Saw This Coming…

Sanford: 'I have been unfaithful to my wife'

Anytime a man just takes off for damn near a week and his wife don’t know where he is, it’s a straight up creep move.

That bit about hiking “to clear his head” was pretty lame too.  Did he actually think that anybody believed that? 

I don’t judge or laugh at anyone’s calamity.  I’m just saying he must have really been caught up to skip off like that.

Uncle Thomas Does It Again

There is definitely a such thing as self hatred.  This guy is in a league all by himself.  Normally old Clarence votes the way his pappy Scalia does.  But this time in voting against the Voting Rights Act he even out did his massa!

How in the hell do all of the other conservative judges say that the act is still needed in some degrees and the only one who doesn’t think it’s needed at all is a black man from Georgia?

Clarence obviously lives on his own planet.  I don’t even want to imagine what his world must be like on the inside.