Presidential Nobel Prize

U.S. President Barack Obama comments on winning the 2009 Nobel ...

I’ve been pretty busy lately and didn’t have much of a chance to blog.  But I have to back track a bit and discuss the old news of Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace prize.  First of all I have to say I am proud.  Though many were put off at his winning it, saying that he hadn’t accomplished anything, that in itself is ridiculous.  But besides that the reasons given were very specific.

With the recent climate we’ve had and still with the personal static that comes his way from within his own country over essentials and non-essentials alike, the president is and has continued to be a person of class giving opportunity for positive dialogue.
I think any president will garner needed criticism from the people he governs as we muddle through our nations issues.  But the prize itself is just that.  A reward and acknowledgment of great achievement.  It should be celebrated as just that.  Our nation should be proud.  I am. 

A ‘Rush’ To Judgement?

I don’t have much of an opinion on whether Rush Limbaugh owns the Rams or any other NFL team.  It’s a free country and certainly there are racist owners in all of professional sports.  (See Donald Sterling)  And could he be worse as an owner than say, Al Davis?

What this does tell me though that Dave Checketts’ trial balloon of Limbaugh as a partner didn’t fly like as hoped.  And it also tells me that though Limbaugh has amassed wealth in the hundreds of millions of dollars by being a pariah and a hate mongerer, this is drawback that even his money couldn’t buy him out of.  At least not yet.  This is the price, or at least a side effect of the hate medicine he has sold for his life’s work.

Don’t get me wrong, I agree with Stephen A. Smith who don’t believe many African-American NFL players would turn down money to play for an unapologetic demagogue like Limbaugh.  Lord knows most of them don’t stand for anything but the game they play and the money they make from it.  I’m just saying I won’t cry tears or carry water for Rush in order to be politically correct or in some attempt to be more fair to him than he is to people who look like me.  Oh no. I won’t get on that wagon.  If it happens it happens.  But I truly IDGAF about Rush’s rights to buy an NFL team.