Jay Leno Rocks!

The Jay Leno Show

I was not a big Tonight Show fan at all.  I wasn’t when Carson did it either.  Late night television shows were never was my thing except when Arsenio was on, or if there was a really special guest like Prince musically.  But as I flipped the channels between Monday Night Football commercials I came across the much anticipated new Jay Leno Show that will be on 5 days a week.

The first show was flat out hilarious.  I started with the tail end of the interview with Jerry Seinfeld.  I never thought the cat was that funny in the first place.  I wondered was why was he wearing a tux.  But as I said I was late in the interview so it could have really been funny.

One thing is for sure.  The ‘interview’ he did with the president was flat out hilarious.  Please go to YouTube and check it out as it has to be up by now.  When Leno went Sen. Joe Wilson on Obama I almost spit my Widmere on the floor.  He also covered ‘tort’ reform and ‘stimulous’ too in ways you have to see for yourself.

The Kanye West interview before the performance with Jay-Z and Rhianna was surreal.  They rocked their number though.  Rhianna’s outfit was off the hook!  I know somewhere Chris Brown was saying, “Damn! I F’d up!”

My schedule is far too busy to get caught up on a weekday television show every evening.  But I will be keeping an eye out here and there on Jay’s show.  I know this idea is not something easy to pull off.