Welcome Back NBA!

2009 Lakers Championship Ring











Glad to see the NBA is back and the Lakers are set to defend their championship.  They got things started with a win over the cross town Clippers without Pau Gasol who sat out with a minor injury. 

I think the Ron Artest thing is going to work out too.  Kobe looks like Kobe already.  Drew Bynum looks great and if we can keep him playing he may be an All-Star by mid season. 

On the other tip the Cavs suck!  Let me be clear, LeBron is great.  But the Cavs suck and the Celtics showed them that last night by punking them on their own court.  Shaq does not command the double teams he used to.  LeBron has to go 1 on 3-4 people. 

Daniel Gibson has not gotten any better whatsoever.  They miss Delonte West for sure.  I hope that he is able to settle his life down first and is able to return to the team soon. 

Paul Pierce dribbled into a screen set for him by Kevin Garnett (right), allowing Pierce to squeeze past Cleveland's LeBron James.