BB&G C-Notes ~ Mid Week Musings

From the Good News/Bad News Department

Good News – Eric Holder Jr. will accept the post of Attorney General in the Obama administration.  This means we won’t be seeing any more Jena 6 episodes where local prosecutors and judges run wild with making up the law as they go in trying to take the country back to Jim Crow.  Holder who has a long history of working in the big time, was appointed to an Associate Judge position by Ronald Reagan and was deputy Attorney General under Clinton.  He’s also the son of immigrants from Barbados.  I am confident he will bring some justice back to the justice department: where in previous years the Ashcroft and Gonzales terms fired many great lawyers to satisfy Bush’s personal agenda of government by dictatorship.


Bad News – With the approval of Barack Obama the Democratic Caucus allowed Joe Lieberman to retain his post chairing the Senate Homeland Security Committee.  I can imagine there are reasons Obama allowed this snake to come back.  It could be cause he wants to show the example of new starts and letting bygones be bygones.  Certainly he has been the most graceful president elect ever especially with his political rivals.  It also may have to do with the fact that Lieberman is Jewish.  Regardless there is no way this guy doesn’t flip again at some point.  He is a disgrace!   

Dems spare Lieberman, let bygones be bygones

What in the hell is up with these pirates over in Somalia?  When did pirating come back in style?  I guess it’s not like the peg-legged cats I’m used to seeing on TV back in the day.  Nor are they like the Johnny Depp character in the film.  These dudes are now taking over oil tankers and shit.  WTF?  Where is the funding coming from?  Is the booty that phat or is this a new game for drug lords?  I don’t know, but somebody needs to put a stop to this shit!

An undated photo of the Sirius Star in South Korean waters.   story.depp.jpg

Memo to horrible ass parents who are too gutless to take care of their kids If you can afford to fly or drive your kids across the country to Nebraska to drop them off at a hospital, you can afford to take care of them.  I didn’t know this many people were that selfish and stupid as to drop 5 year old kids and teenagers off to get over on a law in Nebraska that was created to give new mothers who are scared of motherhood a safe haven to leave kids without prosecution.  In Nebraska’s haste to have a law similar to the rest of the country, the dummy’s forgot to put an age limit on the kids that could be left on hospital doorsteps.  So instead of it serving the purpose of it’s intent, which is to basically prevent teen mothers from leaving their newborns in dumpsters, people from around the nation are making a fast trek to the Nebraska border to ditch their “chillin‘. (That’s “children” for those of you who don’t have any of those Southern roots.)  Anyway – that’s whack!  And ya’ll should be ashamed of yourselves!  In the words of Mike Tyson, “You’re scared cowards!”

Four children have been dropped off at Nebraska hospitals in the last two days.

This week’s hypocrite award goes to our hometown baseball hero, Sir Albert Pujols.  You see Albert won Major League Baseball’s MVP award this year. (His second one.) And don’t get me wrong, he is one of the very best baseball has to offer.  Dude can flat out play.  But in 2006 when Philadelphia Phillie Ryan Howard won the award, because his team didn’t make the playoffs, Albert threw some haterade on Ryan’s party.  Said Sir Albert at the time when asked about Ryan winning the award, “I see it this way: Someone who doesn’t take his team to the playoffs doesn’t deserve to win the MVP.”  (The Cardinals went to the playoffs and won the World Series that year.)

Well this time Howard’s Phillies finished in first place and won the World Series.  Howard also finished second in the MVP voting behind Pujols. The Cardinals did not make the playoffs.  It’s the exact same situation in reverse.  But somehow Albert feels he deserves to win the award.  Although he admits now that Ryan Howard deserved the award in 2006, he doesn’t admit that he was wrong for the statement.  It’s almost as if he is saying, “Well since I won it this time it’s all good.”  Make up your mind Albert!  Is it about the playoffs or “all the numbers” as you say now?

Pujols MVP


BBG C-Notes – Week Ending Sept 12-4

I know there has been a mostly serious tone in the house lately.  So let’s lighten it up a bit for the weekend while “still keepin it real.” 

First I have to give love to those in the gulf coast especially in Texas.  Thoughts and prayers to you as Ike approaches.  And now… the C-Notes.

** Memo to Orenthal – I know that up until this point you have practically been superman!  You’ve rolled like the man of steel.  You’ve been bulletproof!  But you may want to strike a deal with the prosecutor for that sting operation you pulled last year to get your gear in Vegas.  Do a lil jail time, feed the wolves and go about your way.  These white folks are NOT going to let you skate again.  The squeeze is on Juice.  Take a knee on this one.

** I am a huge Lance Armstrong fan!  Loved his book and found it quite incredible and inspirational.  Winning all those Tour De France titles was legendary – even amid all the doping speculation as well as the utter hate by the French.  You’ve won man – you proved your point!  No need to get back in the game now.  Don’t get me wrong, if anybody can do this it’s Livestrong!  But its clear that even cyclist who achieve greatness often stay a bit too long tarnishing their legacies.  This is an example of American arrogance.  Leave it be Lance!  Between your age and the fact that the whole nation will be holding fort at the airport with syringes when you get there… no way this goes good for you. 

*** Had a conversation the other day and was reminded how sweet this time of the elections would  be if Tim Russert were still with us.  He would not be letting this election distraction of Palin get by.  He would question her record and without missing a step keep John McCain’s feet to the fire.  Remember as horrible a selection as Palin is, the more people talk about her the less they talk about McCain.   He has been able to skate by on his lack of substance by putting her in the bright lights.  Many Americans are falling for this misdirection play.  Talk about lipstick on a pig….! 

***GAS GRASS (Coke) & ASS

So did you hear about the scandal involving several oil company representatives and the people they are working to have off shore drilling approved?  It seems that an investigation found that these oil executives where doing, (ahem) their own brand of off-shore drilling to the same people whose agencies offer offshore drilling leases and collects royalties.  Talk about partying like rock starts!!!  Apparently the cats at Chevron, Shell, and Hess among others really know how to “get down” with the MS Chicks!  Well at least you know why your gas prices are so…. uhhh “high”. 

*** I still can’t help but to be saddened by the fall of former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.  I was proud when he got elected.  I was rooting for him!  Got to see him during my one visit to Detroit and found him quite impressive.  This article from the Detoit Free Press does a good job of detailing a balanced perspective.  Kwame has flavor and charisma, and he rose at a very young age.  But the young brother got caught up and I don’t know that he can ever come back politically from this.  Stay close to your family brotha.  They will help you find peace and then pick up the pieces.

*** Big game in college football this weekend!

Who ya wit?!!!

“I got Southern Cal – them Big Ten teams are too slow to hang with this killa squad!”

Have a blessed weekend family~

BBG C-Notes Week Ending Aug 15-17

Peeps, I know its been a week.  I have been on a bit of a sabbatical lately.  So i have not been able to post.  Thanks for sticking around.

We Will Remember:

Black Moses (Isn’t that redundant?)

And Bernie (I want my milk and coooookies) Mac


Rest in peace brothers!

Olympic News – (In Bad Taste)

What the hell were the Spaniards thinking about when they decided to pose with the “slanted eyes?”  Their poor excuses were not fooling anyone either.  Pau Gasol (who played Pau Gasoft when I last saw him foshizzle fizzle against the Celtics while wearing my beloved purple and gold of the Lakers) said, ““It was supposed to be a picture that inspired the Olympic spirit.”  What Olympic spirit would that be Pau?  Hey if the Olympics were ever in Africa, maybe they can all wear blackface!

Speaking of black faces, I tend to agree with USA’s Jason Kidd who pointed out that if that were the Americans, specifically the black Americans who pulled such crap they would be on the first plane smoking back to the States.  David Stern would be on the war path suspending players and condemning them left and right.  The world would have reacted and the powers that be would be ready to give up some American booty.

Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number 

At least the Chinese Olympic Team doesn’t think so when it comes to the age limits.  They sent Jr. High schoolers to do their deeds and win gold.   I mean just look at these girls!  Do they look 16 to you?  I know how sometimes a child looks older or younger than they really are – but practically the whole squad?  They look like they should be watching Spongebob!  Mitch Albom (Detroit Free Press Sports – Tuesday’s With Morrie) said it best: “What did you expect? Any country that would lip-sync out a 7-year-old singer because she wasn’t cute enough for the opening ceremony wouldn’t hesitate to use underage children to capture gold medals. That’s a no-brainer.” 


Thats the Chinese government for you though.  Rules only apply when they are the ones making them.

On The Upside:

Suffice it to say it DOES NOT SUCK to be Michael Phelps does it?  This dude is cold smashing cats globally in these games.  How about starting off with 6 golds with 6 world records! (12 total in his career and counting)  I read today that this cat puts away 12000 calories per day during training.  DAMN!  I bet thats a record too for a world class swimmer.

Memo to the USA Olympic Committee: How could you be so stupid as to not invite Mark Spitz?

Michael Phelps

I guess that ASS whoppin that USA Men’s basketball put on defending gold medal team Greece sent a clear signal that this isn’t 2006.  They may have gotten Dirk Nowitzki (Germany) out of his game.  But Coach K’s is a coach who truly believes in beating opponents into submission.  Before the game he showed the team a tape of Greece celebrating on the court aftet the game two years ago.  Needless to say, they got attitude.  Especially the ones who played on that team.  Spain!  Your next!

Chris Bosh

On To Politics:

Memo to Kwame Kilpatrick- Brotha stay in D Town.  Don’t be tryin to crash the Dems convention in Denver.  Take a page out of the John Edwards handbook!  This is not about you!

Memo to geographically challenged brothers and sistas – While Russia has invaded the capital of Georgia, Atlanta is Ok.  You can still drive down Peachtree!

Memo to bitter Hillary Clinton Supporters: Get over yourselves.  Your girl lost!  The Obama camp has bent over backwards to accomodate the Clinton’s ego all summer.  The convention is coming up in two weeks.  Please don’t go there and show your asses.  You just look bad not to mention its an invitation to insert John McCain.  Its like free advertising.  Of course some of you don’t care.  And you tend to look like racist in the meantime.  Check this quote out from Will Bower, co-founder of the Just Say No Deal Coalition, a rabid Clinton Supporter.  “I have been voting Democratic for 18 years. I only voted for Democrats, from dog catcher to president and everything in between.  I will be voting for someone other than Barack Obama come November.”

You mean to tell me that Obama and Clinton’s policies proposals are that different?  Can you be any more obvious?

BBG C-Notes Week Ending Aug 1 – Aug 3

Can you believe we are already at the beginning of August of 2008?  It seems the older I get the faster time flies.  Several things come to mind this week that I would rather not get into deeply, but they are good for a quick mention…

On Pride and Politics

I mean is it me or does Senator McCain just get on your nerves with his constant obsession with Barack Obama.  All this guys does on his “campaign” trail is rail against Barack.  In his latest tirade he is airing a commercial that compares Barack’s canidacy and appeal to that of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.  Can this old white dude get MORE tired than he already is?  I find this reminiscent of the kind of things one Hillary Clinton used to say about Obama before he spanked that ass in the Dem primary.  In that campaign she constantly belittled and underestimated Obama’s message to Americans.   Next thing you know she is askin Obama for some loot to get out of campaign debt.  I see the same with McCain.  He thinks that because Obama is not white, that he can pretty much say anything about him including the dumb statement that Obama would rather lose the war if he can win an election.  Keep it up John.  Your making this easy.

Speaking of Obama, I hear that his campaign is all in a tizzy over Ludacris’ political rap in which he has a thing or two to say about the likes of Hillary, McCain and Jackson.  An example:

Go to fullsize image

On special perks:‘Said I handled his biz and I’m one of his favorite rappers, well give Luda a special pardon if I’m ever in the slammer. Better yet put him in office, make me your vice president.’

On Hillary Clinton: ‘Hillary hated on you, so that (expletive) is irrelevant’

On Republicans: McCain don’t belong in any chair unless he’s paralyzed, Yeah I said it cause Bush is mentally handicapped

Obama’s campaign came out with statements against the song, and others are even calling on Obama to denounce Luda.  Memo to the Obama campaign, please do NOT go Tipper Gore on us!  Leave it alone.  The best thing you can say in this situation is nothing!  Let MTV be the judge as to whether the song sucks or not.

Tipper Gore, cofounder of the Parents Music Resource Center

Artest Gives Yao Culture Lessons

While getting ready for the Olympic games in his home country for the Chinese national team in Beijing,  Yao Ming got wind of the acquisition of his American team of Ron Artest from the Sacramento Kings.  Ron Ron was glad to go to a team with the likes of Yao and Tracy McGracy.  But Yao didn’t seem as enthused.  Asked what he thought of the oft troubled reputation of Artest, Yao said: “Hopefully, he’s not fighting anymore and going after a guy in the stands.”  This of course references the brawl that took place in Detroit a few years ago when Ron Ron was with the Pacers.   When Ron Ron heard this, he wasn’t upset but instead decided that Yao needed a little lesson on ghetto culture:

“I understand what Yao said, but I’m still ghetto.  That’s not going to change.  I’m never going to change my culture.  Yao has played with a lot of black players, but I don’t think he’s ever played with a black player that really represents his culture as much as I represent my culture. Once Yao Ming gets to know me, he’ll understand what I’m about.”

 I’m glad Ron Ron said his culture was “ghetto” and not black or African-American.  He may have meant the two interchangeably, but I’d just assume leave it be.  I’ll take the same advice I gave Obama on this one. 

On Sports/Non Olympic

Memo to Brett Favre – Please go away!  I have been one of the few who have voiced my displeasure with this spoiled brat’s “on again off again” rants over the last several years regarding whether or not he was going to retire.  Certainly if he were Steve McNair or Warren Moon, hell Donovan McNabb he wouldn’t garner all of this sympathy nor would this behavior be tolerated.  That being said the Packers made total fools out of themselves by offering #4 20 million to stay in Mississippi as opposed to playing for some other team.  This is stupid on a couple levels.  First of all why?  If you don’t want this dude simply trade him, or release him.  Second what makes them think #4 would have taken the cheddar anyway?  If he did he would look even MORE selfish than he does now; as if all of this was about money.  Even #4 isn’t that stupid!  I don’t think so anyway.


 Speaking of trades and what not.  How about my man Manny Ramirez formerly of the Boston Red Sox.  Much has been said over the past several weeks by this disgruntled employee.  Manny is definitely his own man and lives in Manny World.  Sort of like Darryl Dawkins did back when he lived on Love Tron.  But Manny, the ever clever one took advantage of the news of his and #4’s trade rumors gossip.  And in the spirit of Chad Johnson broke with this clever sign in the Red Sox dugout a couple nights ago. 








How good is that?  Well Manny was traded on Thursday but not to the Packers.  Instead he will wear Dodger Blue and play for old Yankee skipper Joe Torre.  I met Manny in St. Louis the day he won the World Series MVP against the Cardinals.  The guy was totally cool even as I interrupted his lunch with his wife for a picture.  Say what you want but Manny plays, and he MASHES the ball.  He will always be cool with me.  He should fit right in with other Tinseltown notables.

Quick Notes

Juno has to be one of the funniest, most clever movies I have ever seen!

Speaking of movies, finally I was able to copy The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh a DVD that a friend of mine loaned me in December.  Sorry it took so long man!  There were several failed attempts!

God By Any Other Name

In my Christian circles I often hear that Jesus is the only way to the Father.  I tend to debate that in its strict religious forms.  My theory has always been that God knows what His name is – and that it’s not what you call Him by name but what one means in his/her heart.  I believe God recognize a sincere heart that searches Him out.  Case in point – In reading the book, “Shake Hands With The Devil,” LT. Gen. Romeo Dallaire spoke about a divine experience one of his men had during the genocide in Rwanda:

Major Diagne… while transcribing minutes from meetings – “… as he sat at his desk transcribing, he felt the sudden need of prayer and slid off his chair to his knees on his prayer carpet, his head toward Mecca, as required by Islamic faith.  At that exact moment, a huge piece of shrapnel smashed through his window from a mortar explosion, flying through the space he had just vacated, bouncing off the walls and landing still red-hot near his feet.  He came within a hair’s breadth of certain death.  Always dignified and composed, Diagne reported the damage to his window and then returned to his desk to complete his tedious but essential transcribing.  (P. 313)

Say what you want, Jesus, Allah, whatever.  The man sensed his spiritual master calling and because he obeyed that voice to pray his life was spared. 

Speaking of prayers, big prayers for my man John Bass.  Pull on through!  “In Jesus name!”

Ya’ll make it a great weekend!

BB&G C-Notes Week Ending June 6-9

 This is a big weekend!  My daughter Chrystal is getting married and I will be giving her away.  I am not sure what sort of emotions I will have but it’s an exciting time.  I am looking forward to it with reverence and humility.  Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Justin Curry to be.  Peace and blessings from Dad!


The Celtics won game 1 of the Finals last night.  It was a nice game and the series should be an exciting one.   But did ya’ll get a load of Paul Pierce’s act last night?  This dude goes down like he was shot after bumpting into Kendrick Perkins, is carried off by pallbearers into a wheelchair and carted off to the lockeroom, only to come back a couple minutes later slashing 3 pointers all over the place.  What the hell?  First of all Paul Pierce aka The Truth is my man!  He is a career Celtic and I am happy that he is in this position.  When he first went down I thought it would be a shame if he were really hurt and couldn’t compete from start to finish in The Finals.  However, I have to admit that when I saw him in that wheelchair, for some reason I felt it was overdone and I said out loud, “Paul’s gonna be back in this game.  He’s fine!  He’s gonna walk out of the lockeroom to an ovation and set it off!”  Of course he did and the rest is history.  Now people are trying to compare his performance to that of Willis Reed back in the day.  I agree with Jalen Rose who appeared on ESPN’s First Take opposite Skip Bayless when he said that Paul was not Willis Reed but Keyser Soze.  See ya Sunday for Game 2!    

Celtics teammates gloomily carried Paul Pierce off the court during the third period with what appeared to be a severe injury.


BBG C-Notes Week Ending May 23-26

A special happy birthday to the first love of my life.  My momma!  Mom you are 63 and you still look fly to me! 
Love Ya Always, son


Don’t Just Pass The “Q”

Image Preview





As we take the time to enjoy this first national holiday of the year, please remember the purpose of the day.  Enjoy your barbque by all means, but remember the heroes who sacrificed their lives for this nation.  Appreciate those who serve now.  God bless you all!

**Speaking of heroes!


What about Chinese police woman Jiang Xiaojuan who breast fed several starving infants in the midst of the devastating effects of the earthquake that struck China on May 12.  In the midst of tragedy there are always stories of people coming together and doing incredibly unselfish things.  Its the best of human nature.  This officer who is also the mother of her own 6 month old stated, “I am breast-feeding, so I can feed babies. I didn’t think of it much. It is a mother’s reaction and a basic duty as a police officer to help.”  Saving any children where its estimated at least 70,000 have perished in a nation, where by law a family can only have one child is especially important to the survivors.  My Chinese brothers and sisters, you are in my prayers.

 ** We can’t forget about the people of Myanmar people who suffered tens of thousands deaths as well from the cyclone.  Thank God the junta has finally agreed to allow all of the aid workers to enter the nation and assist the people there.  So far the leadership has been horrible to their people.  Hopefully the pressure from the world will break through.

** Prayers for Senator Ted Kennedy and family.

** I’m trying to leave this alone – but whats up with McCain and John Hagee?  I mean more info comes out about Hagee’s idiotic statements – most recently about how God used Hitler and the Holacaust to return the Jews to Isreal.  Wow!  Well after seeking this guys endorsement McCain is now backing away from Hagee.  And get this: McCain claims this situation does not compare to the Obama controversy surrounding Rev. Wright because Hagee was not his pastor or spiritual advisor.  Huh?  This may be fact.  However,  the truth is that Hagee made these statements years ago and apparently as a friend of mine noted, McCain at worst is such an “endorsement whore” that either he didn’t bother doing his homework before seeking Hagee’s endorsement, or it just didn’t matter till these sermons came to light.  McCain is a mess! He reminds me of ’04 when all the Dems could come up with against Bush was Kerry.  He may be worse.  He sounds more like a bumbling idiot every time he opens his mouth.  Its not a good time to be a Republican, especially when the current president is doing so bad, that the party has to pick the lesser of it’s hopefuls to represent the party and not “waste” a “good” canidate.

** Safe journeys to “The One And Only” and partner in crime and activism “Don Pablo” traveling to Iowa.  God bless your family.

** Go Lakers! 

The Lakers 60th Anniversary logo worn on the Lakers' uniform

** So my daughter had her an ingrown toe nail removed this morning.  And in great anticipation she moaned and complained about having to have a numbing shot in the toe.  “Oh my god, is this gonna hurt?  Ohh ohh ohh,” as she grabbed my arm and acted as if she was giving birth.  Her teacher calls her “The Queen of Exaggeration” and in keeping with that title, a few minutes after receiving the shots she says, “I don’t think the numbing is working.  I can’t feel my toe!”  Upon laughing and telling her I am going to put her in my blog for that statment, her expression changes immediately and she tosses her head to the sky and follows up with this classic, “Good, after people read about me I will be on broadway!.”

Have a safe weekend!  🙂

 Cya Tuesday




BBG C-Notes Weekend Edition May 16-18


The Love Experience

Customer (Main Version)





As much as I am an “Old Head” when it comes to music.  I definitely appreciate the artist today who are original and soulful.  Jill Scott comes to mind among others.  Performers are cool and they serve their purposes for entertainment – but there is something about the “artist” of the world who inspire and make me feel things on the inside that words just can’t describe.  Artist move you, make you think, feel, reflect, they touch you whether it’s through acting on a screen or theatre production, through painting on a canvas, through instrument or dance.  With all of the technological advances and quick fix ways to imitate, I am thankful that there remains within our midst the artist who shape hearts and minds in ways that transform spirit through creative expressions.  One such artist is Raheem DeVaughn who released his second CD  called “Love Behind The Melody”.  DeVaughn is poetic, soulful, sensual, sexual, bold, imaginative, and tasteful in his mix of old school melodies and new school innovation.  I can clearly sense his love for the craft of music and the message he is looking to offer the world.   He is currently on tour and I was blessed to see him recently as an opener for Jill Scott.  He is headlining his own show as well so check him out in a city near you.  I recommend this artist to anyone out there who loves great music.  He is on my short list of potential greats for the 21st Century!  Thanks Raheem!  Keep on doing what your doing bro!

Supreme Court in California Overturns Gay Marriage Ban

File photo shows a gay couple holding hands (Reuters)

This is a fight that is not going to go away anytime soon.  One court rules over another in this politically charged issue.  Certainly the issue will be back on the forefront in the upcoming election as the canidates will be questioned about the federal or supreme court judges that either Senators McCain or (more than likely) Obama will choose.  One thing I know for sure, the nation was blindsided the last couple presidential elections because the gay issue took precedence over other issues that pertain to life outside one’s bedroom.  As a nation we cannot affored to allow poverty, high energy and food prices, an economy in recession, unemployment, housing crisis etc. to be placed on the backburner.  Let’s keep our eyes on the bigger prizes this time ya’ll!     

Happy Birthday!

A very special happy birthday to my main man… Alex McCaleb holding it down in the ATL!  He turns 15 on Saturday.  From what he tells me he is 5’9 now which would make him taller than me!  Wow!  I miss you and your brother so much!  I hope you have a great birthday!  I love you man!


Ahhhh, it’s May and time for graduations all over the nation.  Congratulations to my little cousin Bre’ Fields who will graduating from Collinsville High School in Collinsville, Illinois Saturday.  Sorry girl I’m gonna be working when you “walk” but I will be thinkin bout ya!

Wednesday night I got to spend some time with Rev. Michael Eric Dyson as he spoke at the St. Louis Public Library to lecutre and promote his new book, ,”April 4, 1968″ Martin Luther King Jr.’s Death and How It Changed America.  It was a great crowd and though I have met Dr. Dyson several times hearing him speak in St. Louis and Detroit, this was probably the most memorable as he preached and broke down the last few weeks and days of the MLK’s life, his obsession with death, the political climate, and how it relates to today’s voices such as Barack Obama and Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  As always Dyson was insightful, humorous, enlightening and above all else truthful.  From what I can see this book is a great read and I plan to dive into it soon.  I enjoyed it immensely in the front row with my boy Rich from

But Mike, I am still looking to get that interview from you for MY book!  I got all of YOURS and six of them are signed!  Holla at your boy!

~Have a great weekend! 


BBG C-Notes

C-Span and Book TV did a wonderful interview with Author and Activist Alice Walker.  It was filmed from her home in Berkely, California and covered topics such as the books she has written, love, politics, Earth as divinity etc.  The interview was extensive one lasting almost three hours which included telephone questions and comments.  I have never read any of her books (though the movie The Color Purple is one of my favorites.)  I did find her to be an extrordinary thinker and posess a beautiful spirit.  I definitely plan to read her work!

On the book tip – Over the weekend I started reading a new book.  Well not new but new for me.  Its called “Parting The Waters”, America In The King Years 1954-63.  This is the first editition of a trio of work done to chronicle the life and times as they related to America and MLK during a span of 14 years.  The first book won The Pulitizer Prize and though it’s close to a thousand pages the information is the best work of a biography that I can ever recall seeing.   Certainly this is the most extensive work done to chronicle the life of Dr. King.  So far in just a few pages I learned the connection of Spellman and Moorhouse Colleges with the philanthropic efforts of John D. Rockefeller.  How MLK’s dad who was an adult with a 5th grade education when he met the future Mrs. King who was a student at Spellman – and because he had to be an educated man to even think of approaching her, (literally) he put himself through school to get his high school equivalency.  Furthermore, upon trying to attend college he miserably failed the college entry exam, but stormed into the president’s office and talked himself into getting admitted anyway.  He did all of this because he was interested in marrying the woman who would give birth to Dr. King.  The whole set up seems quite divine to me in the way it was “orchestrated.”  There is great detail to all the ins and outs, and it reads part like a commentary, part documentary and part scholarly dissertation.  I plan to purchase all three books as they provide a history and detail that I could not imagine let alone have seen before.  I have close to 100 films and documentaries regarding African-American history, but nothing has given me what I have seen so far in the pages of Mr. Branch’s work.  I would recommend these books to anyone who has an interest in the life of Dr. King and America from a perspective not seen or heard often enough.

Quick Bits

Wasn’t it sad to see that poor horse Eight Belles fall to the ground after breaking both legs and have to be euthanized on the spot? 

Tomorrow is the North Carolina and Indiana primaries.  I hope they put us closer to some finality in terms of the Democratic ticket for president. 

Mothers day is Sunday!  Don’t forget to honor the moms in your life.

One of my favorite scriptures: Proverbs 21:2 “All the ways of a man seem right to him, but the Lord weighs the heart.”