What Are We Talkin About?

It was just a couple weeks ago that the Detroit Pistons acquired Allen Iverson in a trade.  The veteran All Star guard talked about wanting to “do whatever the coach wants me to do on the basketball court.”  When Joe Dumars (President of Basketball Operations) jokingly asked even if it meant “practice,” the laughter exploded throughout the room.  The joked stemmed from years ago when Iverson, then a member of the Philadelphia 76ers fell out with his coach Larry Brown for not embracing the practice concept.  (See Practice Rant)

Iverson it seemed was a changed man from those days.  That is until yesterday when he decided that he didn’t want to go to “practice” on Thanksgiving.  Coach Michael Curry wanted the team to have practice more so for the sake of Iverson developing chemistry with his new teamates.  Though there were other players who also wanted the day off, they all showed up with the exception of the new guy.

Iverson will be fined, and won’t start tonight’s game.  It’s possible that he may not play either depending on what the coaches and team decide.   Perhaps we will see the new rant for the 08.  “What are we talkin about?  Practice?  On Thanksgiving?”