Dumb Ass Questions Show USA Has Long Way To Go

It’s so ridiculous to me that Judge Sotomayor’s nomination to the Supreme Court is being questioned all over the country by white men who wonder if her ethnicity has anything to do with her nomination.  It’s pretty clear that Pat Buchanan thinks so for instance. 

Let me help ya’ll out.  Hell yes her ethnicity was a factor in her being selected.  What stupid white men don’t understand however, and never acknowledge is that:

1) Minorities are not unqualified for jobs just because they are minorities.

2) There are plenty, and I mean PLENTY of white men who get jobs who are not qualified.  And yet this is never questioned.  It’s ASSumed that they are.  For instance,you will never hear Pat Buchanan or Newt Gingrich say, “Hmm, I wonder if Stevens was nominated because he’s yet another white man picked by Bush.  I wonder if he is qualified or just advantaged because of his skin and who he knows?”

Nope you won’t hear that.  And yet white men have dominated the Supreme Court since it’s existance and continue to.  I dare to say they will continue to.  I am sick of these blatant hypocrites who bitterly question the intelligence and qualifications of every minority who runs for office or is selected to fill a position!   The highest court in the land should reflect a piece of every facet of society which includes gender, race, and socio-economic class.  That will assure the balance we need as a nation. 

You want to get rid of Affirmative Action?  Fine by me!  Just rid the nation of White priviledge first!

4 thoughts on “Dumb Ass Questions Show USA Has Long Way To Go

  1. Mikhail says:

    your a stupid piece of shit, people like u is what makes me want to just have another civil war and rid all u niggers and mexicans of our country..bring yall over here from diein from AIDs like all ur other brothers and sisters..and u do nothin but bitch..then all the latinos illegally come here and want control of our govt. kiss our fuckin asses..privileges? are u talkin about how blacks can u homes for basically nothing..and how all the white males work there asses off to cover ur welfare u lazy pieces of shit.FUCK u and ur whole race u dirty ass NIGGERS

  2. bbgcmac says:

    Mikhail – well you can want to rid folks of whatever all you want. It ain’t gonna change a thing. You have NO POWER to do NOTHING other than hide behind your computer and type your empty wishes – chewing on hate sandwiches. In the words of that great evangelist Jill Scott:

    Hate on me hater
    Now or later
    Cuz I’m gonna do me
    You’ll be mad baby
    Go ‘head and hate on me, hate on
    ‘Cuz I’m not afraid of
    What I got I paid for
    You can hate on me

    P.S. The ONLY reason I will even allow such an ignorant comment on my blog in the first place – is because it proves my point! Thanks for that.

    Otherwise I’ll just smile, and sip on a malt liquor while my white woman sits on my lap as the best of Malcolm X speeches play in my IPOD. But seriously “Cletus” EEERRRR Mikhail, the nation will continue to progress as folks like you are dying off every second -kicking and screaming while choking on your rebel flags burning with your white sheets – but dying nonetheless.

    By the way – we have a new supreme court judge coming to the courts – her name is Sotomayor – and she’s from Latin descent! Did I mention that?

  3. Christian says:

    im glad u didnt erase that comment 😀 good call…

    @ Mikhail

    HAHAH!!! i couldn’t stop laughing at your comment. I mean seriously….
    If your going to insult the minorities, do it in a more articulate and calm matter as your stereotype suggest you are. Not like an ignorant nigger (as can be used for the ignorant whites such as yourself).

    I’ve lived in the south for a few years now and even the racists here arent THAT ignorant. cmon man… grow up, its 2009…

  4. Jim Thornber says:

    It seems to me a minority is anyone who is not of a mixed race. How many people do you know whose bloodline is completely pure and unmixed with any other race or nationality? It is obvious from your picture, Chris, that you are not 100% African. I’m not 100% Caucasian. After it is all said and done, we are still the human race. Only small minded people will focus on skin color as a requirement for acceptance or rejection. I wonder how many white racists would reject Christ if they understood He actually looked more like Saddam Hussein than Garth Brooks?

    Thanks for the interesting dialogue. Its one of the reasons I keep checking in.



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