9 thoughts on “Why is this cartoonist NOT fired?

  1. jonolan says:

    Why? We’re not particularly bothered by Pelosi and Reid be characterized as a mad chimps. We didn’t even get too outraged about incessant comparisons of President Bush to a chimp.

  2. bbgcmac says:

    Jonolan, see history of black people, discrimination and comparisons to monkeys – do a thorough reseach on image in this country and then review the differences a like comparison can have one on person, one race, or one situation vs. another – and then get back with me.

  3. jonolan says:

    Yeah, you see a chimp – after the recent weird attacks a timely image – and decide you’re offended, even though no mention was made of Obama and nobody believes he wrote the stimulus, just shilled for it.

    I think you’re going to find that outside of the Black community people are getting a bit tired of such sensitivities. It’s rather run it course, so I wouldn’t expect too many Whites to get overly upset over this.

    Is that right or wrong? I don’t know but I’m guessing that it’s a bit of both.

  4. bbgcmac says:

    Actually I see a chimp, police, a shooting situation, (understanding the history of black people and police shootings) – and I take into consideration that I know that the secret service is working that ASSES off to protect this president and have admitted that there are new challenges with protecting a black man in this office – let alone the assassinations of MLK, X, and others.

    You damn right I’m sensitive!

    The reason I said it was time for white people to stand up on this one – is so that you won’t have to hear black folks opinions – police yourselves in other words and we can eliminate this nonsense.

    Whether you are right or wrong in your stating your opinion is not the question – the question is are you being sincere and forthright – and if you can look at me with a straight face and say that an enraged chimp attacking a person and having to be shot has anything to do with the economy or the stimulus package – if you think there really IS guesswork on this cartoon in terms of what it is saying – then I can’t give you enough credit to continue this conversation.

    If you see it for what it is – then quit with the semantics and the double talk. Maybe we can intelligently discuss further issues of race, white guilt or whatever.

    Otherwise I can say quite honestly that one of us is horribly naive at best or an outright fool at worst… Neither of these am I.

  5. jonolan says:

    The entire 1st paragraph of your last response indicates that we’d have a very difficult time continuing this conversation. It is likely that we’d each end up considering the other to be virulently racist and stupid.

    That would be a shame since we’re not in opposition on all points, judging from some of your other posts.

    This being the case, I back out of this conversation at this point.

  6. House says:

    He should be spoken to and written up, but not fired. The whole “race” and “don’t make fun of me because I’m black” stuff is way over now. People need to turn a closed ear to those who continue to perpetuate the “black victim” syndrome now. That sob story is over.

    No one should be personified in this sort of drawing, so I don’t care if it’s supposed to be Obama or Pelosi, it shouldn’t be.

  7. bbgcmac says:


    What should this person be wrote up for, spoken to for? I don’t get it – cause in the next breath you seem to think its fine.

    Your short sighted point of view is not new. I don’t speak for all black people… you probably don’t speak for any.

    Trust me we know how to make fun of ourselves and we do even with the president. I can’t tell you how many jokes and emails I have heard and read about back yard BBQ’s etc.

    That being said comparing my president to a derranged chimp with bullet holes in his chest is just not funny. Again give me the correlation between the economy and the tragedy of the poor woman being attacked or the chimp’s owner having to put a butcher knife to it to save her friend?

    Until you can give me that your “black people should shut up and not be sensitive” argument is whack – furthermore my whole point is that ALL Americans should be pissed, not merely black folks.

    What if it were your momma who was depicted this way?

    I’m done with the back and forth until someone comes up with something fresh!

  8. C Haze says:

    Welp CMac,

    You’re absolutely correct. When I saw this cartoon this morning, I was literally sick.

    What the hell was this cartoonist thinking?!?!

    Obviously, he wasn’t thinking at all. I read the New York Post’s response to all the outrage over the cartoon, and it’s about as offense as the stupid picture itself.

    Like you, until someone comes to me with some shit other than, “stop being so sensitive! No one was referring to Obama!”, I’m DONE with this topic.

    Absolutely b.s.

    One step forward, two steps backward, you know?

  9. YO SON Christian says:

    yea fire this guy

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