US Open, Opens with a Bang!

Venus Williams celebrated after winning her match against Vera Dushevina at the U.S. Open on Monday.

After watching the first half of pre-season football, I tuned in to the US Open, probably my favorite tennis tournament.  Venus played a Russian girl, Vera Dushevina who almost took her clean out the tournament in two sets.  The way Venus was playing making mistake after mistake, I thought she was a goner! 

But she flipped the script and just dominated Dushevina as if she were an amateur.  It was clear after consecutive aces and wins off the serve that Venus was all in her head.

Venus also has tendinitis in one of her knees.  That doesn’t get better over a tournament, only with weeks of rest.  Will be interesting to see what happens over the next couple weeks.  Regardless I know there is some exciting tennis on the horizon on both the men’s and women’s sides.

Praying for So Cal

Smoke from the Station Fire rises over downtown Los Angeles ...

Talked to my mother on Sunday and she told me she can smell the smoke at her home in Inglewood.  Her home office is here downtown.  I am always saddened when this happens it seems every year in Southern California.  I don’t know if it’s been as bad as it is now.  But I sure pray some serious rain from that Hurricane down south can make its way there.  That is, if the wind doesn’t make it worse. 

I haven’t heard but did someone start this one on purpose?

Godspeed to the firefighters!  I hope they don’t lose anymore of them.