No ‘I’ in Team, But a Capital one in ‘I’verson!

The Memphis Grizzlies have parted ways with disgruntled guard ...

Well after talking about how God directed him to Memphis to restart his career, God decided that since AI was not going to start for the Grizzlies it was time for him to take the road to Jericho, New York, or Miami. 

This is such a shame.  This guy still thinks he is too good to even consider coming off the bench.  His pride is so huge that he’d rather sit at home or play at the local rec gym than to attempt to help an NBA team on the cusp win a championship. 

There are plenty of great players who at some point came off the bench to help a team during their latter years.   Iverson can’t score as prolifically as he used to, play the same amount of minutes effectively, let alone ‘D’ anybody up seriously.  But yet in his mind if he isn’t introduced in the starting lineup he’d rather pass. 

Of course he bailed out on the Pistons.  He was set to get a second chance.  Now he’s about to be Stephan Marbury or worse.

Incredible!  Whatever man!  Suit yourself!

What Are We Talkin About?

It was just a couple weeks ago that the Detroit Pistons acquired Allen Iverson in a trade.  The veteran All Star guard talked about wanting to “do whatever the coach wants me to do on the basketball court.”  When Joe Dumars (President of Basketball Operations) jokingly asked even if it meant “practice,” the laughter exploded throughout the room.  The joked stemmed from years ago when Iverson, then a member of the Philadelphia 76ers fell out with his coach Larry Brown for not embracing the practice concept.  (See Practice Rant)

Iverson it seemed was a changed man from those days.  That is until yesterday when he decided that he didn’t want to go to “practice” on Thanksgiving.  Coach Michael Curry wanted the team to have practice more so for the sake of Iverson developing chemistry with his new teamates.  Though there were other players who also wanted the day off, they all showed up with the exception of the new guy.

Iverson will be fined, and won’t start tonight’s game.  It’s possible that he may not play either depending on what the coaches and team decide.   Perhaps we will see the new rant for the 08.  “What are we talkin about?  Practice?  On Thanksgiving?”

Housing Market Sucks For Everyone!

Need a crib in Eastern Pennsylvania?  This one listed by Allen Iverson of the Denver Nuggets is on sale for a bargain price of $4 million, despite the fact that he paid $5 million for it in 2003.  It seems that Iverson and his wife Tawanna have not been able to unload the home since he was traded to the Nuggets almost two years ago. 

This is definitely the buyers market – and if you got 4 million laying around you may want to check this one out or some of the other more traditionally expensive homes. 

Here are the specs:

The six-bedroom home is on four acres that include a pool house, stream and waterfall. The chateau-style home on Chateau Lane has four levels including a great room with floor-to-ceiling Palladian windows. The master suite has his and hers marble bathrooms, a coffee bar, media area and a veranda overlooking the grounds. There are four additional en-suite bedrooms and a separate guest quarters with a bedroom, living room and kitchenette. The entertainment level has a 12-seat movie theater, billiard room, and a lounge with a custom wood carved bar accommodating 200+ wine bottles.

Sweet!  I’ll think about it~