Fight Time!

Once again it’s on! 

I have not quite gotten the MMA bug as of yet.   I hear names of fighters like Silva

But there’s nothing like the ‘sweet science of boxing.’  I love the sport especially when we get to see the best of the best.  This will be the case tomorrow night in Las Vegas when Floyd “Money May” Mayweather Jr. takes on Juan Manuel Marquez.

The fight we REALLY want to see is Money May vs. Manny Pacquiao.  But thats part of the aura of boxing.  Sometimes we have to wait and the build up and ancitipation makes the showdown even more exciting.

  As a Mayweather guy though, I know he needs to win this one and he’s been out of the game for a minute.  He is a great fighter that’s for sure.

Floyd Mayweather, left, and Juan...

The Golden Age for The Golden Boy

Oscar De La Hoya

Well it’s the end of an era for another boxer.  Oscar De La Hoya was dismantled in Las Vegas on Saturday night by the rising Filipino star Manny Pacquiao.  Though I have not seen the fight yet, everything I hear and read suggest that he was utterly dominated to the point of refusing to leave his corner for the 8th round.  This is now what we are used to seeing from Oscar.  For most of his storied career he has been the ring master.  Now it’s time to hang up the gloves and continue furthering his business ventures. 

I can’t let Oscar go out the door however without giving it up to a great champion.  Oscar was the best thing in boxing overall since the Muhammad Ali/Sugar Ray Leonard era in my opinion.   Since the Golden Boy won Gold in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona,  he has fought the best of the best and has never ducked anyone.  I can remember some suspect decisions that I thought he was the beneficiary of.   Pernell Whitaker and Ike Quartey come to mind immediately. Still De La Hoya defeated 17 world champions and won 10 titles in 6 different weight classes.  He also generated more money than any boxer in the history of the sport.  Because of his good looks, charming personality and million dollar smile, Oscar De La Hoya fights generated more women Pay Per View (PPV) subscribers than men.  That kind of exposure was good for the sport which has suffered from too much greed by promoters and too little exposure to great fights without fans having to shell out big bucks for PPV.

Speaking of promoters, Oscar started his own, Golden Boy Promotions, Inc. for the specific purpose of giving boxers more options and independence from the suspect promoters that have helped down the sport.  Oscar owns the major shares of the business,  partnering with other boxers who were also his rivals such as Bernard Hopkins and Shane Mosley.  Though Mosley and Hopkins are in the twilight of their respective careers, putting the business of boxing into the hands of boxers who put in the training and hard work to provide the matches is something hardly ever seen in the sport.   Many of their fights are on cable TV, where someone with HBO or Showtime can see them without paying extra.

I grew up loving the sport of boxing.  One of the greatest moments of my life was meeting Muhammad Ali.  He and Ray Leonard were a couple of my hero’s as a kid.  I remember when an up and coming  Mike Tyson would fight on ABC’s Wide World of Sports on Saturday afternoons.  There are so many great boxers I can’t name them all on this post.  The sport has a lot of work to do if it wants to maintain an edge in this competetive market while guys like me get older and young people flock to Mixed Martial Arts, (MMA)  With no commissioner in the sport to regulate things and help to establish health plans etc.,  it’s guys like Oscar De La Hoya that give the sport a hope for the future. 

I for one appreciate that.

Losing in Las Vegas, or The Negro Nobody Cares About….

When thinking of this blog the words of a wise man came to me….

You’ve got to know when to hold’em

Know when to fold’em

Know when to walk away…

And know when to run…

Yes that great wise man Kenny Rogers broke this revelation down many years ago.  And yet some of us just don’t get it.  This is such the case with one Orenthal James Simpson, who after escaping the wrath of justice over a decade ago never knew when to say when… never understood that he needed to stay down and keep a low profile…. never understood you can’t keep pulling the tail of the tiger without the beast biting your head off.  Now the cat is behind bars for kidnapping, armed robbery, along with 10 other charges.  I mean, how many times does a prosecutor win on every count they give to the jury?  And how is this for irony?  He was convicted exactly 13 years to the day after the murder aquittals! 

Go to fullsize image

I said recently that The Juice should have taken whatever plea the prosecution offered.  It was clear he was going to do time.  No way he was going to win another high profile case in America… regardless of the circumstances.  With thoughts of Rick Pitino – Johnnie Cochran, F Lee Bailey, and Alan Dershowitz were not walking through the court’s doors.

“Take the knee Juice,” was my advice.  Look at the other notables who are either in jail or are doing jail – folks with just as much money if not more than is in his bank accounts.  Marion Jones, Michael Vick for example.   Sure those were federal cases, cases the feds generally never lose – but this was set up in the same fashion.  It was clear that after the infamous case where names like Ito, Darden, and Clark failed to do what America thought should have been done, he should have figured out he was going to have to do some time – so at least take a plea and get it over with.  But naw… The Juice thought he was Teflon Don… an now he is probably going to spend the rest of his miserable life signing footballs for guys named Tiny. 

What a tragedy… especially for Simpson’s kids.  God bless them.  But this was bound to happen.