Things I Will Remember Regarding the Inauguration

President Barack Obama told a crowd at the National Mall that America's challenges are real.

* Michelle Obama was CLEAN!  She will definitely be a who’s who of setting a precedence for fashion at an affordable rate.  Her J-Crew outfit she wore the other evening on Letterman for instance says a lot about how a woman can look her finest without spending huge amounts of money.  (Are you paying attention Sarah Palin?)

* Both Rick Warren’s and Joseph Lowery’s prayers were special and timely for different reasons.  They were also heartfelt and sincere.

* Those armored protected Caddy’s were hot!  I would love to ride in one of those!

* The crowd!  OHHHHHH the crowd!  The American people were IN THE HOUSE!  Watching it on TV I could still feel the energy.  It was the most spectacular thing I have ever seen. 

* President Obama’s speech was awesome and truly inspiring.  He optimizes for me having the presence of walk softly while carrying a big stick.  Make no mistake about it he IS the president.  And he made it clear that there is a new direction.  But he did it in a way that embraces our friends, opens the door for new friends, while letting enemies know not to sleep on the United States.  In other words, to quote an old African proverb… “Don’t let the smooth taste fool ya.”

* The Obama girls are beautiful and it will be a pleasure to see them grow up. 

* It is no coincidence that President Obama was the first president to take office the day after Martin Luther King Day. 

* They got to be lying when they said that Dick Cheney hurt his back carrying boxes.  What the heck?  Dick Cheney moves his own boxes?  I just can’t wrap my brain around that.   

* “Air And Simple Gifts” is an awesomely beautiful piece.  And if they managed to actually play it in those temperatures with cold wooden instruments, that’s even more amazing.   Regardless I need a copy of that!

* The whole process of transferring power from one administration to the other is a most majestic thing.  Former President Bush was also a gracious host – it was a first class event and something I will never forget.

5 thoughts on “Things I Will Remember Regarding the Inauguration

  1. chaze77 says:

    It truly was amazing.

    President Obama is the perfect combination of caring, compassion, and hard-line “we’ll stick a foot in your ass if you fuck with us”.

    My favorite part of his speech was when he was talking to people who hate us… and said that the United States is willing to be their friend too… we are willing to extend our hand if they are willing to unclench their fist.

    Beautiful. Astounding.

  2. Abbey says:

    The whole experiance was heart felt and awesome. OHHH to be alive for this is most inspiring human event brings tears anew to my eyes. I let them go several times yesterday during the prayers, the swearing in and the Presidants speech, the whole event left me breathless and hopeful.

  3. Yo Son says:

    yea daddy it was TIGHT
    im surprised our school showed it after i had to go to the office last year to “remind” them that we were in Black History Month (which we apparently dont acknowledge in Dallas GA)
    but yea im listening to the news right now and its saying that after inauguration the man went STRAIGHT to work.
    he’s ACTUALLY working on what he said he would
    man unfortunately that immediate presence in the White House happens only rarely

  4. Wilson says:

    It is days after our country, black, white, yellow and brown, elects the 44th President of the United States we should consider the price and penalty that our dear brother will endure. Mr. President’s hue does not resemble any predecessors before him. Yet his stance, character and integrity will surpass this moment in time. It will resonate throughout history with the winds echoing “Yes We Can!” I stooped down to pick up broken pieces of the glass ceiling as a souvenir and bittersweet reminder of what my father endured as a colored, negro, black, and finally African American, which by the way he never claimed!

    I call on every American who cast their vote for President Obama (doesn’t that sound sweet!) to wait patiently on the rise and fall and rise again of the American economy. It will take time to recover from mismanagement; Rome was not built in one day! Remember your commitment during the campaign and stand strong when the adversary chooses to attack our President. He will need our loyalty more than ever before. Let the freedom bells ring and join the masses in the cadences of “Yes We Can!” For we all know, if fault can be delivered it will be given with the sting of a viper. So stand up, be who you are, but most of all be proud and faithful.

    Who would have thought that the Voting Acts Right of 1965 plus the 44th President of the United States of America would equal 2009? Now that we have arrived, stay focused and committed until we have all overcome!

  5. bbgcmac says:

    So True Wilson!

    Our loyalty will definitely be needed – as I am sure they are already trying to decide who to pit against him in four years. There will be some dirty business and perhaps even a traitor for 30 pieces.

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