Trick or Palin!

Palin 2012

She is totally setting her own political machine even in the midst of this current election – throwing The Mummy under the bus!  Hell he should use these last few days to campaign against her!  Can I host that debate?


Say Hello To My Little Friend!

Well actually it’s my grandson – the latest addition to the family.  Xavier William Curry arrived on Wednesday at 5:27pm St. Louis time.  (Just a day before mom’s birthday!)

Mother, baby and father are doing just fine.  And of course “Paw Paw” is looking forward to bouncing the kid off his knee and teaching him everything I know.

Congratulations to Justin and Chrystal Curry, the blessed and proud parents!

Pics from Top – L-R Xavier William – Chrystal the night before giving birth, and Justin and Chrystal on their wedding day.