first time I saw “The Color Purple” when I was 17 and not only almost walking out of the movie within the first 20 minutes because the contents were so dark and hurtful, but it took Lethal Weapon 2 before I could like Danny Glover in any shape or form.  My grandmother STILL hates him. 

Anyway when I see a great movie, some of them have lines that to me define the film.  And those lines I always remember most.  When it happens, normally I exclaim on the spot, “Now that’s the line of the movie!”  Some movies have more than one line, but most I find one or two at the most that says, “Its a wrap!”  I’ll name a few for instance:

“Frankly Scarlet I don’t give a damn.” – Gone With The Wind

“We’re gonna need a bigger boat.” Jaws (The first time Roy Scheider’s character got a look at the great white shark they were to fight with.) Or “Smile you son of a bitch!” … right before he blows up the oxygen tank in it’s mouth.  Take your pick!

“There is no winning, only degrees of losing.”The War of the Roses (Danny Devito’s character when trying to tell Michael Douglas’ character how trying to win an argument with a pissed off woman was going to go.

“Ahhh vanity!  My favorite sin!” The Devil’s Advocate (Al Pacino as the devil himself, posing as an attorney.  This summed up the constant battle that Kienu Reeve’s character faced when trying to balance his ambition at work against the fact that his wife was losing her mind and the life of his family would be the price for the success he desired.

“Hey Sal.  How come you don’t got no brothas on the wall?”Do The Right Thing (Giancarlo Espisoto as Buggin Out who’s battles with Sal told of the polarizing issues of race within a Bedford Styssevant community in Brooklyn New York.) Or, “D mothafucka D!” – Radio Raheem trying to buy batteries from the Koreans.

“Am I here to fucking amuse you?”  – Goodfellas (Joe Pesci – need I say more?)

“Shut yo five dollar ass up before I make change!”  New Jack City (Wesley Snipes as Nino Brown talking to Christopher William’s character during the roundtable discussion.)  Martin’s parity of it was hillarious with the fake dog.)

Oh here is a favorite!  “The call me Mr. Tibbs!”  In The Heat of The Night (Sidney Potier)

Ok last one.. Most people will think of, “You can’t handle the truth!” when they think of A Few Good Men.  But my favorite line is Jack Nicholson’s first as Col. Nathan Jessup which sets the tone for the remaining dialogue he would have as the drama develops.  “Who the fuck is PFC William T Santiago?”  You knew it was ON when he said those words!

What movie lines can you think of that bring you right to the time you last saw your classic?

4 thoughts on “Whats My Line?

  1. Rich says:

    The day of the Geechie is over! You name the film. I can’t believe you didn’t put a quote on here from that film.

  2. bbgcmac says:

    Ahhh, your talkin bout, “A Soldier’s Story!” Adolph Caesar as Old Sarge. How about this one… “There’ll be none of that sittin around the shack music today CJ!”

  3. Rich says:

    Old Sarge got to teach you a lesson. I just watched that movie about a month ago.

  4. bbgcmac says:

    “I won’t sell it Bleek! You’ll play again!” Remember that one??

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