Obama Presidential, Bin Laden Shook!

President Obama in Saudi Arabia

 Clearly this visit by President Barack Obama to Egypt has shaken Osama Bin Laden.  While The President has been offering some great dialogue within his speeches about the relationships between Muslims and non Muslim nations, Bin Laden felt the need to make a tape trying to throw salt on the game.  Of all the tapes Bin Laden released in the past, I would say they were offensive messages meant to rile up his followers.  This one is obviously a defensive message as
The President has reached out to start a new process of peaceful living between Muslims and Jews.

President Obama in Saudi Arabia

I’ll tell you what too… these cats sure know how to set things out royally.  I look forward to visiting these types of places myself.  There are some majestic scenery’s indoors and out.  So far the feelings towards Obama’s speech has been positive in that he is speaking and not lecturing as most have.  He is holding all side accountable including Israel as well as the Palestinians. 

Obama addresses the Muslim world

When you consider the thousands of years of conflict based on religious beliefs and the hardliners, I can’t forsee a day of true and authentic peace in the Middle East.  But certainly things can get better if the leadership of these nations and their citizens of sound minds decide to.

One Two Three Game Time Whoop!

How much longer?

Game 1 of the NBA Finals tonight.  You know who I’m wit!  I’ll side with The President on the prediction.  Lake Show in 6! 

Look!  As long as the Lakers play D and play hard they will win the series.  Period.  IF they don’t it will be from lack of focus and effort on D and on the boards. 

Not taking anything away from The Magic.  They can do to LA what they did to Boston and Cleveland if the Lakers don’t bring it for a full 48 minutes (plus if necessary.) 

Dwight Howard

The Lakers have the talent and skill to do it.  Only their commitment has come into question at times.  Still they rise however and they are here.

I do agree with this article however.  My man Kobe can only dominate like he is so much longer at the age of 30 with all of the NBA miles he has on him.  With free agency and uncertainty the way it is, unless the Lakers make a Kevin Garnett type of move, this may be his best look at a championship for the remainder of his career.