Lyrics In My Ear, Fred Hammond, Please Don’t Pass Me By

Please Don't Pass Me By

There was a blind man on the road side, and he heard a commotion yeah
It was Jesus passing by, the crowd and it stirred his emotions
Oh oh oh oh
He’d been displaced his whole life, should he even try

(Don’t bother Jesus) they say you have nothing
(You have nothing to offer) stay in your place
(Right then he knew) he had to choose
(He had nothing to lose)

So he cried Jesus, (Jesus), I need you, (I need you, Please don’t pass me by)
He cried out Jesus, (Jesus), Not ashamed (to tell you, I need you in my life)
I need you in my life

I’m not much different from that man, and this is the honest truth
Could this sinful one, with this messed up life, could I ever serve you
Oh oh oh oh
People and things clutter my mind, should I even try

(Don’t bother Jesus) that’s what they say yay yeah
(You have nothing to offer) stay in your place
(I must admit) when I think about it then
(I need you in my life)

So I cry Jesus, (Jesus), I need you (I need you)
(Please don’t pass me by)
I’m crying out (Jesus), I’m not ashamed (to tell you I need you in my life)

As the deer (as the deer panted)
Thirsty for the water yeah (thirsty for the water)
My soul desires and longs to be yeah (to be with you)

Jesus, (I need you, Please don’t pass me by)
I don’t mean to waste your time but I can’t listen to the crowd,
situations in my life telling me to keep it down
but I need you

I know I’m broken, but you can heal me, Jesus, Jesus I’m calling you
I might not be worth much
Might not be worth much, but I’m still willing
Jesus, Jesus, I’m calling you
Jesus, Jesus

Jesus, Jesus I’m calling you
Jesus, Jesus

Losing in Las Vegas, or The Negro Nobody Cares About….

When thinking of this blog the words of a wise man came to me….

You’ve got to know when to hold’em

Know when to fold’em

Know when to walk away…

And know when to run…

Yes that great wise man Kenny Rogers broke this revelation down many years ago.  And yet some of us just don’t get it.  This is such the case with one Orenthal James Simpson, who after escaping the wrath of justice over a decade ago never knew when to say when… never understood that he needed to stay down and keep a low profile…. never understood you can’t keep pulling the tail of the tiger without the beast biting your head off.  Now the cat is behind bars for kidnapping, armed robbery, along with 10 other charges.  I mean, how many times does a prosecutor win on every count they give to the jury?  And how is this for irony?  He was convicted exactly 13 years to the day after the murder aquittals! 

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I said recently that The Juice should have taken whatever plea the prosecution offered.  It was clear he was going to do time.  No way he was going to win another high profile case in America… regardless of the circumstances.  With thoughts of Rick Pitino – Johnnie Cochran, F Lee Bailey, and Alan Dershowitz were not walking through the court’s doors.

“Take the knee Juice,” was my advice.  Look at the other notables who are either in jail or are doing jail – folks with just as much money if not more than is in his bank accounts.  Marion Jones, Michael Vick for example.   Sure those were federal cases, cases the feds generally never lose – but this was set up in the same fashion.  It was clear that after the infamous case where names like Ito, Darden, and Clark failed to do what America thought should have been done, he should have figured out he was going to have to do some time – so at least take a plea and get it over with.  But naw… The Juice thought he was Teflon Don… an now he is probably going to spend the rest of his miserable life signing footballs for guys named Tiny. 

What a tragedy… especially for Simpson’s kids.  God bless them.  But this was bound to happen.