Beloved Childhood Memories~or Tupperware Cereal Bowls and Superfriends!


Watching TV shows with my sister and parents in the living room.  There was only one television in the house.   It was the first house I remember us living in.  1462 Gaty Ave.  East St. Louis Il.  We gathered to watch all the shows with black people on them like The Flip Wilson Show, Sanford & Son, and Good Times.  We didn’t sleep on Carol Burnett though!

flip.jpg 207d1152480561-favorite-comedian-sanford-son-photo-autographed-photo-.jpg 

 goodtimes.jpg  Cap0027.gif

Riding rough and jumping over sh*# on my huffy dirt bike!

That red living room in the house we lived at in South Bend, Indiana.  It had red carpet and red furniture like the couch and chairs.  This was the “nice” furniture with the plastic on it so we couldn’t sit on it.  We couldn’t even go in that living room except to clean it – or on Christmas morning since that is where the presents were.  If important company came over, the living room was all access then.

When my moms and aunts got together on a Saturday night – I would be running around with my cousins, and they would be listening to Al Green – talking, laughing, drinking, and saying “Awwww that is my SONG” while reminiscing about the funny things they did when they were much younger.  When I listen to certain music now – it take me right back there.


Catch a girl/kiss a girl! ~ Freeze Tag ~ Red Light/Green Light~ Simon Says ~ Hop Scotch ~ Jacks

Sneaking into the Redd Foxx, Richard Pryor, and Dolemite albums when my parents weren’t home.

richard_pryor_promo.JPG           152c0sh.jpg 

The TV set we had to use pliers to turn the channel with.

The original Starsky & Hutch and Baretta, Fantasy Island and The Love Boat – SOAP!

10038698A~Starsky-Hutch-Posters.jpg baretta.jpg 

 fantasy_island.jpg  love_boat.jpg  soap-show.jpg

Saturday morning cartoons with a big ole tupperware bowl of cereal like Count Chocula or Coco Puffs!  Don’t sleep on that Cap’n Crunch with them damn Crunchberries!

superfriends.jpg Count Chocula box, 1996. 

Going to baseball games with my father… to see the Cardinals back in the day when they had Lou Brock, Reggie Smith, Bake McBride, Kenny Reitz, Keith Hernandez, Ted Simmons, Garry Templeton, etc.   He loved the Dodgers the most so we always went to see them.  I think a lot of black men loved the Dodgers from when they were in Brooklyn and had players like Jackie Robinson and Roy Campanella.  Anyway, we sat in the bleachers $2.50 per seat sold 90 min before each game) and sat next to all the old men who would talk much noise.  This is where I got my affinity for older people. We ate peanuts and listened to KMOX as Jack Buck and Bob Costas did the radio play by play.  Those were some awesome times!

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 0b184c60.jpg  McBride-8x10.jpg  14984c60.jpg

 I fogot all about them other cartoons.. Loony Toons, Fat Albert, Land of The Lost, Tom N’ Jerry, Snagglepuss, (“I hate thosem mieces to pieces… Exit – Stage left!”) Pixie and Dixie… need I go on??   I’m not going to even talk about Underdog, Commander McBragg, and them Go Go Gophers.  But my favorite/most endearing cartoon is “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”   Me and Chuck understand one another!  And I still cry when they fix Charlie’s sick ass tree up and make the best of it.  Yea I watched a lot of television.  But I also learned a lot of valuable lessons from some of those shows too.

mcbragg.JPG go_gophers.jpg  fat-albert.jpg

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BB&G Sending Out Love~

Sen. Barack Obama will take a break from campaigning so he can visit his ailing grandmother.

Just want to send some love out to our President to be Barack Obama and his family as he takes time away from the campaign to visit his beloved grandmother in Hawaii. 

I was struck that when I heard that she was ill, it touched me as if it were my grandmother or something.  It made me realize that I have never been this emotionally connected with a political candidate of any sort.  It makes me think of what people must have felt when they were supporting the candidacy of Bobby Kennedy.  When I saw the movie, I saw all the hope of the people as they wanted change so badly for the nation.

I tell you what, I notice how some people on the right are tremendously jealous of the way many Americans love Senator Obama.  That’s just too bad if they don’t have what he has.  We don’t think he is perfect or unflawed, but we believe in his heart in wanting to SERVE this country to help bring us to where we need to be, and his qualifications to get that very job completed.  There will only be one like him that comes around in my lifetime.   And I am thankful to have the opportunity to help him get elected.

Senator Obama is real.  And though I have never met him I feel it not the least bit inappropriate to say, “Senator Obama, my brother, my friend, my president, God bless you and your family.  Take care of your business and we’ll hold it down for you.

We Love You