And then there’s this…

Rudy Giuliani says that when he was mayor, he gauged the New York City budget by Wall Street bonuses.

Of all the dumb ass things to think or say for that matter, it seems that Rudy Guiliani thinks that fat cat bonuses for Wall Street executives is a good thing that keeps jobs for New Yorkers? 

WHAT THE FUCK????!!!!!!!

Yep that’s what he said.  His argument is that with the bonuses will lead to more spending in restaurants and department stores.  So in other words if Mortimer is not spending his multi-million dollar bonus at the Waldorf Astoria and Barney’s… those companies will be forced to lay off employees!

You know – I just wonder how stupid folk have to be to let certain things come out of their mouths.  And to think this dude ran for president.

One thought on “And then there’s this…

  1. C Haze says:

    Giuliani needs to put the crack pipe down.

    I’ll tell you how to stimulate the damn economy- give that stimulus plan money- or hell, even just the $89 billion of the bailout that was spent on executive bonuses to the American people…

    … You know, the little guys, like you and me.

    Let me get my hands on ten grand of my own money (originally paid out in taxes), and Ill stimulate all kinds of shit. I bet a lot of other people will too.

    Just sayin.

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