BB&G C-Notes ~ Mid Week Musings

From the Good News/Bad News Department

Good News – Eric Holder Jr. will accept the post of Attorney General in the Obama administration.  This means we won’t be seeing any more Jena 6 episodes where local prosecutors and judges run wild with making up the law as they go in trying to take the country back to Jim Crow.  Holder who has a long history of working in the big time, was appointed to an Associate Judge position by Ronald Reagan and was deputy Attorney General under Clinton.  He’s also the son of immigrants from Barbados.  I am confident he will bring some justice back to the justice department: where in previous years the Ashcroft and Gonzales terms fired many great lawyers to satisfy Bush’s personal agenda of government by dictatorship.


Bad News – With the approval of Barack Obama the Democratic Caucus allowed Joe Lieberman to retain his post chairing the Senate Homeland Security Committee.  I can imagine there are reasons Obama allowed this snake to come back.  It could be cause he wants to show the example of new starts and letting bygones be bygones.  Certainly he has been the most graceful president elect ever especially with his political rivals.  It also may have to do with the fact that Lieberman is Jewish.  Regardless there is no way this guy doesn’t flip again at some point.  He is a disgrace!   

Dems spare Lieberman, let bygones be bygones

What in the hell is up with these pirates over in Somalia?  When did pirating come back in style?  I guess it’s not like the peg-legged cats I’m used to seeing on TV back in the day.  Nor are they like the Johnny Depp character in the film.  These dudes are now taking over oil tankers and shit.  WTF?  Where is the funding coming from?  Is the booty that phat or is this a new game for drug lords?  I don’t know, but somebody needs to put a stop to this shit!

An undated photo of the Sirius Star in South Korean waters.   story.depp.jpg

Memo to horrible ass parents who are too gutless to take care of their kids If you can afford to fly or drive your kids across the country to Nebraska to drop them off at a hospital, you can afford to take care of them.  I didn’t know this many people were that selfish and stupid as to drop 5 year old kids and teenagers off to get over on a law in Nebraska that was created to give new mothers who are scared of motherhood a safe haven to leave kids without prosecution.  In Nebraska’s haste to have a law similar to the rest of the country, the dummy’s forgot to put an age limit on the kids that could be left on hospital doorsteps.  So instead of it serving the purpose of it’s intent, which is to basically prevent teen mothers from leaving their newborns in dumpsters, people from around the nation are making a fast trek to the Nebraska border to ditch their “chillin‘. (That’s “children” for those of you who don’t have any of those Southern roots.)  Anyway – that’s whack!  And ya’ll should be ashamed of yourselves!  In the words of Mike Tyson, “You’re scared cowards!”

Four children have been dropped off at Nebraska hospitals in the last two days.

This week’s hypocrite award goes to our hometown baseball hero, Sir Albert Pujols.  You see Albert won Major League Baseball’s MVP award this year. (His second one.) And don’t get me wrong, he is one of the very best baseball has to offer.  Dude can flat out play.  But in 2006 when Philadelphia Phillie Ryan Howard won the award, because his team didn’t make the playoffs, Albert threw some haterade on Ryan’s party.  Said Sir Albert at the time when asked about Ryan winning the award, “I see it this way: Someone who doesn’t take his team to the playoffs doesn’t deserve to win the MVP.”  (The Cardinals went to the playoffs and won the World Series that year.)

Well this time Howard’s Phillies finished in first place and won the World Series.  Howard also finished second in the MVP voting behind Pujols. The Cardinals did not make the playoffs.  It’s the exact same situation in reverse.  But somehow Albert feels he deserves to win the award.  Although he admits now that Ryan Howard deserved the award in 2006, he doesn’t admit that he was wrong for the statement.  It’s almost as if he is saying, “Well since I won it this time it’s all good.”  Make up your mind Albert!  Is it about the playoffs or “all the numbers” as you say now?

Pujols MVP


4 thoughts on “BB&G C-Notes ~ Mid Week Musings

  1. chaze77 says:

    Good post.

    Just a thing or two to say…

    I know you’re disappointed to see Lieberman keep his chair, but the dems put it to a simple vote, and the majority says he keeps it. I feel better that they all got to vote on it- better than I would if he’d just been allowed to keep it cuz Harry Reid says so or whatever.

    Personally, I’m torn- on the one hand, he has supported many progressive causes near and dear to my heart. To completely discount his very real contributions to the democratic caucus would be a mistake.

    On the other hand, we all watched as this man turned against Barack Obama, and the Dems by extension during the campaign season. It wouldn’t have been as big a deal if he’d have done what he said he was going to do- endorse John McCain, period, end of story. Instead of just doing that, he campaigned, not just for McCain, but against the democratic nominee- meaning he capitalized on the fear, the hate and the negativity that became the signature of the Republican Party- he knowingly and willingly smeared Obama in the process.

    That was scandalous.

    Next, the Nebraska Safe Haven Law…


    I don’t necessarily agree that if a parent can afford to cross state lines to drop the kid off, they can afford to take care of them.

    That statement’s a bit broad, but perhaps we can narrow it down a bit and state if these parents have the time, the money and the resources to travel extensively across state lines to abandon their children, then they certainly have the time and the money to seek alternative solutions.

    There should be a middle ground between the two extremes. On one end we have parents being forced to care for their children- high risk children, special needs children- without the benefit of assistance or resources, while on the other end of the spectrum we have created the option of abandonment for them.

    It’s my understanding that the vast majority of these children have terrible behavior/mental health issues, violent tendencies, etc. Most of them have been treated and hospitalized at various points in the past for mental issues.

    Caring for these particular children is even more costly than the already staggering price tag placed on rearing children that don’t have additional medical/mental problems.

    The majority of the parents are low-to-moderate income, have no health insurance, etc.

    I also read that more than half of the parents have a criminal history and have done significant jail time.

    Put all these factors together- jail time, mental issues, financial stressors…

    What that says to me is that Nebraska, in their inadvertant creation of a costly loop-hole by not legally defining the age limit of a “child”, instead exposed a very serious problem in this country.

    Certainly Nebraska cannot bear the brunt of caring for every abandoned child in the U.S… but clearly, parents either don’t have much-needed help available to them, or aren’t aware the assistance is available, nor are we, as parents, taught how to seek it out, should we need it.

    I cannot imagine a scenario that would allow me to voluntarily turn my child over to anyone- let alone strange officials in another state.

    What I do know is that many of these children faced horrible abuse back home if their parents hadn’t turned them over in Nebraska.

    I want kids to be raised by their parents. But if the parents can’t hack it, I want every last one of them dropped off somewhere- be it Nebraska or my own house here in Missouri- SOMEWHERE.

    Abuse as an alternative is unacceptable.

  2. chaze77 says:

    Ok- You asked for the second comment… so don’t even give me no lip about this book I seem to be writing!

    … And please remind your readers, I am sarcastic by nature… what I’m about to type should be taken as such…

    The other lesson we have learned from the Nebraska child fiasco is that white people are bad parents. Only one of those children that were ultimately abandoned was black. The other 33 of them were white. By my calculations, that means 97% of white parents are bad parents, compared to 3% of blacks.

    Just sayin’.

    The irony is, if the numbers were reversed, and 33 black kids compared to one white kid had been dropped off in Nebraska, we’d be hearing EVERY NIGHT about the epidemic of horrible black parents. Funny how no one’s saying anything about these white kids… guess that’s not a reflection on white people in general, right?

  3. abbey says:

    Wow whats the address of the place in Nebraska i got a donation to make lol
    not really
    Life is hard but the only thing that makes the struggle worth it are my kids. And im in that doesnt make enough to survive scrapin paycheck to paycheck but makes way too much to get assistance of much of any kind. Ya the people that pick the numbers obviously have never had to take care of kids.
    I think if people drop thier kids off like that they should have to sign them completly over and never get rights to them again, and get fixed so as not to have anymore kids they choose not to take care of, ok well the parents who are older and know better anyway should lose their rights to conceive again. A young parent that is scared and has a new baby and feels like they just cant do it, ya its a good thing to give them a safe out, but dont make it an easy out.
    And i hope there arnt in out privlages attached to that S no droppin off and pickin up and droppin off and pickin up.

    Dang Chaze that hurt my white parent feelings lol not really im tougher than that, plus all 4 of my boys are home gettin on my nerves, so im safely not part of them numbers. 🙂

  4. diane says:

    i hear ya abbey, i was just sayin the same thing that i am in that just scrappin by , carrying the burden of taxes middle class but dont qualify for any assistance area. and i am just totally sick about the safe haven law, and i as well have my two eating me out of house and home and take me hear and there and i need , i need , teenagers at home. who as well get on my nerves but wouldnt have it any other way , lol.

    For instance, the boy that died at Hazelwood west high school (the wrestler) was my kids good friend, he was at my house last week. anyway my daughter was crushed, but she wrote him a letter and read it to my family. we all were crying it was soo beautiful. It wouldnt have given that moment up for the world!!!

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