Good For The Soul~Great For The World

For all the negative things happening in the world today, there is certainly much to talk about and report.  This blog makes a habit of pointing out the news that people should know, offering critique where needed and encouragement where hope is evident. 

Even as we ready ourselves for the new president whom we hope will add some fresh and innovative ideas that will help our nation progress, I can’t help but think that his job and responsibilities are big enough as it is.  We would be doing him and most of all ourselves a disservice if we don’t do some things differently to help make our world a better place. 

And it’s great to have ideas.  But I think we have the idea that we are better than we are.  Because we have such quick access to information and analysis we sometimes forget that we have to put in the good ole fashion work.  Things aren’t going to get better simply because we analyze it with such ferocity and scholarship. 

For the next several days we will talk about some things that will help us accomplish just that.  As critical as I can be of what challenges us, I honestly do still believe in the power of what we can do locally to make a difference if we just make our minds up to do it.  We can still be a great nation if we decide to be great from the inside out.

Stay Tuned

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